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  • Aristarkos
    started a topic Making money with magic

    Making money with magic

    I've heard it said on these forums that any mage is just a Ruling spell away from never worrying about money again.
    I would like to take this further and explore the various means mages have of using magic to get rich. I would also like to highlight and explore the risks and problems involved in every method.

    I'll write down a few examples myself by Arcana, marred by my limited imagination and knowledge of the gameworld. Please contribute with examples as well. I would very much like to hear of more unique and unexpected ways to make money in this game.

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  • Aristarkos
    started a topic Increasing your size with magic

    Increasing your size with magic

    I assume that mages without problems could use a Life Weaving spell to outright increase their size equal to Potency, which makes me want to pose a couple of questions:

    1) Would such a spell completely ignore the square-cube law? By all rights, suddenly gaining so much more mass should make the mage collapse under their own weight. I guess I can just do the "Oh well, it's magic"-thing and shrug, but at the same time I wonder if it would be better to subject the mage to the square-cube law past a certain size (maybe past 6) and having to expend a Reach to ignore this limitation...
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  • How do you protect Status Quo for the world?

    When given godlike power, many players will presumably want to change the mundane world in a way they think is for the better, and quite possibly derail whatever campaign you had in mind for them. For example assassinating world leaders, eradicate dangerous diseases, bring back Firefly, take control of entire countries, destroy Apple.

    Only having read the core rulebook (1st and 2nd Edition) I cannot recall having actually seen much about this topic. It is assumed that mages per default will keep to their cabals and consilia and pursue mysteries all day.

    I am interested...
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  • Aristarkos
    started a topic Using another mage's Spell Control

    Using another mage's Spell Control

    Mages can use Sleepwalkers to hold spells for them. Is it possible to do the same with mages, letting one mage hold the spell of another?
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  • ​I know they´re not, but we have had some spoilers and previews. I was wondering if these are enough to make at least the Paths playable, not necessarily the entire package....
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  • Using Paths in Chronicles of Darkness

    I am very much into paths and using them as a wholesale replacement of many awkward Merits of Allies, Status, Retainer and so on.
    So my questions are:
    Are paths basically in a playable state already?
    Has anybody already used this mechanic and can comment upon it?
    Is there something specific I should know before trying to use Paths in CofD?
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