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[OOC] The Curious Case of Gloria Margaret Calloway (MtAw 2E)

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  • [OOC] The Curious Case of Gloria Margaret Calloway (MtAw 2E)

    [This project has been cancled]

    Gloria Margaret Calloway has been murdered, and now a town known for it's secrets must delve into the hidden darkness of their idealistic paradise to stop a great evil from being unleashed. Eyes will be opened, conspiracies will be revealed, and the fate of the Awakened of Langley Falls will be decided as a slumbering horror begins to stir..

    Opening Credits Song:

    ~ The Troupe ~





    ~ Map of Langley Falls ~

    Harbor District

    Residential District

    Tourist District

    Down Town

    Off the Beaten Path

    The Wilds

    [work in progress]

    ~ Citizenry of Langley Falls ~

    Gloria M. Calloway: 17 year old murder victim.

    Lewis K. Calloway: Mayor of Langley Falls.

    Diana Calloway: Gloria's mother.

    [work in progress]
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    At what point in time relative to Glorias Death will the chronicle start. Will we start out as mortals and play through our awakenings or has some time passed since her death and we should write out our awakening in our backstories?

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      It will be at least a week after Gloria's death that the Chronicle will start. I think the character intros should be the characters undergoing their Awakening. That way you'll all get to undergo the Awakening you want. All I ask is to go for the Mystery Play method, feel free to be as creative as you want so long as it fits those peramaters.


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        I'm having a hard time deciding between Nascent Obsession and First Mystery.

        My first idea (after reading the clockwork Awakening in core) was finding a piece of strange Matter (Apeiron?!?) and spend free time (and some not so free?) performing chemical experiments on it. Problem is, I couldn't tie it to Gloria's death or strange Dreams (which is kinda required).

        Another possibility is to tie the strange dreams to the chemical and/or physical properties of some compound or other.

        Maybe I could combine them and make strange dreams point me to where I found *Apeiron? IDK

        BTW, what'd be the Availiability and Eq bonus of a chemistry kit?

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          Well, I'd imagine a chemistry Kit could be found at any high school, college, or laboratory in Langley Falls. But if you want your own you'd probably have to order one online. Not quite sure what the bonus would be but I'll see what I can find.

          As for Obsession, I was hoping the first Obsession would be solving Gloria Calloway's death. It is the apart that leads to Awakening and the mystery behind it is enough to qualify for Arcane beats. But ultimately it is up to you.


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            Are you still going with a highschool student background? Gloria was a person with many friends, one of them may have been you. Maybe you've got a gift from her, an antique coin for your collection, a key chain or some other metallic object. Her death touched you and when you were looking at your sole memento of your friend you noticed it had changed too. Its change disturbed you, but also beckoned you to investigate.

            I'm not an expert on Awakening Lore, but wouldn't it be possible that due to your fitful slumber you've touched upon the powers of stygia and they changed said memento into apeiron (or another perfected metal)? This would tie Gloria into your backstory while still giving you a nice shiny object to experiment with.

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              Huh. If everyone is going Moros. I might pick up something else for the sake of variety. Maybe make my cop an Acanthus or Magistos. I wont lie, a Magistos cop would be fun to play around with.


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                I'm going to stick to Acanthus. Only reason I might have gone moros would have been for an all moros game. Would have had to change around the char completly for that though so yeah.

                Though Dusksage are you sure you want to have an Acanthus in the game? Time and Fate are kind of story breaking by their very nature. As all Arcana can be in their own way, but these two are (in my experience) especially troublesome. I could switch the char I had in mind around to a Mastigos.

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                  Oh, don't you worry about a thing. This Mystery has many angles and faces, so feel free to play Acanthus if you want. Also, a Mastigos cop would be pretty kickass. And thanks Flinty for the suggestion about how to incorporate Aperion into Tambov's backstory to combine and link the Obsessions together. I will allow that if that's what you had in mind Tambov.


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                    Will Glorias funeral allready be over by the time the chronicle starts?

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                      I think it would be over already, might be cool if the group meet or at least saw each other at the funeral though. School friends to mourn, and the sheriff to learn more about Gloria.


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                        Well I run a new york city game and have a bunch of NPC's so if you want any let me know. Also looking at the town I wanted to know how urban is this place ?

                        So I've worked on my character. So far I've created a mage

                        I'm still writing up the history so far I'm thinking that his awakening happened when he was random hacking some live camera feeds. One of them happened to see what really happened to her but the problem is his awakening erased it from his memory and it destroyed the memory of his computer also so he has no record of it but he is damn sure that it saw something.

                        His Obsession ties into this because he is obsessed with a strange digital phenomena that when ever something strange is about to happen in town and 2 digital check sums come back just a bit off. He can't figure out whats causing it but after his awakening he feels it might be something magical

                        Also he has a Familiar

                        Its Rank 2 and I was playing with two ideas for this familiar. The first one is an Angel well Virtue to be exact. Due to his awakening he kind of someone got her bound to him and pulled her back to the fallen world with him when he came back. She now is his familiar and she is teaching him magical stuff. I'm thinking that she mortal mask so she can be in human form.

                        The second idea is a legit Kitsune

                        Third idea is a mix of the two. Its still an angel but it can take on the form of a human or fox depending on the situation.

                        Character Sheet

                        As for the background I need know how old Gloria is could her and my character have gone to the save high school ?
                        Also I'm playing with the idea that the characters parents were both awakened but for their own good was put back to sleep and had there memories whipped.

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                          Wow, love the ideas and passion behind your concept Basic.

                          There are just a few complications though, one mechanical which is an easy fix, the others more thematic and inbuilt into Langley Falls.

                          1) Each player will be making freshly awakened PCs so they will have no Order and their Arcana will be starting out less. I know one of the other players has the exact metrics so if you wouldn't mind puting that up I can add it to the description.

                          2) Langley Falls is a small tourist town in either New England or Massachusets, and is relatively low tech in some places. That being said, an investment in the Space Arcana could make him more of a reality hacker who traces the code of corespondence and sympathy to uncover secrets otherwise well hidden. Again, love the idea but this might not be the best setting for the concept as is.

                          3) I thought the Familiar Merit only worked for Spirits, Ghosts, or Goetia? I know there's a Supernal Familiar Merit in Summoners but I feel you would need a Mentor to unlock something like that out the gates. Also, the Familair would need to parallel your Awakening in some way so as long as it does that it can potentially have any form you want.

                          Other than that, Gloria was 17 when she died. But she did have friends from all walks of school life so we have room to make a group of budding hacktivists.
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                            Dusksage Flinty I think I could go with amulet being a, say, birthday present. Being connected with Gloria other then a classmate would be difficult, as the concept is a big nerd averse to large parties (which Gloria apparently frequents).

                            My idea was trying to supress shock about death by diving into chemistry extracurriculars (sp?), dream about an abandonned mine, go there, find strange piece of ore, requisition lab use after classes using Science skill (would that be allowed? do I need Persuasion instead?), and experiment on strange ore until well after school closes, and Awaken there. During this the strange ore would be melted into actual lead (if it's not extracted already) and become a wand.

                            Now that the amulet is on stage, it would only make sence for it to become a coin tool. I'd like to clarify which spells under Death 1, Matter 2 can benefit from the coin, because I'm having trouble understanding it (the use of coin as Tool Yantra).

                            Epicjester I actually hoped there would be someone who can produce Ectoplasm and cast Forensic Gaze with a Potency over 1 . Plus, it'd make sence for a homicide cop to become a Necromancer.

                            Basic You actually have too many rotes (4, adding up to 7 dots, so too many either way). Blunt weapons (like a baton) resonate with Stygia, not Aether. Your Familiar is also at peak strength for her Rank, you may want to tone it down a bit. Katanas have availiability 3 - where'd you get one? You also have 2 Aspirations extra. As freshly Awakened, your Arcana'd be Forces 2, Prime 1, as IIRC Dave said you Awaken with one Ruling Arcanum @ 1 and the other @ 2.

                            Edit: I'd like to hammer out what a Mutable Nimbus (TotW p. 86) means in game terms.
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                              Ok, I think I see a pattern amongst some of the characters here. I think we should re-address the current setting and story since everyone is playing a Mage my original idea need no longer apply.

                              But before that a quick thing I need to address regarding myself as an ST.

                              Dusksage's Player/Story Teller Covenant: We're all in this together, so let's work together. I'll work with you to help tell the story you want for your character if you'll work with me in regards to tone and mood. Collaboration is well and good also so long as in the end everyone get's to play the character they want to, and so long as that character is believable for that particular setting.

                              Right, now that that's over which. Which would you all prefer to play:

                              1) A Lovecraftian inspired murder mystery centered around an isolated but verdant fishing town?

                              2) A high-Night Valean weirdness coming of age story set in a mysterious town somewhere in the Nevada desert?