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  • I love the direction 3E is taking in general, but the art, maybe even the art direction, just seemed amateurish to me. There's super-low-budget books out there with much better art than 3E. It's shameful, and the reason I'll be sticking to the cheapest PDF of the rules I can find with the next few publications. I would've sprung for a deluxe print if the art hadn't been so, well, ugly, and uninspired. Sorry. Love the rest, but it has to be said.
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  • Cheshire Cat
    replied to On Ixcoatli
    While you can do whatever you want at your table and I understand your reasons even while not sharing them, the easier hack would probably just be to move Rathess into the territory of Ixcoatli and suddenly the similarities are no longer annoying, but complimentary.
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