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  • I know. And I agree. But, i think that this kind of difference from manipulate, lead and even intimidate, still converge into a single skill that deal with "your ability to influence people", the same way that culture have different fields of activities to "know, understand and produce arts", or Larceny to "Trick, mislead or deceive people". IMHO, since skills have more "wide" fields, i believe that both persuade and command could be merged...

    Sorry for any mistakes. My english is not very good......
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  • I didn't have access to Trinity previews, but regarding skills, i was looking the Character sheets on this thread (, and was wondering: Since all kind of skills were merged on single ones, like Science, humanities, culture and larceny, shouldn't Persuasion and Command be merged on a single one like "Influence" or something like that?
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  • oparra
    replied to Aeon Era Governments
    unfortunately, I couldn't fund the kickstarter due to money issues, and couldn't see TC: Aeon texts ... But I wanted to know what China would be like. Having a one-party government that will make its president ruler indefinitely and reading news of a "population ranking" system in lines of Black Mirror, I mind that could be nice to set the mood/ambience for a dystopian Orwelian government.

    Sorry for bad english!...
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