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  • Yue Ryong
    started a topic Scion Origins Sheet - Have I missed anything?

    Scion Origins Sheet - Have I missed anything?

    I've been running an intermittent Scion game for a couple of years now and after Scion 2e was announced, it went (effectively) statless. Now that we have the text for Origins, I've started the process of converting players over into the new system (obviously some things will have to wait until Hero, but things have been slow enough that still being at Pre-Visitation level isn't a big rollback).

    In the service of this, I've made this sheet. I think I've covered everything I can until we get a look at Hero. Can people let me know if there's anything glaringly obvious I've skipped?
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  • Yue Ryong
    replied to Ask the Devs
    Could I have a clarification on this answer? My group aren't sure if it means the Claws merit simply adds an additional attack option (and doesn't prevent the use of the 'traditional' unarmed attack with MA) or if the Claws attack is an unarmed attack also (and therefore retains full compatibility with unarmed martial arts styles in its own right).
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