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  • Aristarkos
    replied to Teotl bestiaries?
    THank you for an awesome and exhaustive answer! I like the online sources you give and I will try to get some of the books too.

    I know this is an impossible and possibly weird question, but how would I authentically treat supernatural and mythological beings in a Teotl-centric Campaign? My impression is that the mesoamerican peoples treated mythological and supernatural creatures as vital and sacred pieces of the World, signs from the gods or even gods in disguise. As such, I as a GM would do well to use them sparingly and not at all as cannonfodder for the PCs to shine. And the same
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  • Aristarkos
    started a topic Teotl bestiaries?

    Teotl bestiaries?

    A great tragedy, among so many, of the conquest of the Aztecs is the burning and eradication of their culture. I suspect this is what makes it difficult for me to find solid sources on mesoamerican gods, beasts and mythology. I find things, but not at all the quantity of for example the Greek mythology.

    If anyone has good sources outside of the Scion book on what beings I can populate a Teotl-centric campaign with I'd be happy. English and Spanish sources both would work fine for me.
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