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World of Darkness versus Chronicles of Darkness

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    I wasn't trying to say Geist was somehow a replacement for the specific thing that is Wraith (but remember that Wraith got cancelled early because it went too hard into the thematic stuff that many groups found it really interesting but really hard to play.. so the move away from that is kinda understandable). Just that the CofD does have a realm of the dead to explore. And thanks to Geist 2e, the CofD Underworld is a lot more interesting and unique that it was in 1e. It's not the same as WoD's Underworld, but in a good way of offering a lot of different story hooks and types of stories to explore while still staying true to the same base concept (which is what I'd say is when the CofD is at its strongest).

    Sin-Eaters in play are wildly different from mages. Sure you can say "but they're both just human+" but that's true of the vast majority of the CofD games so it's easier to stick to a single core creation system of "start with normal human, add supernatural stuff to them." Even Prometheans and Demons in the CofD, which explicitly aren't just humans with supernatural stuff stacked on top of them, are defined largely by how circumstances shaped them into a human-like form.


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      Originally posted by Heavy Arms View Post
      Uh, the CofD does have an Underworld. It was fully detailed in 2009 with the Book of the Dead, which was a mixed source book for core blue book and Geist. Geist 2e has also expanded on it a lot to make it more playable (even if pure ghosts ala Wraith is still not a core splat).
      I know, and CofD's underworld and Geist are cool too, and I enjoy them. But it isn't the same thing WtO, which I adore.
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        Originally posted by Rhywbeth View Post

        I know, and CofD's underworld and Geist are cool too. But it isn't WtO, which I adore.
        Admittedly it is a shame more things can't, in fact, be Wraith.

        Originally posted by Shakanaka View Post
        Geist isn't really in the same "avenue" as Wraith so to speak. It more-so follows along the line of Orpheus. Both Orpheus and Geist fall short of being anything heavily thematic compared to Wraith, as in both games you're basically just humans+ (which is a niche Mage already fills), without the significant impact roleplaying an actual ghost character and the events that surround being one thereof.
        It'd be mildly more accruate to say Sin-Eaters are two ghosts of differing types riding the same body. Just because your heart beats doesn't mean you're not dead.‚Äč
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          RE: Appearance, didn't early 1e CoD basically make it a part of Presence? I recall that there was some disfigurement effect that knocked two dots off of Presence, way back when.


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            Massively? Eh I think that is some confirmation bias based on personal area speaking.

            I prefer CofD massively...over WoD and I say that as an old WoD fan.

            People should play what they want and Paradox should approve book pitches.

            Not returning to the forums, just stopping in for a moment. CofD not getting books so we can get fed WoD5e is an insult.


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              In regards to COD, I'm a big fan of Changeling the Lost, Mage the Awakening and Promethean the Created of the series and love the lore. I don't mind Vampire the Reqieum and love the Gangrel & Nosferatu clans in the setting. But I find VTM the better of the two.

              What in the name of Set is going on here?