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  • Not to mention the fact that few mummies would raise a corpse thrall to take them out to dinner and a movie. I'm pretty sure enslaving them for war or labor counts as enmity by the Judges' standards, and if you bring someone back to true life, they don't count as lifeless.
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  • Plus, iirc in 1e sadikh were slightly more durable than the arisen itself, though my memory may have faltered between that cycle and this one.

    I do have a question though. Why were Grasp and Reach kept from 1e, rather than updating to the 2e standards followed by Krewes and Conspiracies and such? Granted, it isn't hard to align, as the two match nicely to Power and Finesse, but we lack Resistance. I'm not sure if they're balanced to interact with the other types. It's just weird they took all of the rest of the standard group rules, I wish they used the PFR rules. Especially since...
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