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  • Yue Ryong
    replied to Ask Neall
    Ok, I'm trying to get my head around how different kinds of Scale stack.

    Here's what I'm pretty sure I know:

    1) Scale represents a significant difference in some measure of potency; such as speed, size, numbers or divine 'weight'.
    2) For Dramatic comparisons, Scale adds Enhancement based on the difference to relevant rolls.
    3) Characters of a two scale disadvantage (or greater) are largely treated as trivial unless the game demands otherwise.
    4) Characters cannot deal damage to targets more than two Scale above them.

    All makes sense to me...
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  • I would set about trying to get attached to the Bureau of Heaven and set about properly examining precisely how much bureaucracy it actually needs. Possibly get in an epic throw down with Ryzala in the process.
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