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  • As Mateus pointed out, Scale takes care of equalizing creatures by doling out Enhancements for the one who's bigger in this case.
    So nope, lessening there Attributes to 1 outside a Biosuit should not be in the cards. If you want to do that? More power to you.
    The whole fails physical tasks and all that? That's more of a common sense thing what's possible for them and even there the Quin have a leg up... to say a Goa'uld, IIRC.
    Just because they do have some small tentacles around their face. Would have to check, but I think that's the case and the art shows it to I think....
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  • Bhurano
    replied to TC Aeon like Mass Effect?
    Derp-a-derp... forgot the scale.
    Yupp, so yeah normal attributes it is, hand them Scale 0 and there's the Quin.
    It also means that the restriction on handing the lowest attribute category to physical could be thrown out. But that's for taste.
    I'd still give them at least +2 or +3 Enhancement in water on most things dexterity related and they are getting the double speed bonus in water anyway.

    The whole scale thing is sometimes still running away from me and I try to adjust Attributes instead when I built a species instead,
    like I did in oWod/cWod and nWod or...
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  • Bhurano
    replied to TC Aeon like Mass Effect?
    The Quin:
    Create a Quin like a human, but differ by Step 4, the Attributes:
    Normally you'd have 6/4/2 to throw around for the attributes, among the 3 different categories.
    A Quin is a slug like creature, that's rather physically unimposing... so lock in the weakest category for Physical (there goes the 2).
    The remaining 6/4 split is up for grabs between Social and Mental.
    There you go.

    Apply Step 5: Quin Template
    Start with Psi 2, Psi is limited to 4
    Aptitude: Telepathy
    Assign your 3 Mode Dots (all Quin have at LEAST ONE point in Mindshare)...
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  • Bhurano
    replied to TC Aeon like Mass Effect?
    I'd disagree on building species as Origin Paths... that's not really how that's supposed to work, at least in my opinion.
    If I may offer another option?

    The Character Creation as IS is working from the Point of View of a Human.
    For instance, that's probably only applying for either a different Template (Step Five) or some different limits, which would have to be differently covered.
    In case of the Quin for instance, they are already best covered as a seperate Template and their entirely own thing.
    Totally playable.

    I am currently running Stargate...
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  • Bhurano
    replied to Psions vs. Vampires...
    Yeah, tying them into Continuum is WAY, WAY better than the other way around.
    Way to much headache that way and madness.

    Multi-Actions are done exceptionally well in Trinity, at least that's how I feel.
    That means the power curve is instantly less broken, just because anyone can go for it.
    Sure, that depends a bit WHICH version of the WoD is used, but still.

    Then there's the fact that fights in general can be handled rather fast in Continuum and Momentum is just neat.
    Not to mention Talents, which buff even mere Mortals quite nicely... did I mention...
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  • Bhurano
    replied to Psions vs. Vampires...
    The Vamps would HATE the Teeps and Quantas with a passion.
    Both can deal serious of the fiery kind, which the Vamps just can't stand.

    The Vitas on the other would be PRIZED above all else.
    As possessions or retainers, IF they can be tamed or coerced... cause they can be damn dangerous with that Aptitude of theirs, like friggin' hilarious tear apart a elder dangerous.
    They are not to be taken lightly, BUT they can heal people, keep them mentally healthy, keep them docile and so on.
    The are really valuable for the ambitious or going to war Fanger
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