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  • I don't mind. :3

    On another subject, there's been more progress. The Changelog is here, but I will share the biggest changes I've made here.

    Overall, the biggest changes made in Siren as of late are as follows:
    • The Finished Singular Files have been updated to fit with how they look in the chapters, making it significantly easier to look into the sections! Link:
    • The Relationships have been added to Chapter 2 and have had many of their systems
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  • It's been little over 2 years since I started working on this project. I believed back when I first began this that I would be done by the end of the first year. And yet I'm happy to say that I'm still here. I just want to say that I've enjoyed working on this, and that I don't want to stop until I'm finished with this project.

    I just want to thank everyone who's brought this idea so far, both the people on the forums and the people on these forums, and the people who've been watching this game. ^^

    I'll start off this update by saying I've finally gotten around...
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  • From what I did for Siren and asked what other people thought was important in creating Fansplats; The most important I can say is that when you have a mood and theme in mind, do not stray from it. That's basically what the gameline is centered around, and deviating from it takes the focus away from it.

    From my own ideas and experience with Siren, I can say that I've been going over things I've made months ago, editing the grammar, revising powers or the like, or coming up with new ideas that would improve or replace the old ones. The best tip I can give in general is that there is...
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