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  • Mercurial
    replied to Does Caesar's Due still work?
    Good to know. I am enjoying the new books, I just want to be sure I understand the rules before I play M20....
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  • How to fit Primers and Mage training programs into the game?

    I personally like the idea of Grimoires and Primers, but am not sure how to fit them into the game. My personal fan idea of a Primer involves a huge tome made from the skin and bones of a complete pack (all Auspices) of werewolves (they were dicks who tried to wipe out the Chantry for its Node). The book generates its own Delerium effect as though it were a Crinos, and on top of having to have Intelligence 3 and having to know the mortal, hedge magic version of Enochian, you also have to have a Willpower of 10, to allow the Delerium to wash over you, and through you, and guide your mind and spirit...
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  • Mercurial
    started a topic Does Caesar's Due still work?

    Does Caesar's Due still work?

    One of my all time favorite rotes from Mage was a rote found in the Order of Hermes: Revised book. Caesar's Due allowed you to use Correspondence 3, Entropy 2, Prime 2 to pull little fractions of pennies from bank calculations and use the money to pay off your credit card and bills. However, I am reading the new M20 materials, and I am unsure if I need Data now to cast that kind of Rote. Is my modern Hermetic and his technomagic still viable?
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