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  • How does distance work here with such a spell? If I put a magical alarm system up and then leave my house, does the spell still reach me with its alarm despite any distance or do I need to expand the Area scale for that?
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  • Aristarkos
    started a topic Telekinesis with Space

    Telekinesis with Space

    I am surely not the first or the last to wonder if Space can be used to emulate telekinesis by continually deciding which vector an object occupies at a given time. In my first ever Mage game I even had a Mastigos NPC do this when cleaning up her library, because it felt intuitively right to me that this could be done.

    If my Mastigos players want to play with this, what do you think is the proper Practice? I was thinking Ruling, since you are ruling an object to occupy the vectors you want. This could however probably step on the toes of Teleportation which is doing the same thing...
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