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[IC] (Promethean: The Created 2E) Muddy Waters

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  • Scout
    Conditions: Resourceful
    Alembics: Stone (0) Mutatus Aspiratus (0)
    Health: OOOOOO | Willpower: 6/6 | Pyros: 13/13 | Beats: 0/5 | Vitriol Beats: 0/5

    Scout studied the Pilgrim markings as he passed them, but the ping of azoth against him- the familiar smells of them made him smile. It would be good to see old friends again. He was intrigued to hear their stories, see where there paths had taken them, and perhaps add them to his journal. The path of lead was behind him, but he still kept the chronicles of their lives, after all. What other way to properly assist other Pilgrims?
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    • Mark 5
      Conditions: Analyst
      Alembics: Unbroken (0), Suffering (0), Phobos (0)
      Health:OOOOOOOOOO | Willpower: 6/6 | Pyros: 11/11 | Beats: 1/5 | Vitriol Beats: 0/5
      Experiences: 1 I Vitriol Experiences 1

      Mark 5 winced audibly when he felt the Azoth of his former companions.
      He wasn't entirely sure whether he wanted to meet them.
      Scratch that - he didn't want them to see him. Not like that.

      But was it avoidable at all? Probably not.
      So he should see them. On his terms. Not here.

      He turned to leave.
      That Garden was where he would wait for them.
      It might help.