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  • There may well be a register of divinities in Heaven, but good luck getting Jupiter to share.

    Ahlat started out as the Bull God, and now he's the Southern War God. So yes, spirits can change and grow over time.
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  • I had a Mary Poppins knock-off God of Childcare. Nameless because she never appeared in the game. Long ago, Venus cheated in the Games of Divinity and as punishment Sol stabbed her with his spear. Every inch of the Maiden's body was a constellation representing a God under her purview, and the attack blasted their star out of the sky, killing the God. This Starmetal was forged into the core of a Black Jade Daiumbrella with a head on the handle who spoke in the slain God's voice and compelled the bearer to seek out children to tend to.

    There was also Daucus Carota, the God of Carrots....
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