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[Mage the Awakening 2e] Chasing Echoes: A Discord Play-by-Post, Looking for Players.

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  • [Mage the Awakening 2e] Chasing Echoes: A Discord Play-by-Post, Looking for Players.

    Hey, everyone!
    I've been considering posting this up on the forum for a while now, but my own shyness has been standing in the way. I think it's about time I actually got the ball rolling on this game.

    I think I'll probably be able to accomodate around six, maybe seven, players. If you're interested in being one of them, toss me a Private Message with your character sheet.

    I've provided a lot of information on the setting down below, including an overview of the city's politics, Mysteries and a fair number of NPCs. I know it's a bit long, but I figured it was better to have too much information than not enough.
    At least check out the 'Character Creation' and 'Rules' sections if you're looking to join in.

    Something to get you in the mood:

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
    ​Chasing Echoes


    To those who remain Asleep, Sydney is a beautiful and cosmopolitan metropolis that is filled with life. To the Awakened, to those who truly see, Sydney is a city caught between the promise of freedom and the tyranny of the Lie, where the opportunity to make something greater is obscured by conflict and the harsh realities of the Fallen World.
    Though it may look mundane on the surface, Sydney is a city full of Mysteries and haunted by echoes of a history stranger than most ever realise. But the Mages of the city are too busy fighting each other - over ideals, resources or simply access - to find the answers to the questions that plague them.
    It’s the fourteenth year of a new millenium and the Sorcerers of Sydney are preparing for all out magical war. Two and a half decades ago the Kings of the Lie conquered the city with treachery and brutality, but their constant infighting has allowed their enemies to once again grow strong. Will the tide turn in favour of freedom, or will the Throne once more be triumphant? And what else is going on behind the scenes?

    Awakened Society

    The Tribunal of Sydney came together following the Shadow War of Eighty-Nine, when the traitor Epopt Horus murdered Hierarch Caelus and brought the Seers of the Throne to ascendancy. The leaders of each Caucus of the Diamond agreed to share power in the name of greater cooperation, though the Guardians of the Veil and the Free Council were denied an equal position.
    Since its creation, the Tribunal has proven both a blessing and a curse to the Mages under its governance. On the one hand, it offers a degree of security which would otherwise be impossible and has allowed the Diamond Precept to maintain resistance against the Iron Pyramid. On the other hand, the Tribunal asks far more from those it governs than a typical Consilium, in terms of duties and resources.
    Generally, Sydney Mages get as good as they give with the Tribunal, with those who contribute more to the cause being afforded greater rights than those who contribute less. This is one of the primary reasons that the Tribunal is so controversial; some argue that it works too well to deny, while others call the system corrupt.

    The Adamantine Arrow has historically had an honourable reputation in Sydney dating back to the early days of the colony, when they worked to prevent violent conflict between the European and Aboriginal Awakened. However, their honour has been greatly tested since the Shadow War of ’89, when they were forced to adopt a number of underhanded tactics to stand a chance against against the Seers of the Throne.
    The Adamentine Arrow has since built itself a powerbase among the criminal elements of Sydney, operating akin to something between a gang and a terrorist group. Sydney Arrows have sacrificed much of their moral integrity in the name of survival, but haven’t yet forgotten what it is they fight for; will they yet reclaim their lost honour?
    The East Australian Caucus of the Ungula Draconis presides over every Arrow in the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland. It is under the strict control of Tribune Alexandros, who is rarely seen outside of the Tribunal and about whom not much is known. The Mage known as Ramesses acts as Alexandros’ second-in-command and usually relays his orders to lower ranking Arrows.
    The Caucus has no primary headquarters, but instead operates primarily out of a series of safehouses scattered throughout Western Sydney, including one hidden under a bar in Mt. Druitt and another in a farm south of Liverpool.

    The Guardians of the Veil carried out their duties among the Mages of Sydney largely without incident for the better part of two centuries, until their Epopt betrayed the Pentacle and destroyed the Order’s credibility.
    Now, the Guardians of the Veil are few in number and struggle to perform even their most basic duties, with the other Orders affording them little in the way of trust. They have largely become an extension of the Adamantine Arrow, gathering information on behalf of that Order and the Tribunal as a whole. Will the Guardians regain the trust of those they were meant to protect?
    The South-East Australian Caucus of the Visus Draconis holds authority over every Guardian in the ACT, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. It is lead by a mysterious Epopt based in Melbourne, whose identity is known only to higher ranking Famuli of the Order. They do not have a real seat on the Tribunal of Sydney, but Emissary Michael represents the Order’s interests to the rest of the Diamond Precept, while Cultor Azrael manages their internal affairs.
    The Caucus largely operates out of Melbourne, but they maintain a series of safehouses and boltholes in Sydney; the locations of which are only revealed to those within the Order.

    The Mysterium has always held a position of prominence in Sydney, despite the shame placed on them due to the ruthless tactics they employed against the Aboriginal Awakened during the early days of the colony. Over a century and a half they built their Atheneum under the Australian Museum into a hub of magical learning, amassing a collection of arcane lore to rival any in Europe. But after the Shadow War of ’89, the Mysterium was driven from Central Sydney, leaving behind their beloved archive and its treasures.
    Now, the Mysterium works to rebuild, all while suffering from internal conflict stemming from its divided leadership. Can the Mysterium reclaim the glories of the past?
    The East Australian Caucus of the Alae Draconis presides over every Mystagogue in the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland. It is nominally lead by Tribune Nataraja, though in practice the Mages known as Ereshkigal and Saraswati manage most of the Order’s internal affairs.
    The Caucus is largely based in an Atheneum located under an unassuming library in Lane Cove, though the Mysterium also maintains a Censorium in Sydney’s Southwest, the exact location of which is kept secret from anyone who doesn’t need to know.

    The Silver Ladder stood at the forefront of the Pentacle Alliance in Sydney for two centuries, claiming every Hierarch in the city’s history as one of their own. The Thearchs brokered peace with the Free Council and kept the Diamond Precept from breaking apart in their most trying times, but they lost much of their power following the death of Hierarch Caelus, their ranks sustaining casualties second only to the Guardians of the Veil in the ensuing conflict.
    The Silver Ladder has been humbled, having spent the last twenty-five years working to build a power base among Sydney’s disenfranchised; those that the Seers of the Throne overlook. The Order subtly spreads the gospel of the Avatar, laying the foundations for a Cryptopoly that will one day deliver the city back into their hands, hopefully for good. Will the Silver Ladder be able to reclaim the power and respect they once commanded?
    The East Australian Caucus of the Vox Draconis claims the loyalty of every Thearch in the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland. It is lead by Archdeacon Samsara, who guides the Caucus in spiritual matters from down in Goulburn and maintains ties with other Caucuses, but Madame Myriam represents the Order on the Tribunal of Sydney.
    The Silver Ladder once gathered at the Grand Sanctum in Randwick, but now lacks a central meeting place in Sydney as far as the physical world is concerned. Most important Caucus meetings are either carried out in the Hall of the Diamond in Goulburn or in the Temple of Adam Kadmon, an Astral Realm connected to the concept of Divine Humanism.
    The Council of Free Assemblies has had a large presence in Sydney ever since the Great Refusal, with their roots stretching back much further. The city was a major battleground of the Nameless War, with the Aboriginal Awakened joining forces with other dissidents against the Iron Pyramid and Diamond Precept both, becoming host to one of the first Assemblies - the Awakened Union of the Harbour - following the Great Refusal. Though hostilities with the Diamond Orders ceased, there was always a clear division between Sydney’s Consilium and Assembly, even as the latter grew to match the former in power. The Libertines weren’t surprised when the Shadow War of ’89 broke out, offering token assistance, but primarily focusing their efforts on ensuring their own survival.
    Over the last twenty years the Libertines of Sydney have come together with their counterparts in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne to form the S.E.A.L. Assembly, (supposedly standing for ‘South East Australian Libertines’) in order to bring disparate Libertines together and present a unified front to their enemies. Though the Free Council has become very powerful, this new Assembly has become considerably less ‘free’, having made numerous concessions in the name of security and necessity. Will the Libertine experiment be a success?
    The S.E.A.L. Assembly exists in a state of constant conflict against the Seers of the Throne and thus has operated under a somewhat strict Column structure for the better part of its existence, which is a point of much contention. The current Strategos, Jagannatha, has held his office for a decade, but is gradually coming to be seen as something of a tyrant and isn’t popular with the other Orders. There are a number of others who wield influence enough to claim the title of Syndic; Serpent speaks for the old ways and the traditions of the Aboriginal Awakened, while Marconi appeals to the Free Council’s youthful spirit and keeps the community together through his broadcasts. Finally, Fawkes speaks to the Order’s revolutionary nature and seeks to violently overthrow the establishment.
    The S.E.A.L. Assembly is based out of a ‘pocket-realm’ known as Egality Hall, which is secured and maintained with heavy use of the Space Arcanum. As well as serving as the Assembly’s political hub, Egality Hall is a Lorehouse and maintains limited dormitories for those with no other safe place to stay. There are usually five passageways into and out of Egality Hall at any given time, which are regularly moved around and kept safe by the Assembly’s Minutemen.
    The Seers of the Throne have a history of struggle in Sydney, having been guided long ago by their hidden masters to accompany the First Fleet and conquer the newly discovered continent.
    They eliminated their counterparts among the Aboriginal Awakened over differing beliefs about the nature of the Exarchs, which deprived them of allies that could have aided them against their enemies. It’s a testament to the power of those colonial Seers that their young Tetrarchy managed to survive.
    In the two centuries since Sydney’s founding, the Seers of the Throne have kept up the fight against the Pentacle Alliance, eventually claiming a position of power and prestige over much of Australia. Since the Shadow War of ’89, their influence has only grown, but the Tetrarchy of Oceania is currently wracked with infighting between the Ministries. The Throne remains triumphant over Sydney, but for how long?
    Sydney’s Seers are lead by a hedonistic Hegemon known as Victoria, who has proven herself a surprisingly effective leader despite only recently claiming the title of Dominus. The identities of Oceania’s five tetrarchs remain unclear, but it is known that the traitor Horus now serves them as Warmaster.
    The Iron Pyramid maintains a secure Nexus somewhere in Central Sydney, from which the Domina and her Cabinet direct the efforts of the Sect throughout the city, but only the Seers of the Throne know exactly where it’s located.

    Major Mysteries

    Named for the mythological nectar of immortality, Amrita is quickly becoming the drug of choice for Sydney’s Mages. They say it’s enlightenment in a syringe. They say it gives a taste of Ascension, alongside an oh-too-short rush of cosmic power. Some claim it can shatter a Mage’s sanity, that using it risks one’s soul or that it’s sourced from an Abyssal intrusion.
    There isn’t much known for sure about Amrita, but there are some clear facts. It’s an azure liquid that typically comes in bottles containing roughly three doses, which must be injected via syringe into the brachial artery in order to properly work. The drug is highly addictive and empower’s a Mage’s spellcasting considerably when used, while Sleepers who take it tend to show significantly more unpleasant side-effects. It has been on the streets less than a year and is mostly peddled by Sleeper dealers who are largely unaware of the drug’s true nature.
    Use of Amrita is a minor offence against the Lex Magica according to the Tribunal of Sydney, who are currently trying to investigate the mystery further. Rewards are offered to those who deliver samples of the drug to Diamond officials. The S.E.A.L. Assembly of the Free Council is also running its own investigation into Amrita, but it does not punish use of the substance among its membership.

    Few return alive from a journey into Sydney’s Underworld, but those who have tell a frightening tale. They speak of ravening horrors, formless beasts that devour both living and dead in an attempt to satisfy an unknowable hunger.
    These so-called ‘Faceless Hungerers’ are many in number and have no clear origin, which makes them an interesting Mystery; which in turn has lead to them becoming a major cause of death for the city’s Mages.
    Faceless Hungerers are difficult to evade or kill, but have never been observed to leave the Underworld, which has made it a common custom among Sydney Mages to tag High Speech warnings in graffiti near any Avernian Gate they discover.

    Sydney is home to a particularly interesting magical phenomenon, which has many names but is most commonly referred to as ‘The Call’. The exact nature and cause of the phenomenon, with speculation on the subject acting as a common cultural touchstone for the city’s Mages.
    The Call manifests as strange and otherworldly music perceived through Mage Sight, which carries with it a sense of great unease and has been known to cause visual hallucinations of a disturbing nature. While the phenomenon is taking place, nobody is capable of utilising any form of Mage Sight other than Peripheral without going temporarily mad.
    The Call occurs at least once a month, but the exact timing is apparently unpredictable. It can take anywhere from ten seconds to four hours to finish.

    The Sydney Basin possesses certain geomantic properties unknown in the rest of the world, which the original inhabitants of the land were skilled in utilising and manipulating even without the use of Awakened magic. The Basin’s Ley-Lines shift at a chaotic rate unless they are mystically reinforced via complex ritual, if left unchecked this can result in a sort of ‘Ley-Storm’ which can (among other things) cause any Hallows in the region to suddenly and unpredictably alter their potency.
    While the efforts of local Mages have long managed to keep the Ley-Lines of the Sydney Basin under control, something seems to be causing them to destabilise more and more often, with the Ley-Storms that result becoming even more chaotic. There are those who say this increase in geomantic chaos is a sign of the Dead Zone (or Ansho, as some worldly Mages call it) of Wollongong increasing in size, while others claim that it signifies a coming catastrophe.
    As it stands, the region’s geomancy is still somewhat controlled, but there’s no telling how much worse the Ley-Storms will get.


    Sydney is home to well over a hundred Mages, with even more visiting from other cities at any given point in time. Though there are far too many to detail here, some of the more important Sorcerers of Sydney have been described below.

    Diamond Characters
    Adamant Sage and Tribune of the Adamantine Arrow
    One of the older Mages of Sydney, Alexandros has served the Adamantine Arrow since he Awakened to the Path of Scourging over thirty years ago. These days, the Adamant Sage is rarely seen by anyone outside of the Tribunal and refuses to deal in any way with those who haven’t yet earned his trust, but those who know him closely say that despite his paranoia he only has the best interests of the Diamond Precept at heart.
    Alexandros has a somewhat rough demeanour, appearing to be little more than a bitter old man of seventy-five years, but his unassuming exterior hides a brilliant tactical mind and an unmatched fighting spirit. He is a very fit man for his age and can be recognised by his shaved head, gray goatee and tired green eyes.

    Madame Myriam:
    Deacon and Tribune of the Silver Ladder
    The youngest member of the Tribunal, Myriam Awakened at the age of fourteen shortly after the Shadow War of ’89. Despite the poor state of the Silver Ladder at the time, the young Witch was inspired by their beliefs, deciding to dedicate herself to the Order and its goals.
    Over the course of twenty years, Myriam applied herself to restoring the Thearchs to their position of prominence in the city, rising swiftly through the ranks to eventually succeed Samsara as Tribune. Since achieving her current rank, she has effortlessly divided her attention between directing the Silver Ladder’s operations and acting as the Order’s primary representative to the rest of the Diamond Precept, having an uncanny ability to appear exactly where and when she is needed at any given time.
    Madame Myriam is possessed of a serious demeanour and an unreadable poker face, presenting herself with a strange businesslike elegance. She is a petite woman and looks only a little over twenty years of age, with olive skin, short black hair and sharp brown eyes. She has a notable penchant for wearing white suits.

    Hierophant Superior and Tribune of the Mysterium
    Nobody quite knows where Nataraja came from, or exactly when or how he Awakened. As far as anyone can tell he first appeared in Sydney twenty-three years ago, claiming to have come from India on a quest for understanding and demonstrating knowledge of the Mysterium’s innermost secrets. It was assumed that he would leave the city after a month or so, but instead he decided to settle down in the area.
    Due to his extensive body of knowledge and experience, Nataraja quickly took up an advisory position to the original Tribune of the Mysterium, Osiris, gradually gaining more and more influence in the local Caucus. Then, when Osiris disappeared in the late nineties after an attempt to banish the Faceless Hungerers from the Underworld, the foreign Mage naturally assumed his position.
    Since assuming the title of Tribune, Nataraja has instituted a series of controversial policies, making much of the Order’s lore available to outsiders and encouraging further cooperation with the Free Council. Despite this, he has remained the spiritual leader and primary representative of the Mysterium for fifteen years.
    The Hierophant Superior is a surprisingly laid back and informal man somewhere in his early fifties, with ever a friendly temperament. His appearance, however, doesn’t give that impression; his black hair is long and matted, his eyes are like that of a tiger, his teeth are sharp and he usually dresses in tattered clothing. Despite seeming the stereotypical image of a Thyrsus, he is actually a follower of the Path of the Mighty.

    Provost of Alexandros
    Second-in-command of the Adamantine Arrow, Ramesses Awakened to the Path of Doom at the age of twelve during the Shadow War of ’89, surviving the conflict under the protection of his original mentor, Bulwark.
    While the master fell to the Seers, his young apprentice survived and sought to avenge his death, with Alexandros personally seeing to much of his training.

    Ramesses rose through the ranks over the years, going from Talon to First Talon and onwards to claim the title of Grand Talon; giving him authority over any Arrow beneath the rank of Thunderbolt Guardian. Eventually, Alexandros named the man as his Provost.
    Ramesses is a lean man of thirty-seven years who stands six feet tall, with dark skin, dreadlocks and an ever-present duster-coat.

    Archdeacon and Magister of the Silver Ladder
    The oldest surviving Mage of the Pentacle in New South Wales, Samsara Awakened to the Path of Scourging at the age of thirty-eight almost forty years ago after undergoing the Thearch’s Elemental Pilgrimage. The Mastigos spent the entirety of her Awakened existence climbing the Silver Ladder, even sitting on the old Consilium for a time before she abdicated from her position to make way for her student, Horus.
    Following the betrayal of her student, the Deacon would focus her efforts on rebuilding and had a pivotal role in the formation of the Tribunal of Sydney. She once again abdicated her position for the sake of her protege, but Myriam proved more loyal than Horus.
    For the last six years, Samsara has grown somewhat distant, she watches over the Hall of the Diamond and provides spiritual guidance to younger Thearchs, but seems to be focused on other matters. She claims to speak with the King of the Burning Voice, Oracle of Pandemonium, and there is a rumour that she is seeking the Imperial Mysteries.
    It’s not really known what Samsara looks like, as she typically hides herself away beneath a silver mask and pale white robes. She has a certain ethereal quality to her voice, speaking almost in monotone.

    Emissary of the Guardians of the Veil
    The most public figure in Sydney’s Guardian Caucus, Michael Awakened at the age of forty about eight years ago after an encounter with a being he described as an Angel formed of solid fire. While he was originally a part of the Silver Ladder, a particularly unpleasant Paradox lead him to instead join the Guardians of the Veil.
    Michael’s charismatic nature and diplomatic ability allowed him to quickly find a place in the Order as Emissary to the Tribunal, a position that he has held for the last five years. He has made little attempt at hiding the fact he ultimately wants to represent the Guardians on the Tribunal, but as it stands he’s more interested in ensuring the security of the Diamond Precept.
    Michael is a gruff man of forty-eight years, his skin pale, his short hair graying and his blue eyes ever bespectacled. He is a close friend and confidant of Azrael, with whom he shares a Cabal.

    Cultor of the Guardians of the Veil
    One of Sydney’s foremost Guardians, Azrael Awakened to the Path of Doom twelve years ago after a near death experience and was initially apprenticed to Ereshkigal. He took to his new existence well and signed up with the Guardians of the Veil, claiming he had received a spiritual calling to do so.
    Though his early years with Guardians essentially amounted to grunt work, Azrael soon found himself climbing the ranks due to his genuine devotion to the Order’s goals. It was around seven years ago that he was first promoted to Cultor and proved an excellent choice for the job, after four years taking it upon himself to run the entirety of Sydney’s Labyrinth more or less single-handedly.
    Azrael is a tall man of thirty years, with dark hair, tanned skin covered in abstract tattoos and an air of somber passion. He is a skilled orator who can lead people people to believe anything, which is truly useful for one in his position. He is also a fervent Messianic, holding to the belief that the coming of the Hieromagus is imminent.

    Curator of the Archive
    One of the Mysterium’s more influential members, Ereshkigal Awakened to the Path of Doom almost thirty years ago at the age of forty-nine, after losing her husband to lung cancer. Her past as a history professor lead her to join the Mysterium, though her rise through the ranks was rather unremarkable.
    Ereshkigal was acting as a Savant for the Atheneum under the Australian Museum during the Shadow War of ’89, witnessing the loss of her Order’s old archive firsthand. She managed to escape with a couple of objects from the Atheneum’s collection and the determination to one day reclaim the rest of it.
    Since then, she’s worked hard to build and maintain the Mysterium’s new Atheneum in Lane Cove, rising to become someone the rest of the Order truly looks up to. There is a certain amount of conflict between her and Nataraja, however, which has lead some to speculate she is aiming to claim his position.
    Ereshkigal is a tall, thin woman with a permanently dour expression, her gray hair tied back in a bun, her voice is soft yet carries with it a stern undertone. She smells of dust and cigarettes, despite the fact she doesn’t smoke.

    Curator of the Censorium
    The most recent of four Daksha to have run the Sydney Censorium, Saraswati Awakened to the Path of Scourging at the tender age of seven almost twenty years ago. While she was initially placed in the Silver Ladder’s newly established training program, she soon came under the wing of Curator Savitr of Mysterium, who would conclude her training.
    By the age of twelve, Saraswati had become a full-fledged Daksha and was already climbing the Mysterium’s ranks. By the time of Savitr’s death in a skirmish with the Seers of the Throne, he/she had abandoned binary gender and was ready to take over as Curator of the Censorium.
    Over the past seven years, he/she has performed his/her duties admirably, although he/she has never been well liked outside of his/her own Cabal. He/she now has students of his/her own and acts as something of a rival to Ereshkigal.
    Saraswati is an attractive person of twenty-seven years, with ethereal features and an eternal smile on his/her perfect face. He/she has short black hair that doesn’t do much to hide the characteristic third eye of the Daksha, unblemished olive skin and large blue eyes. He/she is also known to harbour a notable grudge against the Guardians of the Veil.

    Free Council Characters
    The leader of the S.E.A.L. Assembly has always stood out, having apparently been born to an unknown family of Proximi in an unknown part of the world about forty-six years ago. Though it’s not sure how he Awakened to the Path of Doom, he hadn’t been a Mage for long before his first appearance in Sydney twenty-seven years ago, travelling alongside the now-deceased Thearch known as Guan Yin.
    Jagannatha was a stubborn youth with a tendency toward outbursts of anger, who joined the Adamantine Arrow after his travelling partner suggested it would help him find purpose and self-mastery. While he became an Arrow as Guan Yin suggested, initially excelling in both the practical and philosophical aspects of his studies, after the Shadow War of ’89 he got into a fight with his mentor which lead him to leave the Order and sign up with the Free Council.

    Jagannatha served as a Minuteman for almost ten years, earning the trust and respect of his fellows, before the formation of the S.E.A.L. Assembly and his unexpected appointment to the position of Strategos. He accepted the title with little deliberation and has worked tirelessly to prove himself worthy, doing much to secure the future of the Assembly. Despite some calling him a tyrant, it is generally agreed that he does his job extremely well.
    Jagannatha is a little over eight feet tall, with broad shoulders and heavy-set muscles. He has a shaved head, dark indigo skin and a calculating aura about him that he has developed over twenty-seven years of strife. He takes his honour very seriously, one of the values he has kept from his days as an Arrow.

    One of Jagannatha’s closest confidants, little is known about Ganesha’s past before he joined the Free Council fourteen years ago, save that he was originally a member of the Mysterium. For five years he served with diligence as a Minuteman, before the Strategos insisted he take the position of Emissary to the Tribunal of Sydney.
    While the Mysterium initially expressed some disapproval, Ganesha has done much to build bridges between the S.E.A.L. Assembly and the Diamond Precept. This can be credited to his non-threatening demeanour and unmatched way with words.
    Ganesha is a lean man of Indian descent, with long straight hair, friendly hazel eyes and a casual dress sense.

    The oldest Syndic of the S.E.A.L. Assembly, Serpent Awakened to the Path of Ecstasy at the age of twenty-two after a traumatic encounter with a Spirit of Addiction. She struggled to accept her new existence for some time, before eventually joining the Dreamspeaker Legacy and reconnecting with her cultural roots.
    Over the course of the last twelve years, Serpent has sought to guide the people of Sydney as a whole and sustain the old ways of the land however possible, becoming something of a figurehead for the Aboriginal Mages of the Free Council in the process. Though her ministrations extend beyond the city’s Aboriginal population, she has accepted this mantle and has used the pedestal it gives her to spread her ideals to others in the S.E.A.L. Assembly.
    Serpent is an attractive woman of thirty-seven years, with caramel skin, long dark hair and sharp brown eyes. She is distrustful of Diamond Precept, but beyond that acts as something of a moderate voice compared to her fellow Syndics.

    The self-titled ‘Voice of the Pentacle Revolution’, Marconi Awakened to the Path of the Mighty after realising he could hear the voice of God in radio static and has spent the six years since spreading the gospel of Awakening however he can. In any other city, the Guardians of the Veil would have done something about his blatant violations of the Precept of Secrecy long ago, but Marconi has been able to get away with barely hiding the magical nature of his message.
    In a comparatively short amount of time, the young Obrimos has amassed a significant Awakened following, even outside the Free Council. He spreads a hopeful message, seeking to build bridges between the Orders and foster a sort of community spirit in the Pentacle.
    Marconi’s primary platform is his radio show ‘Free Dreamers FM’, which provides all manner of vaguely disguised magical news alongside any music that happens to take the host’s fancy, he also manages a series of social websites accessible only to Mages.
    While rarely seen in person outside of Egality Hall, Marconi is a slim man of twenty-three, he’s rarely seen with the same hair colour more than once and typically dresses like he’s just walked off the set of the Matrix. He has a smooth, calming voice and a inflated sense of self-importance.

    The only Syndic of the S.E.A.L. Assembly to make his home outside of Sydney, Fawkes grew up in Melbourne as part of a wealthy household with political connections. He Awakened to Stygia ten years ago at age nineteen when he realised the political structures of the modern day were inherently corrupt, he received a vision of the death of the establishment and the dream of something better.
    While initially coming off as something of a fanatic, those Libertines who truly listened to Fawkes came to trust in his unwavering passion and intense personality, which over the course of time has given him a small but dedicated following. Through the space-warping properties of Egality Hall, the anarchist’s influence had spread throughout the entirety of the S.E.A.L. Assembly’s territory.
    Fawkes is an attractive young man with a short beard, curly hair, piercing blue eyes and a stocky build. He typically uses masks and other means of concealing his identity, appearing not with his own face but with that of the revolution.

    A young Enchanter who is largely solitary and has a tendency to find trouble, even as he tries to avoid it. He was assigned the female sex at birth, but usually alters his biological gender by means of an Imbued Item.
    Dismas is a lean man with short blonde hair, a chinstrap beard and bright green eyes. His Nimbus manifests as a general sense of unease and confusion.

    Character Creation

    General Considerations:
    Chasing Echoes is a Chronicle about curiosity and its consequences, set to the backdrop of a magical cold war. This allows for a wide variety of Player Character concepts, but there are still some things that should be taken into consideration.
    Though it’s possible that some of them may have a shared history, the Player Characters will not all begin in an established Cabal, instead forming one over the course of the story.
    It is suggested that Players detail some of their character’s Sleeper and Sleepwalker associates, so as to give the Storyteller more material for personal plots.
    The initial story will revolve around the search for the disappeared Libertine Acanthus known as Dismas. Players should consider how their characters might become involved in this investigation and whether they hold a personal tie of any sort to the Mage in question.

    1. Ideally, players should use Mr. Gone’s 4-Page Character Sheet with Alternative Mana and Tilts, but if that’s problematic due to technical difficulties it’s fine to use some other means of recording the relevant information.
    2. Player Characters cannot take the following Merits at Character Creation: Resources above 4 dots, Hallow above or below 2 dots, Consilium (Tribunal) Status or Order Status above 3 dots.
    3. The Storyteller would rather Player Characters not start with more than 3 dots of Gnosis.
    4. Player Characters may not be a part of the Seers of the Throne straight out of Character Creation.
    5. The Storyteller would prefer if Player Characters don’t begin as part of a Legacy, though there are plenty that may be joined in play.
    6. It is suggested that players should only show their character sheet to the Storyteller, in order to foster a sense of unfamiliarity between the Player Characters.

    Bonus Experience:
    Each player has seventeen bonus experience at Character Creation.


    Game Rules
    1. There are several channels on the Chasing Echoes server. The Primary channel is to be used by default when all or some Player Characters are together, as the main means of storytelling. The Secondary channel is to be used if the group has split up into two smaller groups. Each Player Character has an individual channel to be used when they are seperated from the rest of the group, which the player can tell the Storyteller to make readable or unreadable for the other players at any time.
    2. It’s okay to put /rolls and the occasional out-of-character message in channels other than the OOC channel, but remember that they will be deleted after the action the roll represents is resolved. This will not happen in the OOC channel.
    3. When a Player makes a change to their character sheet, they should make sure to inform the Storyteller. Likewise, the Storyteller should inform the Player if there’s a change that must be made to their character sheet.
    4. While this may be obvious, it’s worth mentioning here. When speaking in-character, enclose the speech in quotation marks; to better differentiate what the character is saying from what they are doing.
    5. If anyone goes four consecutive days without posting without giving prior notice to the Storyteller, they will be sent a message asking if they are still interested in playing. Hopefully this won’t happen, but real life can get in the way and naturally takes precedence.
    6. While it’s fine to temporarily split the party, even for weeks at a time, it would be preferable if the group holds together in the end.
    7. When a character uses High Speech, describe what they are saying rather than quoting it. This is more of a guideline than an important rule, but helps to keep the feel of what High Speech represents.
    8. If there’s any rule described here, under houserules or in the corebook that anyone takes issue with, or if there’s any houserule or homebrew content that anyone wants to implement, talk it over with the Storyteller ahead of time.

    1. When a Mage invites Paradox into a spell, he may use Paradox Reach to move a spell factor one step up its chart. This does not need to be the spell’s primary spell factor.
    2. Every Legacy confers a third Ruling Arcanum. If a Mage joins a Legacy whose Ruling Arcanum they already have, they instead take the Arcanum most commonly used in the ‘Optional’ part of that Legacy’s Attainments. If the Mage already has both as Ruling Arcana, or if this Legacy operates via different rules, the Mage’s player may discuss with the storyteller which other Arcanum will become Ruling.
    3. When a Mage commits Human sacrifice for Mana, they receive ten Mana in addition to the amount determined by the victim’s Integrity.

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    I'm interested. I'll have to do a character sheet over the weekend though.

    One question, you mention that more than 4 days between posts will checked on but how much posting do you expect to be the norm? I haven't played by post before and will have to figure out how to fit posting into my schedule.


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      Originally posted by ElvesofZion View Post
      I'm interested. I'll have to do a character sheet over the weekend though.

      One question, you mention that more than 4 days between posts will checked on but how much posting do you expect to be the norm? I haven't played by post before and will have to figure out how to fit posting into my schedule.
      I'm hoping for a post from each player every day or two, but I don't want to impose too much on everyone else's schedule. I personally have a lot of time to spare, so I'll be checking on things and keeping the game running a few times every day, but the pacing will depend entirely on how often people post.

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        Originally posted by Kleptomania View Post

        I'm hoping for a post from each player every day or two, but I don't want to impose too much on everyone else's schedule. I personally have a lot of time to spare, so I'll be checking on things and keeping the game running a few times every day, but the pacing will depend entirely on how often people post.

        OK, I can easily do a post a day or more. So thats no problem for me. I have started a character idea, but it will have to finished over the weekend (I'm at work right now)


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          I’m definitely interested. Will you be setting up a discord or something?


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            If there's still room for one more player, I'd be really thrilled to join. The setting is really interesting, and I've been dying to play a Mage for so long.... ^^


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              Originally posted by Adrasalieth View Post
              If there's still room for one more player, I'd be really thrilled to join. The setting is really interesting, and I've been dying to play a Mage for so long.... ^^
              Send me a character sheet and I'll be more than happy to have you.

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                We currently have two Player Characters down, though I'm eagerly awaiting the submissions of others.

                BacchicOne - An Acanthus Arrow called Susano-O
                espritdecalmer - An Acanthus Mystagogue called Filí

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                  Update: We currently have three Player Characters down, though two others have presented me with some interesting character concepts. There's also been discussion over the possibility of one Acanthus switching to Mastigos.

                  Adrasalieth - An Acanthus Théarch called Erised
                  BacchicOne - An Acanthus Arrow called Susano-O
                  espritdecalmer - An Acanthus Mystagogue called Filí

                  AzraelFirestorm (If she has the time) - A Moros Arrow called Halcyon
                  TheDarkHunter (Contacted me via Skype, I don't know his handle on these forums) - A Nameless Mastigos called Janus

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                    Update: We currently have four Player Characters down, though three others have shown me some interesting character concepts. A few people are still working on their character submissions, of whom I'll be able to accept one (maybe two) more without getting overburdened.

                    Adrasalieth - An Acanthus (Though she has considered going Mastigos, instead) Théarch called Erised
                    BacchichOne - An Acanthus Arrow called Susano-O
                    ElvesofZion - A Mastigos Théarch called Lorgar
                    espritdecalmer - An Acanthus Mystagogue called Filí

                    Antirrhinum (Contacted me via Discord) - An Obrimos Guardian called Lens
                    AzraelFirestorm (If she has the time) - A Moros Arrow called Halcyon
                    TheDarkHunter (Contacted me via Skype, I don't know his handle on these forums) - A Nameless Mastigos called Janus

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                      Making a sheet right now. What's your ruling on:
                      1. Specialities applying to Mudras
                      2. Oaths (as they're not updated for 2e yet)


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                        I was actually planning on declaring no more submissions soon. As it stands, you're in luck, there's one place left if you want to take it.

                        As for your questions:
                        1. I'd probably rule that Specialities can apply to Mudras, but only in circumstances that would normally benefit from that Speciality.
                        2. Do you mean the Oaths presented in the Adamantine Arrow book? I wouldn't feel comfortable using them without an update.

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                          Application sent.

                          Simurgh, Mysterium Thyrsus in Mountains of Shadow (IC|OOC)