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  • Other breeding advantages: a Tribe that researches and tracks strong lineages; strong in-group affinity for coordination and mutual protection; broad and diverse and distributed social networks. All of these ensure that werewolves have a high rate of surviving to reproductive maturity, can identify with some success potential inheritors, and can place children with safer family units.

    It's reasonable to assume there's a predictable and steady replacement rate in the "native" werewolf population, adjusted upwards for spontaneous Wolf-Bloods. Meanwhile, other splats face...
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  • My take: intent, scope, and particularity are the difference. Presence is for broad strokes, like shifting the emotional tenor of a target, or establishing oneself in a scene. It's for attraction and repulsion, for breaking inhibitions or chastising deviants. Presence is a catalyst for actions that the target would expect to take normally when confronted with an appropriate stimulus.

    Manipulation is specific, tailored, and means subverting the target's own consciousness and actions to your needs. A character needs to use Manipulation to move another off their natural path. For example,...
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