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  • Personally I'd absolutely allow the second one - "If you have time 4, this attainment only requires (snipping a lock of your hair / lighting a candle / praying to the goddess / some thematic Instant action) instead of a scene to activate, and..."

    I tend to be more flexible than the book suggests on adding reach to attainments in general though, so your mileage may vary. My rule of thumb is "if you add a significant restriction beyond those in the base spell, you can get +1 reach in the attainment."...
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  • More than oceans, they view things as rivers - big slow rivers mostly, though occasionally smaller, faster moving tributaries. Think 'poling the gondola along, fishing things out of the shallow water' - that sort of river guide. They very much view oceans as death - the final destination, the mystery at the end of life, stillness and unknowable depths where thoughts sink and are lost forever at the of all things. Stillness in general is anathema to them - to be alive is to be in motion, to change is to exist. This shapes their view of Matter - it's not static like Moros view it, but alive and...
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