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    I have free Netflix through a family member. I can also watch things on Crave. Just today, there were three titles I looked for that weren't available on these services. There Will Be Blood, about an oil baron trying to fit into a deeply religious community. The Congress, about an actress who sells the right to be replicated in a virtual environment - very psychedelic and philosophical. A Scanner Darkly, about a dystopian future where everyone is addicted to a drug called "Substance D" - also very psychedelic (even has a bit with Alex Jones as himself). The reason I can't watch these isn't unwillingness to pay/lack of funds for another streaming service. It's that I find the process of arranging payment nerve-racking. It's the same reason I put off getting things from Storytellers' Vault. I want to make a giant list and do it all in one purchase to reduce "exposure".

    In terms of really old movies, Clan of the Cave Bear, is another I would like to re-watch with company.

    Thank you for passing time with me in conversation. My Hacks.


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      OK, but the issue isn't that they're just not there to be viewed. I'm not saying that your difficulties navigating the dozens of streaming services isn't a real concern. But it's not evidence that original works are harder to get now than they used to be. If a friend with an account with the appropriate streaming service came over, you could watch one of those films as easily as they could watch something on Netflix with you.

      Also, to bring back a bit of context, I was responding to a claim that people being "overly sensitive" is why it's hard to find original films instead of, say, corporations deciding to create dozens of streaming services so you have to have a bunch of accounts to watch everything you want; which isn't feasible for most customers for numerous reasons.