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  • Not completely sure Aisa would share all the wedding details, but I wanted an excuse to post them, so there you all go.

    Also, Aisa's reaaaaaaly wishing she were a sidereal right now. So many cool first age books and secrets and access to the Loom of Fate, and...


    I mean, Dragon Blood is Best Blood. Yes, that's right. Serious Empress lady is not impressed by your nonsense.
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  • Ragara Saveria and Nellens Ryu,

    Ragara Zara has taken well to her new school, as expected of one with her illustrious paternity. Dragons bless you for raising a fine young dynast! A dozen more like her, and the Heptagram will be overflowing with talent. Your daughter is doing well in all of her classes, especially the Arts of Weather Working and Divination. Her enthusiasm is commendable in all academic areas, and she displays great desire to please her professors. We foresee no difficulties in continuing her education.

    Our approbation of her academic pursuits does not...
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  • BlueWinds
    replied to Urchin Quest
    Let's wait a bit, maybe learn to read, make a less brutal decision. What was it than fifteen-finger Liu was just saying about accepting the first offer that comes your way?

    Decline the Offer. We've spent a lot of our life so far running from gangs and avoiding people seeking to take advantage of us. The Guild is a far, far nicer gang than we've had the option to join so far, but... debt-collection is not a pretty business. Let's not get comfortable in a job doing exactly the sort of thing that killed our father.

    (Meta - I'm pulling for 'Caravan Master' or 'Commodities...
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