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  • Well write up letters and tell me in the PM also what your XP should be after this round and I'll adjust it! May need a new OOC to do that so that'll happen too.


    • Updated my letter to actually include information on Florivet rather than merely claiming it's there.


      • I still don't see any information on Florivet. :/


        • Originally posted by Eura View Post
          I still don't see any information on Florivet. :/
          Ok, this is weird. When I view the post, it's not there, but when I click "edit" it shows up. :/ The same thing happens with any other edits I make to the post - they show up under "edit" but not when viewing.

          Also, loved your letter this month Eura.

          Here's the addendum:


          Florivet is a Soul of the End of All Wisdom, concerned with military matters and dirty fighting. It will hate anything high-minded or fancy, and prefers 'good old fights'. Its weakness is that it loves to fight, and is easily drawn into combat - perhaps a plan involving engaging it into combat and slowly retreating to pull it away from Mnemon's fleet, where you can bring more force to bear? At the very least, it should be easily distracted from controlling the winds and into fighting personally in the midst of a larger conflict.

          (The addendum goes on at some length, mostly dry academic information and historical anecdotes about other Dragon Blooded that have dealt with Florivet. One might suspect Aisa of having read several volumes on the subject, and having trouble containing her enthusiasm for sharing. The essential information is all contained in first paragraph above, however.)
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          • Let's see Carmela beat playing Gateway with a Behemoth. :P


            • ...shit, that is a hard act to follow.


              • The fair folk allow you to take significant liberties. I'm sure you'll get your chance though!

                Going to try for a post tomorrow. Will also sort out character sheets then too, which I'll need help with and I guess start a new OOC so I can do that. Wheeeee.


                • New OOC thread here.
                  In Character Thread ( | Character Creation Thread ( Restart! Welcome to OOC2. Four Experience points will be given per letter. I trust you to not phone this shit in. Posting Schedule I mean whenever really. I'll try be prompt! Characters Mnemon Aisa - BlueWinds (

                  For my sanity I'm gonna say you're all on 20xp. You got free access to edit your own sheets via the 1st post link, put in anything missing and feel free to spend XP as you like. I trust you all! Anything you need to clarify on yell at me now.

                  Will probably be a post tomorrow as I got shit to do today!


                  • Be warned Anathema charges exp for backgrounds and RAW dragon-blooded costs so my character sheet is technically 76 because of that. With Resplendent Wood I have 38 experience. I've been keeping record and can copy the ledger if necessary.
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