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  • satoshi
    replied to What House Rules Do You Use?
    1: No training times.
    2. Alternate craft system (if anyone cares about being a crafter, if not it isn't really an issue)
    3: Any Martial Artist who takes Single Point Style uses it as if they were a terrestrial (In a solars game)
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  • satoshi
    replied to The Supernal-Must-be-in-caste mechanic
    The thing I have always wanted to play since 3rd edition came out is a socialize supernal Zenith with the persona charms, to allow you to become those whose intimacies you have taken on, but alas Socialize is not caste for Zeniths. I think on balance that the caste-only probably makes for the best default rule to prevent things that could be abusive (twilight survival shenanigans) or otherwise problematic (Nobody cares about playing a dawn if other castes can get their stuff). However since this is a game with actual people we can chat with STs about it and hopefully work it out. Most of the...
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