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  • There is, in fact, a chronicle for Beast, called 'The Primordial Feast'. So, no antagonist here either....
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  • Thanks for your answers! This clears up some of the confusions I had about the tribes. I was aware of and had read the other thread about tribes but did not feel like it properly answered these problems I had with understanding the function of tribes. I'll go back and read it again now that I feel like I have a better understanding of what tribes are.
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  • Dragotarify
    started a topic What exactly are the Tribes?

    What exactly are the Tribes?

    Hey folks,

    I may be starting a Werewolf chronicle in the near future, depending on player interest. As I've been reading the core rulebook for 2E WtF, I found myself wondering: What exactly are the Tribes? I get that they relate back to the Firstborn and the chosen prey of any given Uratha. But from my experience in Vampire and Demon, I originally assumed them to be a sort of political institution. Something ideological. When reading through the settings in the book, however, I feel like they are less tangible than, say, the Invictus or the Tempters. They aren't described as institutions...
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