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  • Because he's crazy. Lol.

    Captain Bael's player loves pirates, so he took inspiration from One Piece, AC Black Flag, and Samurai Champloo. He really likes the idea of being a roughneck who can beat people senseless and also a swordsmaster- very Conan or Heracles there.

    In combat, Captain Bael could not be more different than his Sorcerer ally, Forgotten Stairwell (the Tank). Bael practically races his opponents to their own deaths and counts on them dying first, against boss fights he usually gets crushed because he has (deliberately) neglected his defenses. However,...
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  • Well since this thread jumped off there rail into a discourse on the nature of minmax, let me go back to the original question: Fun combat builds.

    I've only ST'ed for 3e, but here are my players: the Pirate Captain, the Sorcerer Tank, and the Atheist Archer Engineer.

    Pirate Captain is an Eclipse-Sail mix of Grapple Brawl, Single Point, and War. He commands a hardcore badass legion of unstoppable pirates- these thugs held off an army of Mortwrights in the dark. He usually leads with a Grapple gambit and immediately turns that into damage, then busts out the katana. ...
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  • Sick.Wicked Sick.

    I really want to make my players run through this world. Maybe when I send them to the Caul....
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  • So I talked to my players and told them to think about what to buy and use their treasure on. The Captain is going to try to build up an Armada and payoff some spy masters to recruit more Lost Eggs he's taken to the idea of having them because he rescued a renegade DB- a Wood Archer (who is absolutely -not- Naked Snake I swear). The Exorcist is looking at Hearthstones for him or his Familiar. He gets overwhelmed by all the options easy and forgets about his powers so he's looking/thinking of fun RP abilities more than anything mechanic....
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  • Sorcerous Overlord
    started a topic How is your party using Resources?

    How is your party using Resources?

    My players are a wandering exorcist and a pirate captain. Through their adventures, they have come to have extremely respectable wealth- they went from 1 pirate ship to a small armada (6 ships currently) and the pirate crew has grown from 30 to over 150. They have raided treasure fleets, Fae dreamcastles, Deathlord Tributary ships, and more. Currently they have Resources 4 and i gave them a one off treasure fit for "a single Resources 5 purchase each".

    They have bought nothing.

    I set the upkeep of the ships and crew at Resources 3. They have hard won artifacts...
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