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    Zarah quickly glances over to where Orca is talking to Lukas. My, my, what does the young man have there? She then looks down at her bag and begins to dig though it. Zarah pulls out an envelope with the deeds for the warehouse.

    "Interesting. May we inspect the ironwood you have? But first, " Zarah holds up the deed. "I believe you are my contact for gaining access to my new warehouse. "
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      "That's quite a story, friend." Orca says, taking the book and looking it over. "But if I know anything about weapons, you're gonna need a lot more than some money to remake your sword of light. Anyways, why haven't you given the book a look over yet? If you found a sword of light next to it, who knows what you've been unknowingly carrying around." He attempts to open the tome, "So many treasure hunters and explorers go after golden ships or the treasuries of god-kings and ignore the treasures that are in the ship's ledgers and the god-king's libraries. You could have something worth a thousand swords of light here...."

      I'm gonna take a guess and say the book has a lock on it of some sort. Either way, I'm gonna make an Intelligence+Lore roll to see what's in the book.

      That's 3 successes if I'm counting right. That should be enough to find out something.
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      "Oh boys! Look what I got here!"
      "Hey, where the Dynast women at?"


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        Merciful had hopped Joachim might try to dissuade him, it wouldn't have worked but that was beside the point. The steward was a razor of cold iron, and would spill an ocean of gossamer until it met something it could not cut. Iron was so very brittle...

        "And how, o teacher, will your lessons serve when their spouses are unfaithful, their friends have their own problems, their partners cheat them, and their rulers are corrupt? You would do them better if you taught ho to live with disappointment." Before the monk could replay "she" had already walked away. There was likely nothing there, until the pillar of ice that was faith melted in the cruel light of life's ugliness or shattered from the weight of reality. Still, it was a seed that might take root, and easily tossed out.

        Twenty-Fifth Merciful made a lazy circuit of the market, making a show of examining wares. "This would never do, it wouldn't take the cold. More down and wolf fur for the hem, that's the only thing that will do on a night without fire in the Labyrinth. And I needing two score no less! Perhaps the sledman will have something worthwhile." In truth he really didn't know if the quilted fur would have served, but that didn't matter. The items were props, vectors of communicating I have money, am going to be spending a lot of it, and have few other options. These were men and women of the North, they could survive adversity. Yet test them with prosperity, and one amid a hundred would endure.

        As "she" went about her survey a change came over her. Her steps were graceful, her posture stately, and the lines of age faded as her face relaxed. It was only half an act, for a more material transformation was at work on her necklace. Copper and cheap glass it had looked at first glance, crudely made and old. Now it flashed with the brilliance of emerald and gold, the elegant workmanship marking it with a master's subtlety rather than a novice's hesitation. By the time she returned to the first display she looked some northern princess: determined, innocent, and obviously from money.

        Who does this act debase more?

        Manip 5 + Socialize 0 + Artifact 3 + Stunt 2 =10

        7 successes
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          Originally posted by Dietaku View Post

          "Thank you, kind sir. See, children? To live a chaste pure life, is to live a path of quiet rewards," the monk says, bowing, before snapping back up at her name.

          "Who is there? A fellow priest? I am Nellens Xavia Francezka, Student to Ledaal Haiyama Ascendant Sword, and third coil student of the Orinoco Flow path of the Water Dragon. I would have your name, if you please," the Nellens demands of the newcomer monk.
          After their interruption, Xisa took a moment to remember herself, clapping her smashfists together.
          "My name is Ledaal Xisa." She replied with a smile and a bow. "I was sent here to seek counsel from Uncle Haiyama."
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            Unrestrained Lover looks at the woman for a few second before answering.

            "The name Eisen will be fine for your world, my other name is confusing to your kind. The negotiation of the whipwood will be handle by her."

            Unrestrained Lover gesture toward Zarah before turning his attention to both Orca and Lukas, taking a peek at the book cover for a second and looking at Lukas again.

            "The weapon you have described matches one of the weapons used by my people I can help you build one should you wish to but it may not be the same weapon. However your book is of interest to me too should you wish to use my expertise the price will be for me to study the book I have the tools to study it correctly."


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              Zarah is amused by the two crafters intense interest in Lukas' book. "While my colleagues are busy, perhaps we can discuss business. I apologize for my rudeness, but I have not introduced myself. My name is Lin Zarah. "

              Now, Zarah activates Mastery of Small Manners (Exalted Core p. 239-240) for one mote of personal essence.

              Investigation Roll for Ilse - Perception 3 + Investigation 3 = 6 Dice (2 successes) -

              Investigation Roll for Lukas -Perception 3 + Investigation 3 = 6 Dice (3 successes) -

              Blah, I just reread the charm. I didn't need to make those rolls. Opps.

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                As Orca studies the book, he examines a section on the binding. Pressing it, the book begins to glow, shooting open, and a transparent blue specter appeared. No taller than a cat, it was a miniature woman, with an overflowing mane of hair, a series of ornate robes and a horned circlet on her head. She spoke in crisp Old Realm, saying:

                "Herro, Famza Craastusu, this buku is dedicatede zu yu. Yooru Faza hasa asakada me zu pene disi foro yuu. He hasa askada zata I alazo gibi yuu disi messaja.

                "Herro, zonno. I know yuu askado zu go zu Malafeasa, butu yuuru Mazah hasa askada zata yuu conotinue yuuru stahdies. Nowo, nowo, Dada isi noto alla businesse. I thinki you'llu liki ze aza gifiti zata yuur Mazah anda I goto fah yuu. I willi see yuu afata zisi banaquete zata Kojeke izi calliniji. Lovo, Dada"

                [TL Note: We understand that Old Realm is effin' weird, so here it is in proper American English:

                Hello, Famza Craastus, this book is dedicated to you. Your Father has asked me to pen this for you. He has asked that I also give you this message.

                "Hello, Son. I know you asked to go to Malfeas, but your Mother has asked that you continue your studies. Now, now, Dad isn't all business. I think you'll like the other gift your Mother and I got for you. I'll see you after this banquet Kojek is calling. Love, Dad."]

                With that, the book's pages flare with new silvery writing, spelling out The Big Boy's Book of Monsters, Vol. 4: Nothern Nasties, by Kardalla Flugelhund.

                "So, what subject do you wish to know of?" the transparent sprite inquired to no one in particular.

                Ilse's jaw dropped at the sudden glowing of the book, but quickly returned to her former aloof posture.

                "The whipwood? Of course. Oh, you've finally come! Good, good! A pleasure, Miss Lin. This way, " she says, motioning towards one side of the street. At one end, you follow her into a large building, which is truly massive. You see barrels and pots which suggest the place would be bustling and very cramped if full. At one end, you see a tall pile of thin strips of wood.

                "Here it is, Mmm. Looks like 1.7 tons. That comes about to, oh, 51 dinar or so. That's of course, assuming you want the whole lot. While you're thinking on it, here, let me show you your place."

                The broker leads you to the opposite end of the street, where you find a dilapidated old building filled with dust and junk.

                "This used to be Jorg's warehouse. Jorg was a trapper and survivalist, and a damn good one, but I guess Rehhanz finally got the best of him. He went on one of Rudolf's hunting parties, and never came back. He has all this weird junk in here, I didn't even bother to sort through it all. Don't worry, it comes with the land. Good luck and good riddance to this damned place. This plot has been over my neck like an Albatross," Ilse says, handing you the key and pulling out a piece of vellum.

                "That's the deed. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?"

                Meanwhile, back with the trio of smiths, explorers and explorer-smiths, Lukas asks, "So, is this thing really as valuable as ye say, Mister?"
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                  Great Dragons, what is that smell? Zarah covered her nose when she looked inside of the old dilapidated warehouse. She quickly closed the door and followed Ilse. With a smile she accepted the deed to her warehouse. I hope the boys can do something to fix up the building.

                  "About the whipwood.... Does 51 dinar include delivery? How long has the wood been sitting? "

                  How many resources does 51 dinar equal to?

                  Also, since I must use ALL THE CHARMS.... I am activating Insightful Buyer Technique (Core p. 231) for 3 motes of personal essence on the Whipwood. Is 51 dinar a good price for 1.7 tons?

                  Zarah has used 7 motes of personal essence so far.

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                    "You ignored me, Sister always ignored me as well, " the little girl said, as Merciful walked off, snubbing her inquiry. She wandered over to Roku and looked him over.

                    "The Wyld has spoken. Your life will be harsh and beset with heavy destiny. I see a falcon descending, also, beware of copper cutlery," she said quietly, before rejoining Sealowe.

                    "Pardon me, sir. Please excuse Mitzi. She's a little strange, but she was once a Wyld shaman for an Icewalker tribe, so she sees things differently than other folk. I am Sealowe Verd, the Burgermeister here. Are you new in Last Chance?" the man asks.

                    Meanwhile, Franceska softened at the sound of a familiar name, ignoring Merciful's lambasting as best as she could, " Ascendant Sword-Sifu never mentioned another supplicant, but what does it matter. What would you have me do?"

                    With Merciful' slow circuit, heads began to turn, and focus became singular upon the newcomer.

                    "My lady, would you care for some rimesilk, the most expensive and finest of all northern commodities. It would look lovely upon one such as you," a pale, tall man with regal bearing says, bearing armfuls of his wares. The man's obsidian shirt and the black iron badge depicting a crown suggested that man was one of the Icecrown company.

                    'No, no, Zadro, she needs one of our iron torques. Blessed by a priestess of Venus, it will offer long life and good luck: the finest of the Ironsong family's wares," a dark man in the garb of a blacksmith calls, hefting an intricate armlet with the symbols of the Maiden of Serentiy.

                    "You're both daft, this fine maiden needs some of my applefish, fished directly out of the White Sea this morning. Eat one of these, and it will grant you life, beauty and happiness," a short , bearded man calls, holding up a strange fish looking like it had just been plucked from a tree.

                    However, out of the crowd arrives a striking man in leather armor, with a variety of slashing swords on his person.

                    "My lady, for one such as you, I would brave the very depths of the Labyrinth. For you, " he says, producing a large cut horn, blacker than night, with veins of red and green running across it.

                    "Cut from the head of Rehhanz's child, I wish you to treasure it, and think of me, Rudolf the Razor, when you see it," he says proudly. However, while Rudolf may be smitten with Merciful's act, his comrade isn't. A gaunt, thin man with shocking white-blue hair, he is of impeccable breeding, as his frozen breath and the crackling electricity around his eyes would suggest. He glowers a small thunderstorm at Merciful and walks off towards a nearby pub.

                    What will you do?


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                      "Fascinating..." Orca says as he watches the specter float above the pages of the book, "Lukas, you appear to have a sophisticated guide to the most terrifying beasts in the Northern reaches of Creation. Albeit one that seems to have been designed for a child, but that's no reason to write it off as useless. Especially if you intend to go out into the Labyrinth, if everything I've heard is true." He turns back to the book, "Of course, it'd be useless to anyone who doesn't know the language of the First Age."

                      He clears his throat, "What can you tell me about the creatures that inhabit the islands of the White Sea?"

                      OOC: The stuff Orca says in bold is being said in Old Realm.

                      "Oh boys! Look what I got here!"
                      "Hey, where the Dynast women at?"


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                        "He probably hasn't received word of my-" She paused thinking of the least disruptive synonym for 'exile. "-arrival. It's a bit of a..complex situation back at the Blessed Island, could you tell me the way to the nearest Temple or somewhere one could get out of the cold? I just arrived in town and don't know my bearings. Perhaps somewhere to get a drink?"

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                          Joachim watches the exchanges thus far, and he has yet to feel his services are needed. He could try to reign in Merciful's excesses, but if he didn't let the Infernal vent now and again, things got interesting. And not in a good way.

                          The horn Rudolf produces, however, catches Joachim's eye. Reinhanz's child? Is this Reinhanz some sort of Wyld mutated beast? Or perhaps a behemoth? Regardless, from the way that these hunters speak of it, it is a beast worth hunting.

                          With Rudolf basking in the center of attention, and lusting for Merciful, Joachim will follow the lithe, electrical man into the bar. He will then buy a pair of beers, give one to Rudolf's compatriot, and introduce himself, keeping out the part with him being a shapeshifting godling. Most people tend to think that freakish. The weirdos.


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                            Unrestrained Lover found people facination for the magical technologies to be greatly out of proportion at least for him since Orca seemed to have this situation in hand. He decided to leave him to it he could always ask about it later and the boy didn't seem to want is help with the so called sword of light.

                            Old Realm: "Don't forget to ask the boy where the golden ship is we could fix it Captain Orca."

                            Leaving Orca with Lukas, Unrestrained Lover will go meet up with Zarah and Ilse.


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                              [Sorry, I forgot to include this before, Wonderandawe.

                              Ilse's motivation is Well... while Lukas' is to reforge or find his 'Sword of Light.'

                              51 dinar is a solid Resources 2 amount of funds. The asking price is also actually slightly less than market value, being around 4 dinar per deciton.]

                              "It's been here for around three months, since the last explosion of activity. Delivery is included. Don't worry. I want this out of my warehouse. I can feel it in my gut, there's going to be a good haul this time," Ilse smiles, " So, what do you say?"

                              Meanwhile with Orca and Lover, the specter blinks, flattens her robes and says, " The White Sea's inhabitants are a variety of fauna, ranging from the temperate to the subartic, from the lush temperate forests of Bak'Ng Zuda to the harsh cliff-lined fjords of Zustar Fen. The most populous animals are insects, from the Greater Huskroach to the Lesser Dailyfly. The most distinctive, though, are the furred whales and the Flying Pterowyrms, great flying reptiles whose flocks can be seen throughout the north. I could go on, but to describe every animal would be somewhat taxing upon you. Is there anything else?"

                              Lukas says, " Mr. Eisen, you said you've seen this sort of thing before, and could help me with me sword. You know about this stuff?"


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                                (It occurs to you that you've not actually ever heard of the household of Hayama. Roll Int+Lore, difficulty 1, Revenge)

                                "Mm, very well, then. i welcome you, and will provide as well as I can. Sadly, the only temple around is where I am staying here. These people do not revere the Dragons, but worship ancient heroes, recalcitrant gods, and Anathema who have propped themselves up as glorious god-beast shamans of these harsh lands. Come, I will show you," she says, motioning for Xisa to follow.

                                provided she does, you'll find a very modest one room apartment near the airship docks. On one end is a copy of The Scriptures of the Five Dragons, and several melted candles, presumably used for vigil meditations.

                                "Feel free to stay here as long as you desire. Sadly, my resources are small at this point. I have been living off donations and bounties for defeating evil spirits from these uncouth barbarians. On top of this, my parents have cut me off, ever since I was defeated by that Fist King of Whitewall," the Water Dragon screws up her face, fighting back tears.


                                While everyone is obsessing over Merciful, you begin to smell something...enticing. Roll Perception+Survival, difficulty 2.


                                Inside the bar, you see that it largely empty, save for the white-haired man from before and a person in robes with an impressive set of horns on their head.

                                "So, you followed me, eh? Well, pull up a chair, friend," the white-haired man says, motioning for you to sit by him," The name's Polestar Ephemereal Zan. Some call me Zan the Storm Lord, but you can just call me Zan, I guess. You might've guessed, but it wasn't Rudolf that killed that animal, it was me. And it wasn't a short and sweet deal, either. It took three days before infection and loss of blood finally killed it. My fighting style is brutal, but Incarnae in Heaven, that thing was tough. And Rudolf wants to go after the parent, Sheisse, this is going to be a terrible ordeal. I may very well end up dead. Ah, what am I saying, telling a newcomer like you my issues. Where do you come from, friend?"