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  • ChewyGranola
    started a topic 5e clans

    5e clans

    I’m hearing some stuff about some clans not being clans as we know them today, specifically the Setites, Tremere, and Assamites. Any real info on that?
    To be fair, as the setting was fleshed out more in the 90s, I always though some clans were a little too sect-like, so maybe a good thing?
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  • ChewyGranola
    started a topic Ashirra, Jati, Liabon

    Ashirra, Jati, Liabon

    Any official word on the status of these...sects? Is that even the right word to use? Do they matter in the modern nights? Are they allied with/subsumed by the Camarilla?

    Also, do vampires of Africa, India, and the Middle East have any real presence else where. It would be fun to see, for example, a group of Liabon arriving in Minnesota with a wave of Somali immigrants, or the Camarilla of Frankfurt being forced to seat a Muslim primogen from the Ashirra.
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