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(OoC) the Twin Goblets of Arratus - an epistolary Mage campaign set in 2009

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  • Cire
    Happy thanksgiving! This was / is a great game, and I was so lucky in the players who joined. I am sorry that my work caused such appalling problems, but I should have found ways to manage my time better. Perhaps after the holidays, if there is interest, I will start a new game. I would make it new player friendly, but would of coarse allow returning characters as what would be the point of awarding experience otherwise. You all rock!
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  • Cire
    At long last, experience. Since I last gave experience, Warrior Angel wrote three great letters. Therefore, he has earned 12 regular experience, and 6 arcane experience. Cod of Justice has written one great letter, and earns 4 regular experience, and 2 arcane experience. Shadowedeyes has written three great letter, and thus earns 12 regular experience, and 6 arcane experience. Thank you all for everything thus far.

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  • Cire
    Sorry. I am finally back online. Great to be back!

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  • warrior angel
    Hi all, sorry I've been a while posting. I've moved into my new place (I actually live in Cardiff now lol) and still trying to sort out things including internet so haven't been online as much lol. Silverlock looks like quite the interesting character Shadowedeyes, and her inexperience (experience-wise) in the WoD will be a nice counterpart to the other more experienced mages that we're all playing at the moment. Look forward to the next letter guys :-)

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  • Shadowedeyes
    And for what I'm sure everyone has been breathlessly waiting for, an actual character sheet for Silverlock! Ok, nobody was actually staying up at night for this, it's more for my own ease of tracking and spending experience. But if you want a look, spoilers below.

    Shadow Name: Silverlock
    Real Name: Olivia Blackwell
    Player: Shadowedeyes
    Chronicle: The Twin Goblets of Arratus
    City: Harpswell, Maine
    Consilium: Ellsworth, Maine

    Path: Mastigos
    Order: Mysterium
    Cabal: Solomon Island Mystery Club

    Virtue: Fortitude
    Vice: Wrath
    Concept: Girl with a Mysterious Lineage

    Health: 7
    Willpower: 5
    Defense: 3
    Initiative: 5
    Speed: 10

    Gnosis: 1
    Wisdom: 7
    Mana: 7/10

    Intelligence: 3
    Wits: 3
    Resolve: 3

    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 3
    Stamina: 2

    Presence: 2
    Manipulation: 2
    Composure: 2

    Academics 3
    Computer 2
    Investigation 4(Clues)
    Occult 1(Superstitions)
    Science 1

    Athletics 2
    Larceny 2(Lockpicking)
    Survival 1
    Stealth 2

    Animal Ken 2
    Empathy 1
    Persuasion 1

    Ancient Echoes 1
    Dream 3
    High Speech
    Mentor 2(Magaidh)
    Status 1(Mysterium)

    Arcana: Mind 3, Space 1, Spirit 2

    Revelation of the Unseen Thread(Space 1; 6 Dice; Core pg 232)
    Otherworldly Sight(Spirit 2; 7 Dice; Core pg 247)
    Scales of Thought(Mind 1; 7 Dice; Core pg 207)
    Whispering Shield(Mind 2; 6 Dice; Core pg 208)

    A feeling of drowning washes over onlookers, but the feeling is more like one would feel in a dream, or nightmare. With powerful magic the world feels nightmarish, and strange whispers can be heard, but never loud enough to be understood.

    Olivia Blackwell has always felt like an outsider. In her early years she was raised by her mother, Sybil Blackwell, but she was usually away on business, and even when home she tended to be distant. Until one night when she was 9 and her mother didn't come home. Child services arrived and took her away, telling her that her mother was sick, and until she got better she would be living with her relatives on her father's side. She never came back, and Olivia grew up with her aunt and uncle on a reservation. When she turned 13 was when the dreams started. Dreams of strange places, black seas and glowing alien runes. The dreams never went away, but she stopped admitting that she had them after her guardians took her to doctors and even the local medicine man. Olivia finally got away from the reservation in high school after she was awarded a full scholarship to an expensive boarding prep school, St Hadrians, and it was awful. The other students bullied her relentlessly about her skin color, her lack of money and the persistent rumors that her mother had been taken away to a mental asylum.

    It was during her last year at St Hadrians that she awoke as mage. A fire broke out in the north hall, and Olivia was caught inside. As the fire burned away the oxygen and Olivia started to pass out as she struggled to get out. It was then the building became a hell of iron and flames, with demons taunting her as she tried to solve the lock on the door to get out. The demons laughed at her loneliness, mocked her about her nightmares, and tormented her with heckles about her mother. Despite this Olivia pushed through the pain of the fire and the distraction of the heckles, solving the lock. The door led to a tower, and on the top she signed her name before finally she couldn't breathe and passed out.

    She awoke outside the north hall, where she was being taken to a local hospital. While recovering was when she was contacted by a woman who called herself Magaidh, who explained what had happened to her and would later become a mentor to her as well. After training under Magaidh, the Ellsworth Consilium has placed her in a cabal with a group of other recently awakened mages in a neighboring town, Harpswell. The town is on the coast of Maine, on Solomon Island, known to the Consilium as a focal point for occult phenomenon, usually of a less dangerous variety. The cabal has been tasked with watching over the island for the Consilium.

    For the first time in her life, Silverlock is starting to feel comfortable where she is at. She actually likes her cabalmates more or less, and her peers don't seem to find her weird or crazy. However, she can't shake the feeling that the older mages in the Consilium are hiding something from her. From the looks they give her, the hushed whispers at her approach, and that conversation she heard part of when Magaidh didn't think she was around, where they seemed to be discussing something about her and her mother. They're hiding something, and she intends to find out what.

    Unspent: 4
    Arcane: 2
    Spent: 0

    -Additional Details-
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Mixed Native American and French
    Nationality: American
    Hair Color: Dyed Platinum Blond (Naturally Black)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Spirituality: Agnostic
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  • Shadowedeyes
    That was a good read Warrior Angel. I'll be putting up a letter soon hopefully, currently working through a bit of writer's block, plus the aforementioned puzzle of being the latecomer to the party.

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  • warrior angel
    Bad luck Cire, although I've got that to look forward to sorting out once I've moved into my new place. Anyway, letter's up now guys :-)

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  • Cire
    I fear I have lost computer access for the moment. (I am at my parents currently.) I will try to fix this ASAP.

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  • warrior angel
    Sorry guys, been away the past couple of days looking at flats for uni. That's alright, just was curious as nothing was posted that's all

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  • Cire
    Sorry not to say much. Sadly, I no longer have internet access at work, and I am almost never at home due to work and helping my Dad. It has been especially crazy now as one of the people living in the group home I work at more or less got fired, meaning many more hours but still no more staff. I hope to be around more next week. In any event, great stuff .

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  • Shadowedeyes
    Alright, posted something up. It's not much admittedly, but I'm still sorta feeling out how best to approach jumping into the middle of an already ongoing narrative.

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  • Cod of Justice
    Been holding off posting with the new schedule. I'll post something Fri-Sat.

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  • Shadowedeyes
    I've been meaning to do so, especially since I hate just joining in then falling silent, but my schedule work and otherwise has been pretty full. I should be able to get something up either tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

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  • Daimon
    I'm a teacher and the beginning of academic year is killing me. %) Maybe I'll have time to post tomorrow.

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  • warrior angel
    Hiya guys, just wanted to see if everyone was okay. Was quite surprised to see that no one's posted for a while...

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