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The Twin Goblets of Arratus - an epistolary Mage game set in 2009

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    My friends,

    My apologies for the lateness of my letter, the university semester has started once more for me and I’ve been kept occupied with lectures as well as preparing a dissertation on a topic of my choosing. After the past few months of not worrying that much about my Sleeper life, it’s taking some time to balance out things once more.

    Because of this I haven’t got much to report on the goings on here in Cardiff. The mages responsible for the lorehouse theft have been publically reprimanded in front of the Consilium at large, and we have several new members joining the Consilium as well. As Cardiff University is one of the popular options here in the UK, we often have mages from other consiliums coming here for their studies or even students that currently come to the university or colleges Awaken during their time here. So as a student I’ve been asked to be a peer guide of sorts and introduce them around the university and towns. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was doing the same thing after I was released from my mentors back in Leeds to continue attending my university course.

    There’s some interesting individuals to say the least, but hopefully they will make a fine addition to the Consilium and as well I hope they work well together as a cabal. As I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, the standard practice here in Cardiff with regards to students is unless they’ve asked permission from one of the other cabals to join them, they are put together into a new cabal for the duration of their studies, with new ones being added throughout the academic year before a new one is started the year after. It’s actually how I met Pisces and Banshee and we bonded together really well.

    Silverlock, it’s comforting to know that Blaze is in good hands and thank you for helping with that. I personally can’t find anything of supernatural origin to explain Jason’s nightmares, but it can’t be ruled out. As for stress-related, given that he’s been placed in hiding by the Guardians for the past couple of months I can only imagine the level of stress he must be experiencing. Especially as magic can only do so much to settle him due to the limits of casting on living things. I will ask Pisces to help as she is as capable in Mind as I am but also as a psychology student she is more understanding of the mind than I am. Perhaps another trip to his Oneiros will shed some light on his suffering. Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope you keep well.

    Many regards,



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      Phoenix, Yosef, and the Morrigan, sorry that I have been so long in writing you. This is because I had assumed that Cire would have been able to write to you himself. It has come to my attention that this has not been the case. Therefore, he asked me to inform you that he was allowed by the powers that be to return to his mundane job. How this happened was that Kermit let my paranoid Consilium know that he no longer able to continue filling in for Cire in his mundane life. He claimed that it was simply too hard for him to pass himself off as a history professor. Of course this was just a gambit to free Cire; Kermit had filled in for Cire well enough during his search for Blaze.

      So it was that Cire was allowed to return to Mankato and resume his life. I thought little more of the matter. Then, yesterday, I was contacted secretly by Cire. He told me that he was still under observation at almost all times. For this reason, he has not felt that it would be safe for him to write. He is concerned of letting any vital information fall into the wrong hands. However, he wanted me to promise the three of you that he is still doing what he can and continues to pray for each of you. He is so religious.

      I fear that is all that I have to report. My secret meeting with Cire lasted but a couple of minutes. I wish I could tell you more. Best of luck.

      At your service,

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        To intended recipients,

        Haven't heard much recently, I hope things are going well. I apologize for my own lack of communication, but things have been busy. Always busy. Like Phoenix, some of us have classes that have started up, plus there is the the whole mystery of the ravens going on here.

        We're still not sure of the source of what is drawing the birds to the island. Whatever it is is still happening, as more and more ravens have showed up. Honestly, it's kinda spooky all things considered. That said, we are pursuing a lead we ran into by accident. While out eating at a local diner, Reka, Hazel-Witch and myself ran into Mabel Creed, a resident of Harpswell who started talking about the ravens with us. She says that she remembered that in the past, ravens or crows had gathered in a similar manner, which happened during the same time a series of murders. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember most of the details, but it's something to go on, so we're going through the local library's old newspaper archives.

        No real news that we know of regarding Blaze either. It seems likely that Blaze's consilium has been contacted, but there hasn't been anything mentioned about a response or talks or anything like that. Likewise, after the Consilium meet with Veles, I haven't really heard anything about him either. That said, even though our current mystery here seems unrelated to all your guy's issues, I will definitely try to figure out more on the related stuff, and keep an eye out for anything else that could be connected to this goblet thing.

        Anyway, good luck to everyone,
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          Just in time for Thanksgiving , I am back home in Rochester. I would not be, if not for the help of Silverlock. While I am too weary to give a full account, I will simply write that I owe her. I will also admit without reservation that I owe each of you as well. All of you that I am writing gave so much to help me, my city, and - indeed - the wider Awakened world. My blood grows cold at the risks at you all faced! Perhaps still face. It is true that the murder that I sought to solve with your help remains a mystery, at least in some details. It is also true that the Twin Goblets of Arratus remain lost. To sum up, a good many questions are left unresolved. Even so, I feel I have no choice but to move on, at least for the time being. My city's Consilium needs to move past the havoc wrought by Eva and return to normal operation. I feel duty bound to help with that task, and to give it my full attention. If I ever learn what motivated Eva or learn anything else of importance, I shall write. I also will always be at your disposal if the need should ever arise.

          Happy thanksgiving!