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  • All signature images blocked

    I can't put images into my signature. When I add an image, the signature-editing widget tells me the sig is over 5 lines, even though the images are pretty small. Even when I shrink them even smaller. You can see my sig is less than 4 full lines without them, and I still get this error when I shorten that text to 3 lines. The forum assumes that the signature is about a little over half as wide as it really is, and wraps the lines too much, but even in that window the images still never make the sig actually 6 lines. I even tried reducing it so much that there are only 4 lines total (incl. images) and it still tells me it's over 5 lines. Please help.
    (url) (url)
    Edit: I found out I can post use the images by deleting ALL text from my signature and shrinking the pics down to be illegible. But having to do that is unreasonable.
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