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    replied to GMing Vampire: What NOT to do
    This is my big: your players are going to respond to what their characters are good at. Take a look at the traits, this tells you what the players want to do. Try to give them opportunities to shine. Not only will they be more engaged, you're going to be mindful of their experience, and proactive in speaking to each player as a result. You want to make them feel like they made the right choices for their character.

    Imagine you have a PC living life as a fixer. He's high Manipulation, Streetwise, and Persuasion; he's running Contacts, Status, and Allies. That player wants to throw...
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  • I was just thinking about this the other day, I would love to come back to this, and there might be a lot more to work with after the Night Horrors book comes out.

    BTW, Bernard on Westworld is a perfect Homunculus on the Workaholic Labor.

    Dataweaver's got a point: homunculi aren't really suited to playable characters. I'd diverge and say they aren't suited to long-term play. I think that they should be looking at the end of that arc in the time it takes a Promethean to complete three Roles. Which suggests to me that the splat could be reconstructed on a three-part narrative...
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