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  • You could do the veil entirely within the confines of Mage the Ascenscion and it'd work just as well. Honestly that's my default assumption. The only difference for Vampire then is that the Camarilla isn't actually behind the veil. You wouldn't even have to do a crossover for it, it'd just be another shared setting element (like Pentex which is used both in Mage and Werewolf).

    As for allowing technology to be as supernatural as I dunno, nightclubs or politics or whatnot I think instead of a supernatural facebook you should have isolated supernatural chats and stuff like that. Smaller...
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  • I think you are overstating how complicated it needs to be.

    How many people use google? If you could put a secret command people on the google front page to "Ignore the supernatural." How many people would it effect? How many people with what, auspex 5, auspex 6 or equivalent could even notice it was there? What if it also affected some other things, like internet explorer, or hell why not Windows?

    We are so dependent on the products of huge megacorporations, using them as a vector for mass influencing not only makes a lot of sense, but is a classic theme in...
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  • I think one of the big problems is Vampirism is a source of immortality that is large scale unsustainable.

    If Kindred live openly, even if it's socially and legally accepted, a majority of people will want to become immortal. Expect groups of people to literally kidnap vampires to force embrace. Even if you don't use force, anyone that is dying is going to ask any kindred they can find to save them. Many people will be willing to pay a lot, not just in money but in anything to live forever. Even if that is not the case any mortal relation the kindred make, a lover, a living child,...
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  • How about just having information technology strengthen the masquerade?

    How about just having the internet and information technology strengthen the masquerade instead of weakening it?

    So a central problem of urban fantasy in the modern age is that keeping the masquerade is far less believable today then thirty years ago. Especially in settings such as WoD that was never built to handle information technology and global internet communication.

    V5 tries to handle the issue by stating that the masquerade is broken kinda sorta but also not, which I dunno. It just feels like it pushes it off a bit into the future and even then not so...
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