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[OCC] Lily, Saber, Thorn: Hearts on Trial

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  • [OCC] Lily, Saber, Thorn: Hearts on Trial

    This is the Out of Character Comments thread for our Dark Eras version of the Quickstarter. Please post your characters when they are ready.

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    Here’s my sweet, innocent Yvette.

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    Masculine pronouns preferred.


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      And here's Jerome. Or Bramble, as he prefers to be called.

      Name: Jerome Trouvé, alias “Bramble”
      Thread: Family
      Concept: Reformed Evil Henchmen
      Touchstone:Your Old Home (Èglise de Sainte Lucie, church and annexed orphanage)
      Seeming: Ogre
      Kith: Gristlegrinder
      Favored Regalia: Shield & Sword
      Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 3
      Physical Attributes:Strength 4, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
      Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 1, Composure 2
      Mental Skills:Craft 2 (Wood), Investigation 1 , Occult 4 (Hedge Lore)
      Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 4, Survival 3 (Hedge), Weaponry 1
      Social Skills:Animal Ken 1, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 1
      Merits:Mantle 1 (Winter), Hedge Duelist 1, Hedge Sense 1, Giant 3, Iron Stamina 3, Lethal Mien 2
      Common Contracts:Thorns & Brambles, Fae Cunning, Might of the Terrible Brute, Heart of Ice,
      Royal Contracts: Hedgewall, Mantle of Frost
      Goblin Contracts: n/a
      Wyrd: 1
      Glamour (10/1): 10
      Willpower: 5
      Defense: 2
      Aspirations: Help a member of the Winter Court in need, Repair the roof of the church, Track down my Fetch

      Background: Jerome was left on the church’s doorstep soon after birth. That’s where his surname Trouvé, “found”, comes from. Raised by the nuns along other orphans, he did not have a happy childhood. Life in the orphanage was not easy and Jerome hungered for the kind of attention and care he, one among many, could not receive. He wanted to get noticed and loved, but had no clue how to achieve such results. A rather closed kid, Jerome could not make friends easily, which only added to his frustration. When he noticed that he could get the attention and consideration he craved for by force, it took very little for Jerome to become the most feared bully of the orphanage. He hurt and scared other kids into submission, the closest substitute to love he managed to obtain.

      Jerome was 11 years old when Grand-mère, Grand-mère took him, leaving behind a fetch that filled his place and later left the orphanage to become a brigand. The Fae made Jerome into her Ugly Unfavorite Grandson. Jerome had no right to enter the house if not on rare occasion, and he was left to sleep outside in the woods, under the rain and the snow. Since he was strong,Grand-mère, Grand-mère told him that he could at repay her hospitality by doing all sorts of jobs her other children could not: cut the wood, feed the animals, work on what needed repairs and even venture away to find food and water. She often told Jerome she did not care whether he’d get hurt and that he was a weight for her and the others. He had to sleep in beds of thorns, eat the strange meat and bones they threw outside and stay alert, always careful not to do something that could give Grand-mère, Grand-mère an excuse to punish him another time. And yet, sometimes, at random, Grand-mère, Grand-mère would show the young Changeling a glimpse of maternal love. This, combined with the fear of what lied beyond the Fae’s realm, always assured that Jerome would never leave.

      As Jerome grew in size (far bigger than his Fetch would ever become) and his flesh turned into wood as well, covered by a tangle of thorns not unlike those he spent most of his time within, his loyalty towards Grand-mère, Grand-mère grew as well. She started to let him come inside more often and gave him the duty to look over the other Changelings and punish those who did not behave. She also punished him less often, as if Jerome’s demonstrations of cruelty silently amused her. The Changeling grew from nasty bully and scared child into vicious warden and violent henchmen of the True Fae. He changed his name into “Bramble” and became almost proud of his twisted role in Grand-mère, Grand-mère’s realm. Years passed.
      Bramble was the last line between the other members of his motley and escape. Nothing unusual, he had stopped other Changeling from fleeing. Except this time something clicked as he looked at them. Bramble saw the fear and pain in their eyes, feelings he had contributed to cause. He also saw his own reflection. And he did not like the monster he had became, both at the orphanage and here in Arcadia. This time, Bramble helped them escape and never looked back.

      Back into our world, Bramble deeply regrets his past actions. He’s still physically imposing and a fearsome opponent, but his epiphany led to a deep change. Bramble is aware he has lot to ask forgiveness for, and it shows. Nowadays, he tries to be better. The bully is dead, though he knows he’s still a monster, if perhaps a different one. Sorrow, regret and shame influence most of his decisions, but Bramble is determined to do something good with the strength is survival in Arcadia gave him. He’s deeply loyal to his fellow Changelings, especially those of the motley, to the point he cares not about self-preservation in the slightest when it comes to helping them. The Ogre also returned to his childhood’s home: he works as a handyman for the church and orphanage, while at the same time he tries to protect the priest, nuns and children from dangers both supernatural and mundane.

      Bramble’s Durance shaped him into a creature that is the walking embodiment of the depths of the woods that consume those weak enough to get trapped in the thorns, but now he wants to become something else as well. He tries to make friends in a more positive way, even if he’s bad at hit. He tries to be kind with children, though he can’t blame them if they’re scared by his appearance. He’s also trying to become a painter, to create something nice, even if he has no talent whatsoever. Still, he keeps trying.

      Description: As a human, Bramble is a huge, physically imposing man whose skin shows the marks of hardship and plenty of scars. He’s nothing too out of the ordinary, but people still notice him and walk on the other side of the road when they meet him during the night. He’s the kind of man you’d bring with you if you want to intimidate someone just with his mere presence.

      When the Mask falls off, Bramble is worthy of his name. The Ogre is a creature of wood, thorns and stone that looks as if shaped from the worst parts of a dark forest and let roam the world. Bramble often wears a hood and carries a woodman’s hatchet with him, but does not really need a weapon to hurt anyone. His thorned hands are often enough, though Bramble can also bite and rip away the flesh of his enemies with ease, should the situation require it. He does not like to do that, since the taste of blood and living meat in his mouth remind the Changeling of a side of himself he prefers to keep in check, but Bramble’s bite is something few can forget, no matter how hard they try.

      Since he joined the Winter’s Court, it looks as if Bramble is covered by a subtle layer of frost, like a thorned bush that survives in the cold months of the year. In his true form, Bramble creaks and rustles as he moves, his deep voice sounding like a oak that tries to convey words.
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        Here's René d'Verre, my swashbuckling courtesan.

        Name: René d'Verre, alias Malphas
        Needle: Dynamo Thread: Friendship
        Concept: Fallen Priest
        Touchstone: The Fling (Mlle. de Ferre, Autumn Courtier)
        Seeming: Darkling Kith: Notary Court: Spring
        Favoured Regalia: Mirror & Crown
        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2
        Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
        Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4, Composure 3
        Mental Skills: Academics 1, Enigmas 1, Investigation 2, Politics 3 (Freehold)
        Physical Skills: Larceny 2, Weaponry 2 (Rapier)
        Social Skills: Empathy 2 (Motivations), Persuasion 3, Socialize 3, Subterfuge 3
        Merits: Literate, Mantle (Spring) 1, Fighting Finesse, Defensive Combat (Weaponry), Pusher, Trained Observer 1, Court Goodwill (Autumn) 1, Mentor 1* (Mlle. de Ferre), Peacemaker 2
        Common Contracts: Glimpse of a Distant Mirror, Know the Competition, Cupid's Arrow, Wyrd-Faced Stranger
        Royal Contracts: Riddle-Kith, Discrete Summons
        Goblin Contracts: n/a
        Wyrd: 1
        Glamour (10/1): 10
        Clarity: 6
        Willpower: 5
        Size: 5
        Initiative: 6
        Defense: 3 (6 while armed)
        Speed: 9
        Health: 7
        Aspirations: Provoke a duel, Swear a Bargain, Become a noble of the Spring Court

        *Derived from the Court Goodwill Merit

        Background: René's family was tied by the hip to the Church, having made their name crafting stained-glass windows for cathedrals. Naturally, generations later as established and somewhat wealthy artisans, they would want to make a suitable offering of thanks in return. René, a boy with no talent in the family trade, was sent off to the Sorbonne at 14 to become a priest. His great mentor was a Jesuit, an order not well respected in France for its tendency to question, to push the limits of theology and science, and for interfering in the colonies of Nouvelle France. But for young René, his teacher expanded his horizons greatly, teaching him to read, to question, to pursue, to challenge. He dreamed of adventure in Nouvelle France, fascinated by different languages. He moonlighted as a lector and tutor, finding contemporary misogyny an exercise in stupidity, and therein lies his fall from grace. Caught reading to a young woman (who had been paying him to teach her to read under her father's nose) he was disgraced and thrown from the Sorbonne.

        René still pursued his formation privately, and sought to enact vengeance, until one day while training he was abducted by fae reavers in a ship that sailed the clouds, where he truly learned the art of the blade and of thievery, and was eventually bought and sold as an indentured servant to a Keeper who dwelt in a city of stained glass and beautiful light. Transfigured into an angel of alabaster, lit from within by his own passion, he became an adept courtier, thriving on the razor's edge, the deadly decadence, and the near-sacred duels of the city. He got cocky. Offended the wrong Fair One. And then it was banishment to the home of an "estranged relative", Grand-mère, Grand-mère, where he was the Black Sheep, the cousin who was a wasteful and corrupt bourgeois decadent.

        Compared to the courts of shattered glass
        René had to navigate, the paltry domestic cruelty and petty nastiness of Grand-mère, Grand-mère bored him out of his skull. Oh, it was painful and shameful and cruel all the same, but it didn't make him feel alive the way that the Great Game did. He abstained from sharing secrets with Yvette, but listened closely to the secrets others shared, and became disgusted with the skeletons in the closets of even the Golden Child and Grand-mère, Grand-mère's other "children". When the time came to escape, he leapt at the chance, anything to get away from the drudgery of this estate. He's fiercely loyal to his friends, but he holds within himself a secret that might make the rest look at him differently. He enjoyed himself in Faerie. The politics of the Courts and the mortal world don't quite satisfy him the same way. He quickly joined the Spring Court, looking to satisfy whatever desires lurked in the darkness of his tattered soul, and found himself dissatisfied. He jockeys for position with others, but has yet to truly focus on his temporal ambitions. He has zero interest in returning to a mundane or mortal life. Not even the semblance of it. What René has found, is that he has a fondness for temptation. For (metaphorically) stealing souls. He took for himself the name "Malphas", the Great Prince of Hell who can tell you what others desire, but will lie to you cheerfully if you give him offerings. René does not break the letter of his word. But the spirit can grow dark and twisted.

        Mlle. de Ferre and his association with the Autumn Court was an accident (or so he keeps telling himself). An interesting diversion at a Spring ball, an opportunity to be caught living deliciously, cause a scandal (perhaps provoke a fight; he's been itching for a duel), play an intriguing and pleasurable game with a notoriously composed and clever woman. It was sheer boredom, truly! A chance for a little bit of excitement! And yet... methinks he doth protest too much. She has a far greater calming influence on his life than he'd be willing to admit to anyone, including himself. And yet, beyond everything, he still considers himself a priest. One without parish or proper ordination, true, but he's a surprisingly compassionate counsellor for a self-styled fiend.

        Description: René is average, but there's something about him that encourages people to open up, to be honest, to spill their desires. He's a natural born manipulator and tempter, which is most certainly helped by his fashionable scruff and naturally wavy hair. He comports himself like priest, musketeer, and rake when the mood suits him, with eyes like deep pools of ink and the waft of tempting florals and exotic spices about him. Beneath the mask, he's a broken alabaster angel, his face and hands still that of a Renaissance master's statue, but the rest of him a torrent of sculpted flesh the colour of blackest ink. Proud horns curl from his brow, his motions (especially the tilt of his head) seem corvid, and his flaming eyes are those of a sheep (or goat). His Mantle is stronger and contains more to the bouquet as well; citrus and ash, dragonsblood resin and goaty musk. The self-style fiend certainly looks (and dresses, he has a fondness for cassocks) the part.
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