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    replied to How dangerous are the Created?
    "And then he fell on the third rail and started laughing! We lost three packmates in as many minutes. He grabbed Toni' s ankle, which was enough to cook her. Hurley tried to pull her loose, and the freak just dragged them both down on the rail. Somehow he just got stronger, and holds down two gauru in kuruth unto they stopped twitching. Naturally, the rest of us flip our shit, and I don't remember much after that, but when we came to, the station was covered in blood and rubble. I took off, and later Deshawn caught up with me, and neither of us is sure if we took the fucker down. We were...
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    replied to Getting the group together
    That's about as solid as you really need. Between Elpis visions and qashmallim and Azothic Radiance, you got more than you need to bring a throng together. You can throw in an existential threat such as Pandorans or a Firestorm to make them team up....
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