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[OOC-2] [Exalted 2.5] The Scarlet Sky Conspiracy – An Epistolary Game

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  • [OOC-2] [Exalted 2.5] The Scarlet Sky Conspiracy – An Epistolary Game

    In Character Thread | Character Creation Thread

    Restart! Welcome to OOC2.

    Four Experience points will be given per letter. I trust you to not phone this shit in.

    Posting Schedule

    I mean whenever really. I'll try be prompt!

    Mnemon Aisa - BlueWinds
    Dragonblooded - Air Aspect
    Heptagram, Isle of Voices, Blessed Isle
    XP Spent/Total: 0/20

    Ferem ​Quelaana - Eura
    Dragonblooded - Wood Aspect
    Cheraki, North
    XP Spent/Total: 8/20

    Contarini Carmela - Guancyto
    Dragonblooded - Fire Aspect
    Pahua Basin, Blessed Isle
    XP Spent/Total: 0/20

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    First, mwuhahahahaha.
    Because most of my exp spending was through PM's with Wonder I'm just gonna post them here as well.

    -1st performance excellency
    -Wind-Carried Words
    -Soul stirring Performance Method
    -Auspicious First Meeting Attitude


    • #3
      Will be responding to PM's tomorrow, sorry for the delay it's been a busy week leading up to the Easter break!


      • #4
        Aiming to have all PM's wrapped up by the weekend. No promises as one of them could go on a bit.

        Next month is gonna be beautiful chaos as everything kicks off.


        • #5
          A tiny bit of wrap up with some people needed but you can start posting letters for this month now.


          • #6
            Will be away until next Tuesday, so if you got questions get 'en in today!


            • #7
              Will do a post today, was away all weekend and still a
              bit broken


              • #8
                Okay can get your PM's in now for plans. It's okay to just ask what problems you'll need to deal with as this month if you've got nothing as I'll be adding in a fair few of my own for the Ground/Naval/Political theaters of this flashpoint moment which you've all conveniently ended up in one of.


                • #9
                  I'm currently in Thailand, and will be out of touch for the 9th - ~13th. Will get some PM planning stuff started later today - right now I have a cab to catch and then temples and a palace to be touristy about.


                  • #10
                    Aisa's going to get herself killed here. >.<

                    Fansubbles knows what I'm talking about. The rest of you will just have to wait a bit to find out exactly how dead Aisa ends up.

                    Dead-dead with a cherry on top.


                    • #11
                      That will make three of us! Death or glory!


                      • #12
                        Little do they know if I die they cease to exist.


                        • #13
                          Have some replies tomorrow, I had a dentist appointment today and Novocain would make this plot a bit too weird. Wheee.


                          • #14
                            Wrapped up! More or less.

                            You can start posting IC letters now and I promise that we wont' get into something this fussy for a while now. Back to regular schedule! Though I am away this weekend so AFTER THAT.


                            • #15
                              I was going to wait fo wait for other people to post first this time, get some news from up north, but if no one else does by tomorrow evening, I'll go ahead and start for this month. Hope you all are doing well as the seasons turn.