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  • solidork
    replied to Sample Mysteries
    More music lyric inspirations after a year+
    Violence and suicide mention.

    "But the pavement won't answer me" - A legacy/cabal that communes with the 'soul' of your city is concerned because it has fallen silent. Perhaps it never had one and that is why mages are attracted to it.

    "But I know you're in the pews, the same as stools around the bar" - Someone has gotten their hands on some SUPER cursed raw materials and is making things and selling them. Could be a cursed mine, trees (Dr. Who nod), materials reclaimed from a desecrated church, ...
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  • solidork
    replied to Games Discussion/What Are You Playing?
    I am reading Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine and I am loving it. I really want to hack some of the concepts into our 5e game (like using the ritual rules for short rests), but I'm not the one actually running it.

    I've been thinking about Afflictions and can't really tell if there are any limits on how "powerful" they are. For example, I had an idea for a character who had the affliction of "If one of my friends enters my kitchen looking for something to eat, I must already be there about to pull something they'd like out of the oven." This is pretty...
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