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Recruiting for a Mage the Awakening epistolary chronicle set in 2009

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  • Recruiting for a Mage the Awakening epistolary chronicle set in 2009

    As some of you know, three awesome Mage epistolary chronicles were ran in the preceding White Wolf forum. I ran the middle one. With this new forum, I attempted to run a non-epistolary mage game. Sadly, I failed to make that work and let those players down. For this reason, I think I should go back to what I know I can make work. The game will be set in 2009 as 2009 is like 2015 in how days of the week match a given date. I avoided 2015 so that if another epistolary game of a sequel nature were to follow this one then whoever ran it could have the option of having some years pass between games if he or she so desired. This may seem an absurd consideration, but the first epistolary campaign on the last forum was followed by two others.

    All the characters should have a unique location and by reasonably far away from each other. With only a few limitations, every player is completely free to pick their city or where on Earth they otherwise reside. One of the greatest parts of these games were the freedom to pick your own setting, and I fully intend to retain that great feature in this one.

    My character creation process will follow the model that Orison set in the first epistolary game. I decided that new characters should start with a Gnosis of 2 and receive 13 rather 7 points for merits, plus one additional Arcana dot. For those who do not wish to go through a full character creation, I would like to see the same minimums that Orison requested for the first epistolary game. There also some optional extras that might make it easier to write about your character.

    Basic Requirements:
    Name: of course. Birth name & Shadow Name.
    Location: City/Town – Country – Continent.
    Vice: Virtue & Vice give a quick glance at basic motivations.
    Arcana dots: Shows what sort of magic the character has access to.
    Backstory: A few lines on what type of person your character is, what s/he does (both within the Consilium and Sleeper society), who is important to him/her, that sort of thing. Doesn’t need to be especially elaborate at this stage; you can reveal more about your character later in his or her letters.

    Additional Suggestions:
    Merits: Gives an idea of what sort of resources your character can bring to bear when solving problems.
    Strongest Attribute: Just name one, no need for dot levels. Gives an idea of how your character is likely to solve problems.
    Weakest Attribute: Gives an idea of what sort of situations your character might find particularly challenging.
    Strongest Skills: These could be selected by a Primary/Secondary/Tertiary category split of 3/2/1. Reason for inclusion is the same as Strongest Attribute.
    Rotes: chosen as per Mage rules. Gives a more specific idea of what spells your character casts most often.

    I also want to stress this is not in any way meant to be competition with the other Mage game currently being set up.

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    Could you explain an Epistolary Chronicle to me, or give me a link to the other games you're referring to? I'm a huge Mage:The Awakening fan (Actually getting ready to run a game of my own), but I'm not familiar with the type of game you're talking about.


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      With pleasure. In an epistolary game, mages write letters back and forth via a system set up by the Silver Ladder. In this sort of game, you almost play an entire setting. It is wonderful. At least, I thought so.

      Here are links for the first game and my game:
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        Sounds intriguing. I'll get to work on a character.


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          Yay! I'm honored to have you!


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            Hi there,
            I wouldn't mind taking part in this chronicle if there's still room. Would you prefer the character sheet just posted on here or sent privately?


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              Shadow Name: Cobalt
              Real Name:Victoria Valentino
              Player: Techpriest
              Chronicle: Epistolary
              City: New York, NY

              Order: Guardians of the Veil
              Legacy: The Subtle Ones
              Cabal: The Daedalus Continuum

              Virtue:Courage (Fortitude)
              Vice: Lust
              Concept: Ruthless Goth Assassin



              Wits: 2

              Strength: 2
              Stamina: 2

              Presence: 3

              Investigation: 3
              Politics: 1
              Occult 1*


              Persuasion:3 (Seduction)
              Streetwise:2 (Black Market)
              Subterfuge:4 (Lying)

              *Purchased with experience from reduced Wisdom

              Status 2 - Guardians of the Veil
              Allies 3 (Mafia)
              Resources 5
              Gnosis Increase: 3 Merit Dots

              Arcana: Mind 4, Space 2, Death 1, Fate 1*

              *Purchased with experience from reduced Wisdom

              Imposter (Mind 3 page 211)
              Speak With the Dead (Death 1 page 135)
              Forensic Gaze (Death 1 page 134)
              Shadow Sculpting (Death 1 page135)

              Veins of cobalt move beneath her skin, and her eyes sear with a bright red light. When casting ritual Magic, meteors trailing crimson power seem to fall from the sky around her.

              Victoria grew up in the foster system, in and out of one bad home after another. Eventually she would fall in with gangs, using her powerful charm to become the girlfriend of the toughest gang leader, and subtly manipulating them in ways that improved their profit and influence. She allowed her boyfriends to take all the credit, and few ever noticed the invisible strings. Nick Valentino, however, noticed. Son of one of the most powerful mob families in New York, Nick began dealing directly with Vicky. And just like all the others before him, he fell for her. For four years now they've been married, and Victoria has the ear of the entire family. Shortly after her Awakening, Victoria was discovered by a gang hostile to the Valentino family. They hunted her down like an animal, but weren't prepared for her fangs. Doing what she had to do to survive, Vicky eliminated them, and learned the vital importance of secrecy. Yet the Sleepers weren't the only ones who found her. Victoria was approached by a mysterious figure in dark robes and a mask, who offered her great knowledge in exchange for service to a higher calling. She joined the Guardians of the Veil, and with them found a renewed purpose for her life. As Cobalt, she is dedicated to her Order, and through it protecting the Awakened from breaches of the Veil.

              Unspent: 0
              Spent: 10 (Fate 1, Occult 1)

              -Additional Details-
              Hair Color:Black
              Eye Color:Gray-Blue
              Spirituality:Lay Buddhist

              Character Image:https://quesejodaelespectadormedio.f...-lost-girl.jpg
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                Originally posted by warrior angel View Post
                Hi there,
                I wouldn't mind taking part in this chronicle if there's still room. Would you prefer the character sheet just posted on here or sent privately?
                Either way would work for me. It all depends if you want everyone to see your person or not. Also welcome!

                Also Cobolt seems cool!


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                  While I am sharing the links to the past games, people should not feel bound to them. It is 2009, after all. That being the case, those games have neither happened or not happened. That is the future. All that said, here are the links to the third game:
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                    Oh, it's in the Chronicler's Guide. Why didn't you say so! I'm all over it.


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                      Oh, that would have been easier.


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                        I'll have to dig up my Chronicler's Guide and refresh myself on the chronicle. Anyway, without further ado may I present my character Phoenix. Hope you don't mint Techpriest if I kinda use your character format :-)

                        Shadow Name: Phoenix
                        Real Name: Mark Davidson
                        Player: warrior angel
                        Chronicle: Epistolary
                        City: Cardiff, Wales, UK

                        Path: Obrimos
                        Order: Silver Ladder
                        Cabal: Radiant Dawn

                        Virtue: Hope
                        Vice: Gluttony
                        Concept: Mourning Law Student

                        Health: 7
                        Willpower: 5
                        Defence: 2
                        Initiative: 4
                        Speed: 9

                        Gnosis: 2
                        Wisdom: 6
                        Mana: 11/2

                        Intelligence: 3
                        Wits: 2
                        Resolve: 3

                        Strength: 2
                        Dexterity: 2
                        Stamina: 2

                        Presence: 4
                        Manipulation: 2
                        Composure: 2

                        Academics (Lex Magica, Law) 3,
                        Crafts 2, Investigation 2,
                        Occult 2,
                        Politics 2.

                        Brawl 1,
                        Drive (Motorcycle) 2,
                        Stealth 1.

                        Empathy 2,
                        Expression 1,
                        Persuasion 3,
                        Socialise 2.

                        Contacts 2 (Students, Local Silver Ladder),
                        Hallow 1,
                        Mentor 3,
                        Resources 2,
                        Sanctum 3 (Size 2, Security 1),
                        Status (Silver Ladder) 2.

                        Arcana: Forces 3, Prime 2, Mind 2.

                        Counterspell (Prime 2, Page 222)
                        Emotional Urging (Mind 2, Page 207)
                        Influence Fire (Forces 2, Page 166)

                        Phoenix’s nimbus consists of silver flames that seem to flare over his body, while onlookers that see him suddenly feel a wave of sudden grief rush over them as if they had just suffered a loss.

                        Growing up, Mark was pretty lucky compared to some. He had a family who loved him (even if his siblings annoyed him sometimes) and was naturally a friendly and social person. There was just something about him, a warmth that could fill a room and draw people to him like a fire on a cold night. He seemed destined for a career in either politics or law, and decided on the latter. Attending Cardiff University, the course seemed ideal for him - he enjoyed the subject, was able to present his cases well in mock trials. Everything was alright.

                        The summer after his first year in university, everything changed for him. Driving home from dinner with his family, a speeding van caused the car to crash with him being the only survivor. Mark can't remember much, just a flash of headlights before his ordeal in the Aether where he Awakened in the midst of the car crash.

                        After dealing with his family's death and his introduction to Awakened society Phoenix returned to Cardiff, a place more comforting for him now, where he continues his studies at university and his work as a member of the Silver Ladder. He currently holds the rank of Factotum, and is slowly working his way up from there, rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

                        Unspent: 0
                        Spent: 5

                        -Additional Details-
                        Age: 20
                        Gender: Male
                        Nationality: English
                        Hair Color: Blonde
                        Eye Color: Dark blue
                        Sexuality: Heterosexual
                        Spirituality: Church of England
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                          I myself snatched this format from the "Rage Across the Delaware Valley" play by post, so go right ahead. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who made a complete character.


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                            Oh, now this look very interesting! If there is still room I would be interested in joining.

                            Edit: Cire, what is your stance on custom legacies?
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                              Warrior Angel, I like your character,

                              Exthalion, welcome! I am fine with custom legacies as with most things. In reality, I would only even object to something that ruins things for other players. Within your own city, pretty much it is your call.