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  • In Mexico by Night, there is a Lasombra, Caridad (de) Flores, wich is also nicknamed the gardener. That creates ghoul plants. There are several examples in it, but none resembles the ghoul you propose. I imagine that the "Venus Fly trap" in size would not be bigger than the palm of a hand. And a set of them could well take a bite. And they could bleed more than devour. They might even have some kind of venom or poisonous bile inside. I don't imagine them as an animal ghoul running after the prey or being the size of a human, since the vicissitude would not work with them. But as Malkavian87...
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  • Pierre
    replied to Setites and Baali redundant?
    As simple as Baali are corrupt, evil and are worshipers of Evil, they're infernalists. The Setites are worshipers of an antediluvian, they like to corrupt and they're considered evil, but nothing more....
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