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Anyone play genius the transgression

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  • Anyone play genius the transgression

    I have been reading genius the transgression and love it so far. I wanted to know if their is anyone has played it. I think Genius fits into the world of darkness really well.

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    AFAIK, there's a decent population here which enjoys Genius. At least, there was before the changeover. There were sometimes conversations about Genius in the nWoD Mage or Promethean subforums, although some of the Mage players were unhappy about that.


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      I wonder if I can get some one to run it for me or a few people to play it.


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        I'd suggest posting about it in the main New World of Darkness forums to see if you can drum up some people. Might lead to a game.

        I like the sound of Genius, but I have trouble imagining myself ever actually trying to play it.

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          I've had a crush on that game since I first read the pdf.
          I played a lot of Ascension way back when and I was SoE half the time, researching my favorite debunked crackpot scientific theories and building misunderstood geniuses.
          Fast forward a decade and I'm browsing the forums, when I find my weird mad scientists wearing new clothes and a can-do attitude to match. Beautiful

          “Nobody is purely good or purely evil. Most of us are in-between. There are moths that explore the day and butterflies that play at night.”
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