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  • Storm's not a full on immigrant. She was born in New York City, her father an American photojournalist her mother a Kenyan tribal priestess. This makes her from birth an American citizen and not an immigrant. She and her family did move to Cairo when she was six months old and from there her tragic backstory of growing up on the streets of Cairo thieving for the Shadow King to being worshiped as a goddess to becoming an X-man began....
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  • I read BITE ME from Rose Bailey and it feels more 2nd edition than 1st edition to me. And while I haven't yet read HIJACK it probably should go second edition as well since it's about the Strix and 2nd edition is where they are of increased importance.
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  • zee PaTrick
    replied to Theme Music for PCs?
    I used to award xp to players between character creation and the third session if they created a character soundtrack. Mage uses songs in its character/chronicle building. Music is a valid way to get players into an understanding of their characters.
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