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  • Missing sections of V5: Camarilla Corebook Discussion Thread

    While reading the entry of Blood Wedding, I noticed that the final paragraph (Pg 96) of the middle column is missing the resolution of the statement: "Blood Bound many times over.......managed to decimate the population of....." and that's it. No continuation in the next column, or the next page. So what gives?
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  • Japheth
    started a topic Official Timeline of V5?

    Official Timeline of V5?

    I'm a little irritated about the lack of V5 timeline events on the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki. Will there EVER be an official timeline that Storytellers can access online?
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  • I did know that the chapters aren't in literal order. But, if you could name the years of some of the occurrences, I know that this would be only your opinion and would not be labeled as canon. (Or, if you prefer, message me instead).

    BTW, I enjoyed BJD tremendously. My only criticism for the book are the chapters having Libertatia, and the Transvaal Nights chapters: they dragged too much for me, and were boring. Other than those chapters, I like the book....
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  • Firstly, I apologize for the spoilers.

    Spoiler question #1:
    So, by your count, what year did...

    ...Kemintiri extort Beckett into digging up "Ynosch's" sarcophagus for transport to Castel d'Ombro? And when The Bounty Hunters were smuggled in the sarcophagus for the ambush on some of the Red Listers?

    Spoiler question #2:
    ...the subverting of Isabel Giovanni to the Setite philosophy: how long did that take? Also, what year did this happen? As a consequence of this, what would the reaction of the Giovanni to this blatant attack on their
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