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  • At Gnosis 3 you can have an arcanum at 4 dots, 2 obsessions, 3 yantras and the ability to combine 2 spells in one casting. Also your ritual interval drops to one hour but that's somewhat less important. Gnosis 3 is a significant power boost for a mage with the only drawback being the paradox rating going up to 2 dice. Additionally significant is that at Gnosis three a particularly maverik mage may found their own unique legacy rather than join one created by another mage, learning from a Daimonomikon, or scrutinizing a soul stone.
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  • WelshBoi
    started a topic Arcanum and the Infernal

    Arcanum and the Infernal

    Hey guys,

    After re-reading my copy of Inferno I'm now quite set on introducing a little Infernal into my mage chronicle and would be greatly appreciative of any words of wisdom from Storytellers who've already done so.

    So the "facts" (as they may be) ive so far gathered are:

    1) True Infernal Demons (distinct from Deceptors, Immundi or Larvals) come from a lower depth lacking the component of "Virtue"

    2) when brought into the Fallen World, Infernal Demon feed on the corruption and degradation of morals in order to sustain...
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