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  • So...Anathema are not meant to be “boss battles” even though some of them do indeed have scary power levels. They are threats to the Camarilla, some are indeed powerful, others political, others still are embarrassments or personal vendettas. The Justicars have a wide latitude when it comes to the Red List.

    Kyoko fits a couple of categories:

    She is a threat to the Masquerade if she loses all her Humanity and Frenzies in public. By putting her on the List the Justicars are sending a message to Sheriffs and Princes everywhere to crack down on this sort of thing....
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  • Yes, we'll have that in the templates we're releasing.

    Currently we're only unlocking Pathfiner and 5e OGL, since those are the current published books. We're exploring other options, but we won't have any of that at launch.

    The goal of the program is Create. Don't Copy. So, we're mostly interested in new material, especially adventures. So, if updating some of those things makes sense for the new material someone is creating (say you make an adventure that uses an old monster and you want to update that 3e monster to 5e). A straight up compilation...
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  • Scarred Lands Community Content Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Ownership and License Questions

    Slacecian Vault is not an open game license. Beyond what is allowable with the OGL, content creators only have permission to use those unique game systems and background materials explicitly permitted by Slacecian Vault. Content creators are not allowed to use other material for original content unless they have a license to do so from Onyx Path Publishing (which requires a separate agreement).
    If you’re still not sure about what you are allowed to publish, check the table below to see if that helps.
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