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  • Nice! This sounds like it'll be cool.

    I'm grateful for the clarification on subscriptions and the like. I also love the touches of explaining mechanics, adding Strain and how to design a chorus. I should somewhat note that the "Chorus of [Template]" was originally there mainly like personal notes on how to outline the chorus whenever I was making one and that I would've deleted when Choruses were finished. The Chorus ideas at the bottom were abit like this as well, but they're still kind of ideas I thought would've been interesting for Siren.

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  • Alrighties. I sent the link in a PM.

    Don't worry, they can be edited later. And I know Leviathan uses the word Adaptation somewhere, which is why I wanted to point out the distinction.

    I'm glad that's liked. And now I kinda realize that chapter fiction may be required...
    I'm totally accepting anything, can't make anything myself. OTL

    I would really love for some playtesting! If you want, you can be in complete control of this if you wish. ...
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  • It's fine. Don't worry, life comes first. I'm sorry that there hasn't been any updates in the past few months.

    Thank you. I'm sorry for the lack of updates as of now.

    Meta, I hope this idea doesn't come off as a bad one or condescending, but if you desire, I could add you to be able to edit the Choruses page. I'm sorry that I keep getting them wrong.

    I'm just gonna post this update here before anything else. I know my last post was in January and I know that there's been few changes to Siren (save grammatical ones). But as I've...
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