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    Oops! Sorry for disappearing a bit - I had a tough week of exams, but I've got (some of) them done, and they went pretty well, according the markers, so that was good.

    A few things:

    I agree with Cire on the subject of conversations - it's not very naturalistic, but IMO it works best for a PBP-type model, since you can create branching conversations that discuss different issues at the same time.

    Also, because I was bored on the train home, I've written a short recap of Doolittle's activities. I realise on re-reading that the whole 'smash up some mirrors and summon a Fae' seems a bit random: this ought to explain what she was doing, and why. Since I'm ready for the next chapter, I thought a recap would at least set my own mind right and prepare me for Ch.2.
    Doolittle began the chronicle in bed with Ammavaru, a non-binary-gendered member of Mysterium and of the Daksha Legacy, with whom she's just concluded an important deal between the Toulouse and Mumbai Consilia. While Ammavaru heads off to catch zir plane back to India (which will later be delayed by her
    Something strikes Doolittle as a little off about Tuesday, and her activities, so she's decided to pursue her own avenue of investigation while waiting for the duel to take place. She's tracked down a local Silver Ladder Cabal - the City on the Hill - and commandeered their ritual chamber to carry out a Supernal Summoning (see: Summoners, p73), reasoning that the best beings to talk to about Supernal Artefacts from Arcadia would be Supernal Beings from Arcadia: that is to say, one of the Gentry, or at least one of the Arcadian Fae that you see during your Awakening.

    Trouble is, you need to build up an enormous symbolic/sympathetic connection to the Supernal Realm you're summoning from, or you get stuck needing a huge quantity of successes (and every time you roll, there's an increasing chance of your summoning bringing over something from the Abyss instead). As such, she went to an awful lot of trouble to set up the right conditions for summoning something from Arcadia. With the aid of Serendip, a junior Acanthus Théarch, she went buying up Paris' supply of cheap second hand mirrors and smashing them (broken mirrors = powerful beacon to creatures of Fate), getting some ferrous bling (best you can do to get a cold-iron-alike on short notice), and calling upon a Forces mage, in the form of Ammavaru, to be present at the summoning (Forces being Arcadia's inferior Arcanum, to further emphasise the 'subjugation of Fae' element to the ritual).

    At great personal sacrifice (which we haven't seen the whole of yet), and in a great act of Hubris, Doolittle summoned an Ochema (a fallen-world version of a Supernal Entity) of Dzarûmazh, an extremely powerful member of the Gentry (Grim Fears, p34), royally pissing him off, but obtaining some vital information about the operation and functioning of the set. At the end of the ritual, she collapsed, and though she'll be on her feet in time to get to Napier, she's not coming out of this without scars.


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      There we go with "chapter two", but please keep in mind what I wrote before. I also can't say enough with how impressed I have been with the players so far. Experience will be awarded soon.


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        Oh Ashreyel and MysticJackal, rereading this tread I just noticed your two's offer to open the second chapter. I somehow missed this before and thus by accident ignored you two. I hope my opening worked, but no doubt yours would have better literally knowing the lay of the land. Again, please forgive accidental rudeness.
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          No worries there. I'm AFK for the next week, so there may be a delay in postings as I'll have no internets. I trust Jackal to keep Willow up to date on events.


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            Originally posted by Cire View Post
            Egreham, she can have more powers than that, for sure. By the way, good job on your piece.
            Ok, so what can a [Forces 1, Prime 5, Mind 3] mage can gain more?


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              I think you could design Miss Watson to taste, given that she is a level 5 merit.


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                For the first part of the game, each player gets three experience and two arcane experience. I think everyone did very well. I really am impressed. I am quite looking forward to seening what happens next.


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                  Ok, so this is the concept of Miss Watson based on our character template.

                  Name: Katleen Ulestra
                  Shadow Name: Miss Watson


                  Highest: Intelligence
                  Lowest: Presence

                  Ally(Free Council) ***
                  Status (Arrow) ***
                  Resources ***
                  Sactum *
                  Sniping ****
                  Retainer(Hei) *****

                  Arcana: Mind 3, Space 1, Prime 5
                  Path: Mastigos
                  Order: Adamantine Arrow

                  Background Notes:

                  She is one of the rare few Awakened with Awakened parents.

                  She suffers guilt from an incident involving abuse of Mind against ignorant sleeper friends.

                  Made friends who later went with the Free Council, almost joining them because of her technological aptitude.

                  Mentor is dead.


                  I first thought to give her the Abyssal Scope after reading what Durandal was and thought "that's cool", but I decided against it. Instead, I had Miss Watson be equally invested in Hei as Hei is to her so that now I have a duel character. Haven't decided on Virtue/Vice yet. Will work on background story.

                  Also, changing Hei's Vice to Glutton. (more of indulgences rather than food)


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                    Sounds great! Also I want to change my experience award from 3/2 to 6/3 as "chapters" I think will prove very eventful. Sorry for the confussion.


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                      As of note, I changed Miss Watson from an Obrimos to Mastigos, which means she doesn't have Forces, which means she didn't cast that Control Heat from the prologue.


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                        I have the next thing ready to go, but I need permission from Esuna to take over the interrogation part, and he hasn't message me back yet, so I'm waiting here where he can't miss it.


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                          Originally posted by egreham View Post
                          I have the next thing ready to go, but I need permission from Esuna to take over the interrogation part, and he hasn't message me back yet, so I'm waiting here where he can't miss it.
                          Sorry about that Egreham. I've been planning a trip. I've sent you a PM that I hope will help. As far as I'm concerned you can do no wrong.

                          Cire, so we've gotten 6 xp and 3 arcane xp? I think I might take the time to flesh out Hoplite a bit more. It'll be easier to play him if I know his skills, weaknesses, etc.


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                            Esuna: correct. I should give extra dots for skills, but I'm not sure how many to give. Hmmm.


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                              I don't think we should go into skills. That would require us to chunk out the entire character sheet


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                                Egreham, I tend to agree with you about skills. However, people may flesh them out to taste for their own purposes if they wish, obviously.