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  • This may sound strange but after reading up on them and learning how they work these guys are probably pretty interesting to me.... then again I am assuming its because I am a fan of nocturnals and find the concept of a person wielding quantum physics and fates that could happen fun.
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  • If your still looking for players mind if I hop in?
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  • LostLight Thinking about this for a while and just had a thought specifically this part of

    reading this part made me think for a while and realize something if we're treating ghosts as a person then lets put this in another perspective is there an actual court or justice system right now in the world that throw's a person into a cell or prison and forces them to fight for food and water. (Which is essentially the underworld.)

    Or how about placing them into a lobotomy without anesthetic's (That basically the Ocean of Fragments literally throwing someone into...
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  • Reading up the book I would argue that a Geist choosing to be cruel or ruthless to his Bound might not have a good time depending on how common tyranny is. In my own opinion if I was a Geist and your bound knew about tyranny I would be pretty scared.

    Not only that reading up the Bound Geist condition if a Geist's only objective is to bond and try to to control the person he's going to have a short time seeing that bonding is a one time thing if the user dies the Geist is destroyed....
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  • James bell

    From the development team:
    Tyranny, for the just the core rules, work as Storyteller-character Bound with a mechanical tag that says "I'm a terrible person," which is all Sin-Eaters really need to know about them.

    Use of Tyranny and further mechanics may come in future books, but nothing concrete beyond "they're bad and become Storyteller characters" is outlined at this time

    James bell

    @Carl - yep, I'm there with you. I think if the "see page XX" had been removed from this draft, it would have saved a...
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