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  • The hostel sat, an ugly block of form bound by function and unornamented by anything else, cinderblock and glass, uncaring and impassive as the two mages pulled up to it.

    "So, I suppose we go up and see if he's in?" Winchester asked, with an artist's critical sigh.

    "I dunno." Said Thorn, pointing at a window. "I mean, his room's right there, and I bet we could just climb in and--"

    "Stop. Right. There." Winchester said, with a weary wince. "As an architect, I think maybe I should introduce you to the new fad in domestic entry. It's called a door. All the cool kids have one, and I hear they're really hitting the mainstream. They say if you knock on it, people tend to open it from the inside."

    "But what if he's not in?"

    "Then he wouldn't be able to point us in Hei's direction anyway." The Mastigos responded. "Come on. Let's go introduce ourselves."


    • The question of where the boundary lies between consciousness and unconsciousness has been debated hotly by psychologists, philosophers, and even Mind mages. Does consciousness end with thought, or sensation? What does it mean to be fully conscious, without even a trace of being subconscious? And is a person’s life amount not how long he has lived, but how long he has been aware of it?

      Of course, such inquiries were nowhere close to the concerns of Bone Dog’s mind as it was beginning to regain the ability to formulate. The first sensation that was being slowly illuminated in the pitch black void was fear of what’s to come after the safe embrace of nothingness. Before he could process and start handling the panic creeping up on him, Bone Dog felt something sharp splitting a protruding part of his face; it was as if his nose was cracking a spider’s web.

      His eyes (or more accurately, his brain) began to see light passing through his eyelids, taking away his comfort of the darkness. He struggled not to blink, content to not aggravate his already painful headache and muttered for some painkillers.

      “Sunshine time, asshole.”
      Bone Dog could not recognize the voice at first. He groaned and shifted his head away from the source of irritation, hoping it would take the message. Unfortunately, his interrogator was fresh out of patience.


      Hei swirled around a cup of barely frozen water as she watched her prisoner handcuffed to his chair with his head lolled on his shoulder. She had been ready since forever and was already losing the spike of exhilaration she got from imagining the vengeance she would unleash on the bastard. And that it looked cool. But there were not so many reminders in her life that being cool would require a certain degree of being able to refrain from twiddling one’s thumbs while waiting.

      Her friend Miss Watson would have just pulled him out of sleep, or at least Hei thought that was what Mind could do. However convenient that would have been, Hei couldn’t involve her, not yet. This was a goddamn creep and a stalker, and with that simple fact he just scooted himself up her shit-list very fast. Just because this problem would require more than breaking bones didn’t mean she couldn’t solve this without Miss Watson. She was just here to weed out some byuntae-ssekki, not to prove herself or anything like that.

      Bone Dog snapped Hei out of her boredom with his mumbling, to which Hei quickly composed herself with a one-liner that would strike a record in originalness in the top original one-liners. She could feel irritation rising in her as Bone Dog shifted away. She splashed the water in her hand at the offender’s face, eliciting a sharp gasp and two open eyes.

      “Now, I have one question for you.” Multiple questions actually. “Where”

      Bone Dog snapped his head with a snarl, commanding once more the hounds’ teeth to shred the flesh from within, to tear the muscles and organs and to inflict the most pain imaginable.

      Except the spell became scrambled, and Bone Dog casted a confused look at his captor’s grin. Hei walked to her prisoner’s side and reached out for the handcuff that locked Bone Dog’s hands to the back of his chair.

      “So I was right. You’re a Life mage or whatever. So that would mean you do spirit things too, eh?”

      Hei gripped the chains with her left hand and silently told the Mystic Shackle (ToM pg.138) to add Spirit to its own shit-list of Prime and Life. Her right hand crept along Bone Dog’s arm, his hand, and wrapped around one of his fingers.

      “Where were we before you pulled that shit on me again? Right, I was asking something when you fucking” Hei said into Bone Dog’s ear with a hot, angry whisper. Bone Dog’s middle finger cracked audibly with a sudden jerk, causing him to scream. The sound died as it reached the muffling enchantment of their walls, “interrupted me.”

      Hei left Bone Dog’s side to his panting and resumed her original position in the interrogation. She placed her foot on the chair between Bone Dog’s thighs and grabbed Bone Dog’s head, forcing him to level his eyes with hers. Her hands strained with notable pressure, as if daring him to try another shenanigan.

      “Let’s start over. Where. Is. Your. Base?”
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      • Bone Dog had always believed that he would, if required, die for the Great Hunter. In fact, there were times in the past where he had longed for the chance to prove to himself that he was right about his loyalty. Now that the chance had arrived, he could almost have laughed at his folly in ever desiring such a thing. Now he knew he had been wrong. His loyalty to the Great Hunter meant far less to him than did ending his agony. Enough pain could prod almost any concession.

        "I have no base," replied Bone Dog, pain coloring his voice. "However, my master does. I can tell you where to find him." With that, Bone Dog disclosed the location of the Great Hunter's sanctum, cunningly hidden near the Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Saint Joseph. "However, if I were you, I would ever consider bearding the lion in his own den, so to speak. He is mighty and terrible."


        • A master? Wherever he was going with this, Hei decided to play along, let him talk himself into a pit.

          "And why should I be interested in this possible master of yours instead of your hideout?"


          • Pain motivated Bone Dog to lie. Luckily, he knew the location of another sanctum. It belonged to Jericho Lordreaper, a mighty Silver Ladder Mastigos who hated Seers, the Great Hunter had him spy on a lot last year. All too often while spying on him, Bone Dog had been sure that the Mastigos would catch him. Happily, he had always avoided detection. "Fine. You win. My sanctum is the cellar of burned town tavern not far from Ponsonby."

            Bone Dog then gave more precise directions, hopping that with all his might that he could sell his lie.


            • Hei narrowed her eyes at Bone Dog's face. It wasn't to scrutinize because hell, the places he's dishing out are probably all bullshit. The fact that she couldn't spare time to investigate places while leaving him alone frustrated her.

              Fine. Let's ask a question she already knew the answer to.

              Hei released Bone Dog's head and traced her hands on his thighs. After giving a smirk at his face, she slammed her knuckles into the leg muscles, earning a suppressed scream.

              "What did you do to know about," Hei quickly caught herself, "me? And why are you interested?"
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              • "The Great Hunter, I mean know you're dangerous," replied Bone Dog. "Really dangerous. I wanted you to kill Dawn for being a Seer of the Throne. Her evil has to end! It must!"

                Bone Dog then started to cry. However, inside, he started to feel a bit of hope that he might be able to carry out his mission after all. He really was rather good. No wonder the Great Hunter valued him so much!
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                • Still sticking with accusing someone being a Seer in front of a member of the investigation?

                  Hei had to give it to him. Despite being the biggest pussy she ever had to deal with, he had some iron balls. Iron balls too heavy to stay attached, but nonetheless they were iron balls.

                  It wasn't the dirt she knew he had, but it'll do. If he was wrong, that it would bite him and whoever shared the investigator list on their goddamn asses. Dawn would no doubt be fueled with thrice-fold vengeance if someone were to quote his poor choice of words attached with a name.

                  If he was right ... well he didn't follow protocol and she could deny the whole thing. He most certainly reported it for something else than out of the goodness of his heart. But then she would have to call Miss Watson to clean up the mess. As much as Hei hated to admit, she was nowhere good at being subtle. But she really doubted that this creep wasn't bluffing.

                  "Alright then, can you prove it? You can say goodbye to another one of your fingers if you say you don't have evidence on you." Hei paused for a bit. This master of his is probably something he made up, but let him fumble a bit. "And tell me more about the Great Hunter."


                  • Bone Dog almost smiled. This question he could answer. "The Great Hunter is what his name suggests: a great hunter. His prey are the Seers of the Throne. Long ago, he lost his entire cabal to to the Seers. He vowed revenge, and his been hunting them in all the years since. A few years ago, he recruited me to join in his never ending battle."

                    The reality was the opposite. When the Great Hunter had joined the Seers of the Throne, he destroyed his cabal. The best lies had an element of the truth. Bone Dog continued with his story. "Tonight is the first night that I have ever failed him. As to proof about Dawn, I have none. Take another finger if you must, but your hurting me or even killing me will make my words any less true. You should be doing this to her, not me."

                    Despite everything, the thought of the woman he thought to be Miss Watson torturing the lovely Dawn aroused him.


                    • Hei began to chuckle, then laugh in front of her captive without breaking eye contact. When she stopped, she held her grin, except with a snarl.

                      "You came to me. Without proof. Man, you've done goofed up. What, did you think I would chase ducks for you based on your words? Sorry honey, you gotta buy me dinner first." Hei gave a content sigh. "But you know what? I'm going to give you a one chance. I'm going to get your phone, and you're going call your master. You're going to say that I want a convincing proof, and you are going to beg him for one. If I don't like his answer, you're going to tell him to shove his accusation up his ass. If I don't hear Mr. Great Wanker on the other line, I'm going to break your entire hand. UNDERSTAND?"


                      • "I understand," replied Bone Dog. When his phone was positioned so that he could, he called the Great Hunter. He said, "Miss Watson wants before that Dawn is a Seer before she does anything."

                        "Let me talk to her," ordered the Great Hunter.

                        Dutifully, Bone Dog nodded to the woman he knew as Miss Watson.
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                        • Hei pursed her lip while barely containing her glare. She retracted the phone from Bone Dog's ear placed it upon hers. She breathed deeply, not uttering a word.

                          'If he actually has a guy backing him up ... fuck.'

                          Hei sighed and spoke into the phone. "You sir better have something to prove because it's just goddamn insulting when someone sends one of their dime blokes to drop a message that's starting to sound more and more like a joke. Make it worth. My. Time."


                          • The Great Hunter replied, "It is not for me to say what is worth your time, Miss Watson. I made certain assumptions. I thought you could be a powerful ally in my personal crusade. I have no real proof to offer about Dawn, but no matter. I will attend to her myself, during my next visit to New Zealand. I thank you for your time, and I regret if I or my associate have wasted your time."

                            The Great Hunter wondered how his latest ploy worked. Sometimes one had to pretend to be willing to walk away without a backward glance. Would Miss Watson call his bluff?


                            • Hei eyed Bone Dog unblinking as she closed phone. Bone Dog’s urge to smirk was countered by the unnerving concentration invested in the stare. Despite the cold water that recently splashed against his face, his heartbeat had already flushed his skin to sweat. Unable to decide whether more words were needed, Bone Dog returned gaze only to confirm the woman he was in mercy of was still staring.

                              Hoping to salvage some form of composure, Bone Dog chuckled nervously.

                              “You see? I told yaaaAAAAAAAAH”

                              Hei grabbed the bottom of his chair and lifted with force matching the enraged complexion on her face. As the chair smacked on its back, Bone Dog felt his middle finger crushed under wood and his weight.

                              “SON OF A BITCH!” Screaming did not lessen the impact.

                              Bone Dog squirmed to relieve the pressure upon the unbearable pain, but ended up suffering more as he couldn’t free his arms that were entangled on the chair. After heaving sharp gasps, Bone Dog stopped to instead settle down in the least uncomfortable position. He clenched his teeth as he experimented with the slightest motions, flinching when he only received chastise of pain. Hei turned away from the scene and took exit with tight fists.

                              Hei closed the door behind her and leaned against the wall. She spotted a couple walking toward her direction, frowning at the reminder of where she was. She looked away before they could notice back and no doubt giving weird eyes at the lone girl. She suddenly felt self-conscious of her brown shirt and lack of the high heels that she tossed aside.

                              Hei waited until she could hear the closing click of a door and pulled out her, no, her friend’s, phone and snapped it open. She poised her thumb over the numbers of her own phone, which was close to the table where Miss Watson is probably reading her mystery book on. She would probably be irked by the phone Hei “didn’t” find.

                              Hei grimaced, pushing the numbers and placed the dialing tone next to her ear. She heard six beeps before the phone clicked.


                              A kneeling man closed his eyes with hands clasped together. He whispered thanks for a particular young man who finally had the opportunity to live away from his wandering struggles with the earned acceptance of a society of his kind, and he wished for this man to be able to fare better against the actualized darkness within him. He whispered concerns for a woman who silently struggles with her disdain for the Gifts she was adorned with. He prayed for the struggling souls in this world of darkness, and muttered hope for the tiny flickering flames that illuminates the shadows away. And finally, and always finally, he confessed the sin he knew he will never be forgiven for. It was a long while before he sat up and bowed in closing reverence to his God.

                              The man picked up a kettle that had been brewing tea on shimmer and sat down on his couch. He poured the steaming tea and carton milk onto a cup on a saucer, mixing them together into a swirl of dulling brown. He slowly breathed the scent and brought it close to his lips.

                              Before he could take a sip, he heard the ring tone of his phone. The grown unfamiliarity of the noise sent the man on a brief trance before he pulled out and read the caller’s id. He felt slight jubilation at the name and panic as he fumbled what he wanted to say. He did not wait long at all before he snapped it open.

                              “Thank you. Thank you for taking the case with Hoplite, Miss Watson. I can’t say how glad I am it worked out well. If you need any favor from me, you know I’ll glad to help you for”

                              “Obadiah, no wonder your ex-girlfriend called you. You babble too much.”

                              Obadiah paused at the voice of a particularly memorable and reckless woman. He was disappointed by the failings of his expectation, but decided to smile instead for the rare encounter.

                              “… my my, I certainly did not expect such a big surprise such as yourself.”

                              “By the way, you should know that I took a shot to my shoulder because of that. And no, I don’t want a super long sorrys and thanks for it.”

                              “Of course.” Obadiah chuckled. “So, is there a reason you called me with Miss Watson’s phone?”

                              “I know it’s past your bedtime, but could I ask you for a favor?”

                              “It is quite late.” Obadiah took a sip out of his cup. “So, what can I do for my fellow Christian?”

                              The voice groaned. “Don’t call me that. Anyway, I need a healer. A fast one.”

                              Obadiah quirked his brows. “Did you let your impulsiveness get better of you again? You should stronger consider not retaliating with violence when it’s not necessary. You have the Gift, not to mention martial prowess. Just walk away when you can and not respond to their insulting nature.”

                              “Geez, it’s great knowing you have so much faith in me that you assume I might be the one in danger and not at fault.” Obadiah bided his time. “But yeah, I broke some guy’s finger.”

                              Obadiah sighed. “And why did you break his finger.”

                              “Ok first, he’s been eyeing my ass entire time I was with him. Also, he thought I was Missy Watson and was probably doing a lot of stalking and researching about her without permission. If you were me, wouldn’t you at least be a bit pissed?”

                              “Even if I was, Miss Hei, I would settle the situation with civility. Discourage him of his vile demeanor with at least a warning. And wait a minute; he believes you’re Miss Watson?”

                              “I had good disguise, moving on. He’s trying to tell me about how Dawn’s a Seer. It’s like he found out a particular someone was on the investigation team and was trying to get close to her with such bullcrap. An obsessive idiot like that would have a lot of pictures in his computer or something so I tried to make him tell me where he lived so I could bust his crib.” Obadiah frowned. “Also, did I mention that he had no evidence whatsoever? I mean, that’s complete”

                              “Hei, did you break his finger to get information?”


                              “Please don’t tell me you’re asking me to cover up a torture, Hei.”

                              “I am not asking you to cover up a torture. I’m asking you to heal him so it’s like his finger was never broken.” Obadiah did not grace an answer. “The truth is simply a lie that everyone believes in.”

                              “Do not use wisdom in vain, Hei, especially to twist their intended meaning.” He sighed. “Do you at least
                              know who you’re unethically interrogating?”

                              “Never seen his face before, but he says he lives in a cellar of burned town tavern somewhere around Ponsonby.”

                              Obadiah was raised to not spontaneously spit out his tea when shocked. However, he noticed in his concentration to enforce his upbringing, the tea was dribbling from the side of his mouth. He quickly wiped it away and breathed very deeply.

                              “Hei. For the love of sanity, please don’t tell me you’re torturing Jericho Lordreaper.”

                              “Jericho? No way! Man, I didn’t know he actually sleeps with beer. I would never do that to Jericho. He’s chill. Kinda of pity he’s a bit crazy over the whole Seer spy deal.”


                              “Wait a goddamn minute.”

                              “Hei, if I see more than a broken finger, I will NOT help you.”

                              “… Fine. Just know that I’m in a place called Midnight Mistress Motel. And you better not tell Watson.” *click

                              Obadiah slumped on his couch, staring down at the tea stains of his shirt and his sleeves. He gave a tributary sigh to the long night he would have to face


                              • After the cell phone call, the Great Hunter tried to use his command of Space to view Bone Dog and Miss Watson. He found himself unable to do so. He tried again, with no more success. Worried, he tried to see if he could at least ascertain the location of his servant. That too eluded him. The Great Hunter wondered just what was going on. Who could thwart one of his might?

                                Maybe the time to leave Auckland really had arrived.