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  • Sorcerous Overlord
    replied to My reaction to Lilith
    You mean the little girl who sits in a well furnished room with plenty of games and companions while her unique soul harbors some exaltations? A little girl who isn't in any way a mass of tentacles and suffering? because that's how she's always been.


    ALWAYS. ...
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  • Months and months ago, I pointed out this same idea in regards to Sorcery. Want to be a Lunar Sorcerer? No Tier 3 for you! (but you get Necromancy tier 2). So ok, the Lunar theme is "versatility and occasional brute-forcing our shapeshifting abilities in contrast to Solars' Do Everything Awesomely style.

    Just on a meta-overview level, if we are taking away the thing that makes Lunars work the entire design philosophy of Lunars mechanically falls apart. They just become "Animal People stuck forever in 2nd place but you should still play one because how neat is it that your...
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