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  • Ok. So it's all done behind the scenes and the dragonblood are kept in the dark. I get that.

    I concur that lots is lost to history in our world over the years. But dragonbloods are exalts. There is most likely several lore 5, investigation 5 or occult 5 exalts running around in a culture that prizes family history. Combined with an incentive of all this ancient power knocking around asking how do you get more to promote your house. Questing and searching ancient knowledge seems a viable path to power.

    It seems to be a fair conclusion that there will be exalted historians...
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  • Don't the Sidereals provide astrology and guidance for the Wyld Hunt? Something the dragonbloods are aware they need to do as solars and lunars are a major problem for them the longer they last.

    I'd expect there to be quite a few vested interests stopping any purge in the higher ranks. Before the sidereal shenanigans even begin.

    On what they know id expect a fair few to know. Dragonbloods lifetimes combined with exalted power. It demeans the dragonbloods exaltness to not let them know there own history. Especially when ancestry and family history matters so much to there...
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  • If it's the Ebon Dragon I think you get a Diet Chalcanth. Looks and smells like Chalcanth. No real substance though.
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  • Jam in a jar
    replied to Fate errors for non-creation visitors?
    I've always liked the idea of lowering the setting detail to show fate errors. Couple of comments about how boulders become completely spherical, roads become straight lines. Fields become just one type of plant. Small details just plain dissapear. Then anyone wholly of Creation doesn't notice that.

    If it gets really bad fate becomes 8bit! Got to lower the Graphics so creation doesn't crash.
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