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OoC [Mage the Awakening] "After the 2003 Hoax"

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  • OoC [Mage the Awakening] "After the 2003 Hoax"

    Welcome to the out of character thread for "After the 2003 Hoax"

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    Seriously, the sort of shit a Threnrodists just sort of take any "find the loot" adventure and shred it to bits, especially if they've got Matter. Just take a sympathetic link, auto-succeed on opening a scrying window regardless of anti-Space wards (because, remember, Attainments don't count as magic), then use Apportation to steal that shit right out from under their noses. Even if you don't have Matter, you can just use Portal or Teleport to drop yourself there, because you have Sensory range now!


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      AdamantineRapier, I see what you are saying. It would seem easy, but there are complications to be had. Also there is more in store than just the treasure hunt. A lot more. I hope this game will worth your interest.


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        Also, damn it, man, but you'll have Guardians of the Veil crawling all over you for portal-ing into a sleeper cafe!

        One thing I would just ask is if everyone can post a picture/description that's vaguely like their character, just so I can get a visual feel of them, and describe them. I know a bit about what scar looks like, for example, but don't have anything for Oberon, Tuesday, Winchester, or the changeling, and it would be helpful on an IC basis (Doolittle's shallow like that). For reference: her casual gold-leaf makeup look is something kinda like this.


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          Not to mention that Oberon has a Seer after him.

          I picture Tuesday has a small woman with dark, shortly bobbed hair. She looks like she might be about thrirty. Of course, I would go along with any description offered of her that was given IC. I am but here to serve. Not that it matters, but for the record Cire looks a bit like Woodrow Wilson, but shorter and only a little over thirty in 2003.


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            While I understand attainments dont work as spells, the bans on wards dnt typically work against just spells. For example Ban: Life, prevents anything alive entering the area. Ban space I imagine prevents any spatial disturbances in an area, regardless of its source. Thats my personal interpretation, because I think unblockable space magic is a bit Over the top, but even then there are other means of defense.

            One, to get a sympathetic link to the items, hidden who knows where, magically warded who knows how, may be the greater challenge. Two, the scrying window might hit conditional illusion spells to give a fake image of the area. Three, magical defenses may activate upon entering the warded area. And finally, maybe the whole spacial window, matter magic apportion works as you said, but upon touching the object the person faces an Astral challenge that must be overcome or be trapped forever.

            There are ways to make it much more difficult and we as plays are free to use whichever we feel adds to the story, and that includes none of them if you think that works best.


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              First off, I wish to say I am very pleased with this game so far. All of you have done great. I had had high expectations, but they have been surpassed.

              Second, I realized that I have not yet addressed experience. My thought is award experience after each "chapter." I see this "chapter" ending when the action moves from Paris to the next location, wherever that might be. I think each chapter might take about three or so weeks, but that is as much up the players as myself. I plan to provide a bit of game time between chapters so the characters can do whatever might be desirable for you to have them do, which you might chose to reveal in flashbacks.

              A few days before a chapter change, I will post on here a draft of what I intend to post as the start for the next chapter. Or, depending on what the next chapter might be, perhaps a player might to desire to start a chapter. I have no objection to this, especially if the action will be in a place connected to the player's character. However, no matter who writes the opening of the next chapter, I think that it will go smoother if the others are forewarned of what is intended to come next and raise any concerns before the fact.

              Third, one thing I do in my table top games is have what I call a shared NPC. This character is controlled by a different player each game. I was wondering if there was interest in doing something like that in this game. If so, I imagine the NPC would be controlled by a certain player for a chapter. Two rules I have is that no player can control the character two games in row, and now can have a second turn before everyone who desires it can have a first. I will discuss this shared NPC more if there is in fact an interest in having one.

              Fourth, I am having a very great time thanks to all of you.
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                Same - I'm really enjoying the game too. Thanks everyone!

                Some thoughts in response to your points:

                2. I'm not that bothered about the XP count - if we're largely free forming a lot of it, the specifics of our sheet aren't massively important. I'm fine with whatever approach you prefer to take! Chapter-change-wise, again, I'm happy to do whatever; you're placing a goodly amount of trust in us, and I hope we vindicate that trust.

                3. The idea of a shared NPC is a good one, that I hadn't experienced outside Mummy. It sounds really cool, but I don't know how useful it'd be in this particular game - each of the characters seems fairly independent, with their own approaches to the problems that face them. I don't know how much a shared NPC would bring to the table, in that case.


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                  Winnersh 3, I feel like any trust I placed in the group has been vindicated. I just hope the opposite is true.

                  As to the shared NPC, the only bennefit I see is the fun of a group of people trying to achieve a constient protrayal. However, by necessity, we already will be doing that with every NPC.


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                    Simply put, Oberon just had his Space armor enable him to dodge the attack, followed up by using the Space Arcanum equivalent of a Celestial Fire-style upgradeable attack spell, doing Intelligence+Science+Space-Stamina lethal damage.


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                      Well played, sir.


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                        If the duel between Silencer and Oberon is agreed upon by Oberon, I think it might make a nice next chapter. While I write this, in no way am I lobbying for AdamantineRapier to have his character to accept. That is his call entirely. It just seemed responsible to mention this.


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                          Hey, sorry I've been slow this weekend. There's been a lot going on, and I've got something going on the stovetop as we speak; that said, I have "Winchester and his assigned Seer" somewhere between halfway and 2/3 of the way done, and aim to have that up in a bit.


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                            Sounds great, Mockery. By the way, you have absolutely nothing to apologize about. A fact of life with a play by post game is different people will post at different paces due to any number of reasons. This is part of the reason I hope to organize this game by chapters with at least a few days of game time between them. It is my hope this feature will allow people catch up via flashbacks or whatever. All that said, I am very much looking forward to what you have for us when you have a chance.


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                              OK - can I just say, we are definitely fighting the Duel out with full rules and statistics - I really want to see what the outcome of the duel is, and don't know which outcome will be funnier - I'd like to trust it to the whim of the dice!