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  • Yes, this is an issue that keeps popping up.

    WoD is an extremely setting focused rpg. It's what it's about. But an inevitable consequence of that is every group makes their own version of their WoD. You find the game, you like it, you make it your own, you make the setting your own and then suddenly everyone have their WoD and nothing matches up with anyone elses. Don't think there's any real solution to that. People have to be able to make the setting their own, as it is a setting focused game.

    My WoD looks drab and grey on the surface, but underneath it all there's...
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  • Setting elements need to have a subtext that feels internally consistent and connected to the rest of the setting. If they don't one needs to be created. When setting up a fictional world, you can't just throw stuff out and demand people to buy it, you have to sell it. Otherwise you wouldn't need to do anything in regards to portraying things. You could just inform people what they should think and they'd accept it mindlessly.

    Rather than being about justifying the SI's capabilities, it's more about giving them capabilities and presenting those in such a manner so as to make them...
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  • So far the SI's main weapons isn't really 'badass mortals with tech and information' but rather 'off screen author fiat'.

    It's no wonder people don't buy it.

    And they don't make any sense. If the masquerade is broken, it should be broken. Donald Trump should be tweeting about his new policy in regards to the 'vampire population'. People eating lunch at mcdonalds should be talking about how they can't pretend it's all just serial killers anymore. The local identified vampire should have crowds of mortally ill people beating down his door to 'make them immortal', but he's...
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  • If I were to run V5 I'd probably do something like...

    Touchstones isn't a relationship with a human but a 'relationship that is fundamentally human'. That is a touchstone can be anything your character cares about, but the way he cares about it will be in a very human fashion.
    So if your Sire is your touchstone you won't view him or her as a 'vampire master', but rather a friend, or maybe a lover, teacher, parent, sibling or possible employer.
    If your childe is a touchstone you might care about him as if he was your actual child. Or a student.
    Maybe you have a dog...
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