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Can we chill on the edit spam bug posts?

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  • Can we chill on the edit spam bug posts?

    Folks, I get it, it's frustrating. It's frustrating for me too.

    But we have five threads about it. The volunteers running this forum in their free time know. They're doing what they can. Flooding this forum with new threads, new complaints, and so on is just going to burn the admin and mod teams out. They endured years of constant complaining about how busted the forums were, and the praise for finally getting it working was short lived and is now completely dead because of a single bug that we all know about now.

    If you were doing something completely for free, that lots and lots of people enjoy, but all you get out of it is a bunch of threads about a problem that you've already said what you can say about... you wouldn't want to bother responding to it all. You'd want to consider if this is really worth your time at all.

    Nobody likes the bug. But it's not getting fixed faster if it's a more popular topic than most of the games. It's just going to be something, at best, nobody on the forum team is going to respond to because there's no point until there's a real solution. At worst, we're harming their motivation to care. Again, they're volunteers trying to make our lives more fun. We don't need to ruin their time here over our posts having some typos in it, or having to make a second post instead of editing in things to and existing one.

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    Appreciate this.

    Additionally, flag reports appear to us in the same place as things that are caught in the spam filter so flagging a stuck post to get our attention is just stuffing the flag reports full of problems we're already aware of and actually delays us from acting on potential misconduct.

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      Opps I got flagged by the edit gods for trying to improve on my last post.

      What in the name of Set and Malkav is going on.