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  • Dread Power with Experience Points - for player use


    In Hunter the vigil corebook, there is a optional rule to conceed dread powers for player's use. This sugest expend Dot rating x6.

    My question is: this point should be spend 1 dot by 1 or could be possible to acquire directly the Dot rating that the player wishes?

    For example, the First situation, the total experience to 1 to 3 dots in a dread Power, It costs 36 points (6 for the First, 12 to Second and 18 for the third).

    The second method, it costs 18 experience points (6x 3 dot rating).

    The problem is some dread Powers, the...
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  • winchester
    replied to Spirits Influences
    Understood. The question is because one of my players ask about some Magic item, imbued or Fetish to increase his physical tests. I thought the Influence sphere related at level Strenghten (level 1). So, the Second part is to make this permanent. With Influence rule, duration Permanent only Spirit levei 5 can do that, even to provide a simples bônus (+4 Influence level to do Permanent), right?
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  • winchester
    started a topic Enhanced Item Merit

    Enhanced Item Merit

    Hi! In Enhanced Item Merit, it says that the effects is related with Matter Arcane and that it's possible raise Durability of some itens.
    So, is possible to raise an Armor Rating with this Merit? For example, wear a reinforced clothes 1/0 and with the Merit purchase with 3 dot points and raise its Armor to 3/0?
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  • winchester
    started a topic Spirits Influences

    Spirits Influences

    Hi! Simple question: The Spirit can use its Influence to raise some Attribute dots related to its sphere? Because the first level, Strengthen, says something about raise Structure or Health, but nothing about Attribute:

    The entity can enhance its sphere of
    influence; it can add to the Defense of
    a loved one, make an emotion stronger,
    an animal or plant healthier, or an
    object more robust, gaining the entity’s
    Rank in Health or Structure. This Influence
    can shift the Anchor, Resonant or
    Infrastructure Condition to Open for
    its duration....
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