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    Topic for Church of Man ideas and info. We have been pointed that CoM works much like late medival Catholic Church for dogs.

    Here are fan ideas for Rites in Com ( most are from RoP FB group)
    • Ending the prayer with 'A Man'
    • ​Touching ones nose with paw - as sort of making Cross
    • Blessing - Stroking the head of the blessed
    • Giving paws to your co-prayers - as both Sign of Peace from Catholicism - and dogs typical 'Give a Paw'
    • Passing around particularly shaped bowls of water and kibble as a form of Communion
    • Sitting down on your haunches, and sitting up straight, with arms bent, hands forward and palm down. This is the pose for receiving Communion.​
    • They bring a piece of information, written on paper, as part of the Collection
    CoM has also leader, sort-of-Pope figure - Saint Bernard

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