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  • Until -5 I can attack with a chance die and above that i cannot without the use of some maneveur or Willpower to increase this number, is that?
    Because if the character already have his dice roll 0, if he simple wishes to attack without any manner to increase this number, is rather focus on the weak spot, for example. One chance die for one chance die, it's better choose where hurts more....
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  • Sure, some styles were really out of mind, like multiples attacks using Kung Fu.

    Another question about Second Ed, that i'm Reading now: with bigger defense (with the sum with Atlethics) is common that an attack roll goes to 0 (for example: 3 dex plus 3 atlethics = 6 defende, against a for + weaponry 3 = 6 dices, considering that the weapons doesn't increase the roll, only Automatic damage). In the situation with 0 dices to attack, ia that possible choose a focused attack in the Hand, for example, that penalizes with -4?

    I didn't play with the new rules, but my impression...
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  • Kung Fu and other Fight Styles in Rules Updated (God Machine)


    I saw that the fight styles that causes extra attacks were removed in the rules update, like Kung Fu, Two Weapons, Langschwertz (from Armory).
    Do you know if this happens because were too unbalanced? How do you use this in your campaign? Because such styles, like Two Weapons, is so common in games but I didn't see any references in the new rules.
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