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  • Crowley
    started a topic Landmarks in 2020UK: The new albion

    Landmarks in 2020UK: The new albion

    So i been thinking, i loved isle of the mighty but i been trying to update that setting. my long term plan is to be able to make a proper map of london divided by landmarks, areas and influences using programs for medieval fantasy map makers.
    But i dont live in the UK sadly enough, so if someone could help me out with ideas of locations and landmarks, areas where changelings (or other supernaturals) would hang out or would establish dominion or what not
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Dreaming in the Uk. 2020

    Dreaming in the Uk. 2020

    So, i been thinking of running a game of changeling the dreaming set in London to be more precise using themes such as Brexit as a backdrop.

    Been considering revamping a bit of Isle of The Mighty to add Queen Gloriana (Michael Moorcock) as the current kith regent (as a hard as nails unpacable woman with thatcherian overtones representing the Seelie courts), having a "Parlament of accord" an noble alliance of houses very much like the UK Parlament involved noble representative and a few commoners representatives

    but i been thinking, how would both covid19 and...
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  • Crowley
    started a topic World of Darkness in times of Covid-19

    World of Darkness in times of Covid-19

    I know this is topical, i know most of us are trying to use tabletop RPGS for escapism.
    But this is a relevant subject and something we are dealing with, something that will even change the way we live.

    So i been thinking, if you were to run a game set in the right here right now, a World of Darkness affected by corona virus, how would your Splat games change? how would you run a game where vampires have to deal with not becoming carriers or having extra difficulties consuming blood, or mages having to dettach even further from humanity just to name a few.

    im curious...
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  • Pentex and Troma movies or "How to make The Toxic Avenger in a WtA Game."

    So, due to the quarentine i been binge watching troma movies for the last couple of weeks and i cant stop thinking on Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist and Tromeo and Juliet as elements that would kind of work in the WtA setting. so heres my questions

    what kind of gifts or powers would Toxie have?
    Can a Fomorian fight his monstrosity and actually Help the garou nation/humans?
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  • Crowley
    started a topic What if XSplat was Set in Y Setting!

    What if XSplat was Set in Y Setting!

    Welcome ladies, gentleman and individual of non gender designation!.
    The idea of this game is: Take a Game, any splat or core book and set it in Y Setting. A user will give the suggestion, the rest must come up with some base mechanics, concepts and translations for this. There is no limit on the settings one can choose. so here be the first one im tossing

    "What if Vampire The Masquerade was set in 'Buffy the vampire slayer/angel' setting, how would vampires do their thing, how would you tie the clans to hell and what not and any 'dramatic' mechanic based on the...
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Theories and Speculations for WoD5

    Theories and Speculations for WoD5

    So yeah. pretty much that.

    My main theory is that The Tremere are going to eventually be exterminated NOT by the second inquisition, but by the order of hermes (im looking at you Blood Treachery)....
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  • Yeah..erm...weird question about Female Biology and Vampires

    SO.....i was drunk.

    Me and some friends were discussing vampiric biology..considering hormones and all that ..Stuff.


    Do female vampires have their period? and i dont just mean the blood part.. the ..Hormonal changes, the mood, cramps...yeah..........That....
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Bizarrest Character's you ever made

    Bizarrest Character's you ever made

    Im currently making a character for a VtM game where im playing as....

    Elvis Presley.
    Basically he got tired of being famous and decided to lay low for a while. Hiring an Impersonator as the real Elvis traveled through america trying to pass for an Impersonator. Then the real impersonator passed away, He was found by his sire (Janis Joplin) who embraced him to keep his legacy alive.
    Currently Elvis recides in Las Vegas. Guilt Ridden for knowing that he wont ever be able to get close to his family again. Knowing he lives under the shadow of his former fame, Running a...
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  • Pentex World: The American Nightmare. Orlando Florida

    So. i was watching a review on Westworld and Hyperreality. and i cant stop thinking on the pararel metaphore of "Disney World" being the "Heart of the american dream and theamerican way" how it depcits culture through a fake eye. trying to make it real.

    How in disneyworld you see Mickey Mouse, you dont see an Actor Passing for Mickey (Which in there, the idea of breaking the fiction within would be a crime basically)
    and i started to think of an umberto ecco's quote

    "This is the America of Linus, for whom Happiness must assume the form...
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Where to start ?

    Where to start ?

    Hello, im Crowley.

    i been running MtAs for a while now but im quite curious about awakening. I have the first edition and only recently i was able to get ahold of second books are a must read when it comes to awakening? any general tips or advices for someone more familiar with ascension?...
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  • Crowley
    started a topic The Anti-Christ

    The Anti-Christ

    So. The World of Darkness is mainly judeo Christian on it's Mythos And lore.

    I suspected that every splat must have some Anti christ figure, i mean. I can picture nephandi trying to make one at least every once a year.
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Elohim's Blood

    Elohim's Blood

    So. i been thinking and pondering a lot about Angels and Demons on the lore of the World of Darkness..
    and i came up with some theories about Elohim's biology.

    So my theories are as such. The DNA/Blood and any other biological functions of the Host are escensially normal. But once the Host is forced to change his Visage/Expose itself or reveal his true nature (by showing his wings etc..) Part of his biology or more like genetical makeup changes slightly. forcing the body to adapt to the new changes within the host body structure.

    What i been exploring is the following...
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Scion / World of Darkness Crossover?

    Scion / World of Darkness Crossover?

    I been thinking a lot..not only system wise but plotwise rather.
    would it be feaseable for a unnofficial crossover? how do you think the games would mesh?...
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Anime Esque consensual reality?

    Anime Esque consensual reality?

    So.. i might end up running mage to a couple of hardcore otakus. thing is my group and i talked and we decided to make consensus a bit more Lite but still having some heavy paradox rules. to up the antics on Magic Realism and even some more ghibli esque elements.

    i could use some suggestions or ideas.
    also, they are heavy into boku no hero (i havent watched it) but im taking a more of a "Lain"/"Ghibli"/"Monster/"Killer 7" approach, any advices ?
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  • Crowley
    started a topic Looking for inspiration

    Looking for inspiration

    I just got the book in my hands, i haven't open it yet.. but i been told that things such as The Terminator and The Matrix are HUGE inspirations for the new Demon (i love the classic OWoD version of it)

    but i would like some ideas or inspirations for it.
    someone told me that Mr Robot is a HUGE example of the potential of demons and what not. any other examples?...
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