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  • The way I've ST'd games often started by creating the setting. Think of the town you're using, and what prominent power players and sects look like. You could even create characters both mundane and supernatural that are parts of or even leaders of those sects. After that, of prominent powers there (both mortal and supernatural). Since you're using Demon the Descent, this could mean both active Demons in the setting and agents of the God Machine, and any pactees and cults if you wish to include any.

    Feel free to let your inspiration run wild. If you have fun or interesting ideas for...
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  • Oh how a few days of work and procrastinating on things becomes a month. ><"

    Sirens should be able to reproduce like any other human being. I don't think there should be some problems on their end to have a child. Save that their kids wouldn't taste of fish, sorry flensers.
    But the thing is that I don't think that the kids would be Sirens as well. Some may have the Unseen Sense and probably wouldn't get freaked out that mommy is a fish monster, basing off of exposure to it lessens impact over time, plus it's their mom/dad, it's hard to look at a monster...
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