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  • A much belated thanks for this. This provides good inspiration for a story about taking back the wilderness for Gaia. I think maybe I could create a story about a sept of Glasswalkers who create opportunities for people moving out of these small towns to help quicken the flight of their population.
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  • Reclaiming territory from the Weaver

    I was rereading the Changing Ways book, and noticed the part concerning territory. How can I make a good story of werewolves converting land that has been paved over back into wilderness, or something close? I understand that parts of Detroit are becoming wild again, so a story revolving around tearing down property values and shutting down factories is an option, though a grim one. I honestly don’t think I could make that fun. What else can a roving pack of werewolves do to have the Wyld eat at the edges of the Weaver’s web and take back a few hundred acres of woods?
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  • Mercurial
    started a topic Does Pentex have an Incarna?

    Does Pentex have an Incarna?

    I was skimming my old Wyrm 20 book and have started to wonder if Pentex should have some sort of Incarna embodying it. Should one exist, and if so, do you think that it has BSD packs dedicated to it?
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