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  • ChewyGranola
    started a topic Deadlands and other RPGs

    Deadlands and other RPGs

    So in light of everything going on in the US, I have been revisiting my Deadlands collection. Now, I have to say, I love the game, but being read through a modern lens man does it have problems!
    The main bone of contention I have with it is the presentation of the CSA. A rebellion literally started so people could continue to enjoy the benefits of slavery, and with some magical hand waving the CSA is suddenly zero slaves. Not to mention that even though the war dragged on until 1876 the Confederacy includes Kentucky and Missouri. I don't care how many undead soldiers pop up, after Vicksburg...
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  • One thing that I think gets overlooked about VtM clans is that they are really like big extended families. So you have a Clan that starts out as a group of, say, rich Italian necromancers. They are going to look for others like themselves to bring on board, just like a clan of kings is going to look for powerful domineering types and the artist clan is going to look for other artists, the Brujah want those rebellious scholarly types, etc. None of the clans are really broad groups, imo, and they are always looking for people like themselves to Embrace. The Ravnos are just part of that too. The...
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  • That's right! I had forgotten they alternated, actually. Do the new V20 books do that? I don't recall...

    Thanks for the kudos! I appreciate it.

    A lot of people have been commenting on the lack of females playing RPGs in their groups. I for one never really had that problem in the 90s (maybe because I was so charming and good looking /sarcasm). One thing about my various groups "gamer girls" (and this continued into my 30s, tbh) is they would generally come for a few sessions, 2-5 maybe, and then kind of drift off and not be interested. I'm not sure if that was...
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  • There are a few things that stick out in my memory. My first exposure to VtM was when I was in 7th grade, and that was in 1994. First of all, it was so MATURE, and man did they go out of their way to tell you so. The tone and feel of the books was basically saying: look at all this cool stuff, but be SERIOUS and MATURE. I'm not sure that the writers intended this, but I absolutely got the feeling that VtM was a higher pinnacle of RPG than D&D, and it took me a few years to experience other styles of play.
    My parents were a little creeped out that I was playing the game, but to their...
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