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  • Iron Phoenix
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    Thanks for the reply. Please help me out here with the timing, then, because the wording used in Performance is much different from the wording used elsewhere in the book. For example, let's take Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment:

    This implies that a social influence roll that overcomes Resolve is considered successful influence, although the opponent has the option to still resist by spending Willpower.

    This seems to support the Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment interpretation. The roll is not explicitly stated to be an influence roll, but it...
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  • Iron Phoenix
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, as these threads have gotten huge. I'd like to get clarification on some specific interactions.

    1) If you beat someone's Resolve with social influence, and they spend Willpower to resist, is the social influence considered successful for the purposes of Charms such as Stillness-Drawing Meditation or Soul-Bracing Momentous Power (because you beat their Resolve)? Or is it unsuccessful because they rejected the influence (they spent Willpower to resist)?

    2) Soul-Bracing Momentous Power grants non-Charm successes on the Exalt's...
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