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IC [Mage the Awakening] After the 2003 Hoax

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  • Bone Dog breathed laboriously as the pain chiseled away the composure covering his raw panic. He glanced as his captor clicked the door behind her. Did she believe your story? ‘Fuck no.’ Why did she leave? ‘Probably to find out who I really am.’ What will she do with you? ‘Whatever plans she has for me, like hell I’ll suffer for it for nothing like a useless failure.’ What can you do?


    As the word left his mouth, Bone Dog considered the consequences. The Great Hunter will be outraged for certain with his most recent failure. ‘But it’s already doomed now.’ If he could somehow avoid capture and further interrogation, it would at least prove he was still somewhat capable.

    Remember from this day henceforth what I do to useless people, quoted the chilling touch of his warm bloodied hand, The Great Hunter.

    And useless, he was not.

    The seat of his chair cracked and chipped, slowly but surely, until it was no longer attached to its back. Wood snapped and splintered where Bone Dog could see, and soon his handcuffed hands could slip out of the chair back rails. He rose awkwardly as his hands were still restrained, but he bore a victorious, if pained, grin.

    ‘Not Spirit. Forces.’

    Bone Dog looked at his own phone. Feeling no time to retrieve it, he smashed it under his boots and walked over to the exit door. He casted Kinetic Blow (MtA p.166) waited for the door opened very quickly and Bond Dog kicked out and heard a crack as his foot connected.

    Hei managed to stifle her scream with clenched teeth, but it did not lessen the impact on her now broken shin. She leapt back with her other and only good leg to avoid Bone Dog’s body charge. Reaching out and grabbing Bone Dog’s collar and neck, Hei slammed his head against the wall. When Hei tried to regain her stance to slam her opponent’s head repeatedly, her grab faltered as sharp pain shot up her bad leg. Bone Dog headbutted Hei on her sternum, earning a sharp crack and bullrushed past her.

    Hei’s vision blurred, warning her of her quickly fading consciousness, as she began to burn the essence of mana to heal her chest into place so her lungs could breathe. She saw Bone Dog stumbling through the hallway, struggling to get to the end. Hei raised her hand and pointed two fingers and cocked her thumb. Making sure her target was in her sight, Hei slightly snapped her hand up as if it was in recoil.


    Bone Dog gave a scream as his shoulder began to bleed from a new hole, falling on his knee. As Hei prepared another spell to take out his walking speed, Bone Dog vanished. Hei could see the blood drop trail forming and hear the steps taken down the stairs. She could already hear others stirring up at the commotion and propped herself up. Having no time to lose at her current speed, Hei began to struggle to follow the blood trails while stumbling. And she too, became invisible, leaving no one left behind to be found.


    • Bone Dog knew his escape was not certain; the woman he knew as Miss Watson was still after him. He doubted that he could elude her, not shedding so much blood. He had to set a trap, and a clever one. None came to mind, and keeping himself moving started to prove more and more difficult. He needed a distraction. Again calling on Forces, he tried to transform the noise of his own labored breathing into the shrill of a fire alarm. That would create some chaos, if he managed it.

      Bone Dog did manage the feat. The sound of a fire alarm filled the hallway. In short order, alarmed guests, in varying states of undress, started to pour out into the corridor. In the ensuing chaos, Bone Dog hoped to slip away. His hopes proved vain as pumped into a guest, an overweight man in his fifties. The impact disrupted Bone Dog's invisibility and the alarm noise. The man gasped in alarm at the badly injured man sprawled before him.

      In the sudden silence, the man exclaimed, "Holy cow! What happened to you, old chap?"

      Bone Dog replied, "Nothing."
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