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  • BlueWinds
    replied to An unusual sympathetic link
    I agree that the sympathy has decayed beyond the point of usefulness by the time a consumer gets their hands on it... unless the Mage has Time 2. Then you can Temporal Sympathy with Web Weaver to pull a usable connection out of the ink - which, depending on the Mage and how their spells tend to look, might be...
    • Gesturing imperiously at the comic, a drop of blood gathering in the air, cupped in their hand, somehow fresh after all this time. (Instant)
    • Talking with the owner of the magazine, reminiscing about the early days, how they felt when they first bought it, the story... and once the
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  • Let’s be a little more precise than “the outskirts of Boston.” Rhea, Cano and Rene arrive in a graveyard, late at night. They’re not the only ones there. We see Spooky, but something about him immediately sets us on edge, and with Mage Sight and Supernal Visions, Rhea discovers that he’s… a vampire. Vampires are real? She did not know this 30 seconds ago. Damn. She throws up a ward and demands to know what the hell is going on.

    Turns out that Spooky and Shard died. Except… not completely. Shard is in the service of a death goddess, see, and for unknown reasons, she decided...
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  • Posts and horizontal lines represent dramatic breakpoints, not session boundaries, in case anyone's trying to keep track.

    So, time to explain a bit of Shard's history.

    In his previous life, Shard was known as Kusanagi, a soul attached to the legendary blade of the same name. He was at least a thousand years old, and a Mage. An extremely destructive Mage, with more Forces than sense. He managed to flit from disaster to disaster in the modern world, until, just before I joined the game, his hubris finally caught up with him in the form of the true Fey nobility....
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  • With Cano's arrival, we decide to form a fresh cabal, wiping away some of the mistakes of the past (before Rhea joined), and adding new members. With a few suggestions tabled, we settle on the "Lost and the Seeking" relatively quickly. We then spend a great deal more time arguing over a cabal outfit - Cano considers it absolutely vital, and while none of us disagree in principle, what we can all agree to actually wear is another question.

    We eventually settle on black and black - black jeans and black button up shirts/blouses. Add a gold eye necklace and we're set. Cano...
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