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  • 1001 Exalted Story Hooks

    Reposting my old 1001 Exalted Story Hooks thread here, because that sort of thread tends to be useful.

    Please be aware that the numbers won't be consecutive - I created this thread on three separate fora.

    1) PCs are Dragon Kings. Setting: Far West.

    There is an island in the Far West where a colony of Dragon Kings is used as slave labor workforce and as shock troops used by pirates. 99% of the Dragon King slaves are unawakened and lack human intelligence.

    The PCs are the first of the Dragon Kings slaves to achieve human level intelligence and self-awareness.

    2) A Circle of Solars is about to conquer Harborhead, kick out the Dragonblooded and establish independence from the Realm.

    The PCs are not those Solars. The PCs are the (heroic mortal) soldiers belonging to the Realm defending a city that is directly between the Solar army and the capital of Harborhead, Kirighast.

    It is time for heroic action. The city needs to be evacuated, and quick.

    3) The year is 3516 in the timeline of the Age of Man. The PCs are Dragonblooded agents carrying a memory crystal featuring classified information regarding a highly illegal conspiracy of Sidereals and Dragonblooded trying to monitor and assess Solar activity.

    That memory crystal needs to get to the nearest gate to Yu-Shan, now. The agents of the Solar Deliberative are already after you.

    5) The PCs are Dragonblooded heirs of a martial arts dojo in some Threshold city.

    A rival dojo has opened, and its top students have already defeated many of the students of your dojo! It's time to stage a grand tournament featuring all martial arts schools in the entire city and show them all whose Kung Fu is best.

    6.) Theres an area in the southeast under the dominion of a Deathlord. However, despite all efforts, a Shadowland refuses to be created around a specific field of Flowers known as the Valley of Grace.

    The PCs are Deathknights of this Deathlord, sent to investigate, yet they find their Charms, and Resonance, heavily diminished within the fields boundaries. In the center of the field sits a small lake, whose surface is so clear, theres not even a reflection in its waters, yet theres no bottom either. Perhaps if they went further down...?

    6. The Solar PCs are finally taken before Chejop Kejack for a meeting to change creation. He opens his mouth and falls over dead. He's hit his limit in lifespan and now they have to escape Sidereal vengeance for "assassinating" him.

    7. The PCs circle is approached with a portrait, a chest of unrefined gold nuggets, and snow. A mountain spirit has fallen in love with one (or more) and desires to marry them.

    8. A local village is having trouble with bandits. They can only pay in rice but beg the heroes for their help. The local villagers are spirit plant spirits and the bandits are a bunch of agriculture gods.

    Who wield flails!

    (I wrote this before the fiction about Ten Sheaves and his Champion made it canon)

    9. Ghosts approach the PC and tell them they're being enslaved by an Abyssal exalted. The PCs find it's a twelve-year-old boy who exalted as a Solar then ended up losing a game of "Dragonblood and Wyldlings" to a Neverborn. His army is mostly child spirits but no less dangerous. Oh and his name is "Jo Ei the Death Lord."

    10. The PCs wake up in Heaven and find out they were volunteered to choose who is the Fairest of the Five Maidens. Who are uncharacteristically REALLY into this--to the point of seduction and revenge. Only later do we discover this is not the actual deities but their great-great granddaughters who are significantly less mature.

    11. The PCs find an unusual looking sphere on the ground, which crackles with magic. She-Who-Lives-In-Her-Name's agents are looking for it.

    12. A guy with a suspiciously Animus-shaped birthmark is being hunted by the Wyld Hunt. He's terrified out of his mind but survives improbable events. It turns out a Fair Folk is having a bit of fun with him.

    13. There's a massive 20ft long, impossibly heavy staff buried in the ground next to a Monkey Spirit. He offers to play the PCs for it.

    14. A man is being chased by an inn which has uprooted itself and gnashing its doorway at him. The man has refused to marry the inn spirit's daughter.

    15. About every ten minutes, a tiny falling star hits the PC in the side of the head. It turns out a Sidereal is trying to get their attention.

    16. The PCs are called to arbitrate a settlement. A pair of women have a child they created through the standard flesh-crafting/demon summoning pact. They both want the child, who is showing flesh-crafting powers they intend to sell. The correct solution is to divide the child in two, which will grow into two separate children.

    17. The PCs wake up after a big hangover and find they're now the City God(s) of Gem. It turns out said God decided to bail before the latest crisis. The PCs and the city are now linked.

    18. Regent Fokuf has started acting! His first act is to send out the Magistrates to gather all the women's undergarments in a Satrap. This is going...poorly. Especially since the poor Dragonblooded Magistrate who is trying to follow this insane order doesn't realize it's from a Deliberative official who wants to get him killed (and who has orders to have him executed if he doesn't get the garments from a nearby Mountain Goddess).

    19. The PCs encounter that rarest of beasts, A MORTAL HERO! He's determined that he's going to prove regular mortals can make a difference and don't need to be Exalted. The problem is he can't do anything heroic and is presently seeking wards because he's terrified of Exalting if he does His last partner did. Is he insane, crafty, or a divine test?

    20. Tepet Lisara has found a First Age Solar Artifact that has given her incredible intelligence, divine wisdom, and Solar Charms. It's also caused her to become subject to the Great Curse. She's declared a free Solar City and is already building an army to repulse the evil Dragonblood.

    21. A man claiming to be the Bull of the North says that the "current" Bull of the North is actually an Infernal Exalted who has somehow stolen his Exaltation despite the impossibility. He's going to lead the Bull's armies to annihilation.

    22. See 21# he's actually telling the truth.

    23. See 21# he's an All-Seeing Eye operative hoping Solars are really gullible.

    24. See 21# He's wrong, it's a Fair Folk Prince.

    25. See 21# He's wrong, it's a Lunar who thinks the barbarian hero thing is theirs by right.

    26. See 19# He's actually just REALLY REALLY hung-over from celestial brew. His Exaltation will return in a week or two. The imposter thing is right, though.

    27. An Immaculate monk with temperance issues wants the PCs help in creating "Sober Boxing."

    28. Tepet Lisara has fled from the Realm with an order for her execution right on her heels. She has decided to take her forces loyal to her to join the PCs in establishing a new First Age Solar realm and is ready to GLEEFULLY betray all of her fellows to them. Is this all a trick or sincere? If it is sincere, do they REALLY want her as an ally?

    29. CHILD SLAVERY RING! A group of Dragonblooded adolescents are taking slaves from all the nearby villages to sell!

    30. See 26# only Lyta is going to kill them and their families!

    31. A demon functionary arrives to hand the PCs the last will and testament of a hell lord recently slain. It bequeaths all of his slaves, a plot of land (in hell), and all of his wives to the Exalted who enslaved him in his previous life.
    (Which was you)

    32. See 31# all of this is true and is the most backhanded gift he could imagine.

    33. See 31# and is a sincere if terribly misguided present.

    34. See 31# but some of their First Age Solar gear is amongst the rest.

    35. FEUDING SCHOOLS! Murdered masters! Vows of revenge and escalating violence! Who will stop the two greatest schools of calligraphy from destroying one another!

    36. A cook seeks the PCs protection. He knows what REALLY happened to the Scarlet Empress! The All-Seeing Eye is after him!

    37. See 36#, he saw her choke to death on a cherry seed and drop over dead. So the staff disposed of her body to avoid being persecuted.

    38. See 36#, he's lying off his butt. The All-Seeing Eye is chasing him because he robbed the palace of a bunch of jewelry.

    39. See 36#, he's actually an All-Seeing Eye agent trying to lure them into a trap.

    40. See 36#, he DID see what happened to her but the All-Seeing Eye is after him because he robbed the palace of a bunch of jewelry.

    41. A magic talking deer is nearby. The PCs need to kick it in the head.

    42. The PCs come across a kingdom of women. Their magic river gets them pregnant but they only give birth to daughters. They are...less than pleased...with their Lunar mistress who killed all the men to do this social experiment.

    43. An Immaculate heresy has broken out that claims the PCs are the chosen saints to deliver the world...

    44. See 43#, into damnation. The heresy has tons of followers eager to follow the new Dark Lord!

    45. See 43#, a bunch of celestial scrolls. The problem is this is because the monks actually destroyed the ones they were guarding and need the PCs to get some new ones/write sufficiently convincing forgeries stat. They'll hand over the entire cult to the PCs if they do.

    46. See 43#, a love-sonnet. The PCs have been tasked by the cult to woo Gaia so a new god can be born.

    47. The PCs find an alchemical in the woods who needs some oil.

    48. An eight-year-old has Exalted as a Lunar and is following the PCs around like a puppy. Someone screwed up here.

    49. A heretical Immaculate Monk has decided the world needs to be rid of the gods. As a result, he's started an organized campaign of atheism. The local gods are sharpening their knives to kill him.

    50. The PCs find a Lion-skin which protects them from all wounds. It also has left them a TERRIBLE itchy rash that is getting worse.

    51. There's rioting in Heaven! Someone is rallying all the unemployed gods to revolt in Yu Shuan!

    52. See 51#, It's actually the God of the Prefectus Exalted. Never heard of them? Yeah, that's why he's so brassed off.

    53. See 51#, it's actually a plot by the Sidereal Exalted...

    54. See 53#, get the unemployed gods jobs.

    55. A new game is sweeping the nation! You take on the role of adventurers and play act them out! Dice are involved. The Immaculate have declared it heresy and demands heads to role for this affront!

    56. See 55#, because it is a representation of the Games of Divinity in heaven.

    57. See 55#, and the Unconquered Sun's character sheet is amongst the inspirations for it.

    58. See 55#, one of the pieces is there too. It's the mythical million-sided dice. All gamers suffer orgasmic bliss rolling it.

    59. The PCs find a pair of villages feuding over which one gets to claim they're the PC's hometown. Neither is.

    60. The PCs attend a play of their exploits--which the Immaculate Order is going to shut down.

    61. See 60#, because it's so bad.

    62. See 60#, because the entire troupe is composed of demons and plans to eat the audience.

    63. See 60#, the troupe are such fanboys of the players, though they'll back off if they can get their woodcarvings of the PCs signed.

    64. See 63#, which will allow the PCs to be summoned when the demons do a performance for the Third Circle Demon "The King of Ultimate Pain."

    65. See 64#, WHO IS A BIG FAN!

    66. A girl who claims to be Luna is suffering a royal hangover and offers the PCs any favor (up to and including sexual favors, though the latter is more a HEAVY HINT she might want to do them) if they can get her the Periphet of the Bloody Mar'e

    67. See 66#, she's not Luna.

    68. See 67#, she's a spirit of Luna.

    69. See 66#, she's a REALLY hungover Lunar Exalted with a Solar fetish.

    70. See 66#, she's Mnemon who is still sort of plastered.

    71. See 66#, she's a Godblooded OF Luna.

    72. See 66#, The Draught of the Bloody Mar'E is fictitious. She actually needs the Golden Tears Hangover Cure used by the Unconquered Sun way back in the First Age when he would down a few with his Solars.

    73. See 72#, which is in the next town over.

    74. See 73#, guarded by a horde of demons.

    75. See 74#, who are also fans! (They'll still kill the PCs if they try and take their charge, though)

    76. The PCs receive an AUDIT from Heaven! The god sent to record and judge their deeds has this to say to the PCs...

    77. See 76#, GOOD JOB!

    78. See 77#, the Sidereals are coming to kill you, though.

    79. The PCs are approached by a Immaculate Order monk and a host of Wyld Hunt Dragonblooded warriors--unarmed. If they don't slice them down, they say they've been tracking the PCs for weeks waiting for them to show signs of their evil. Having witnessed their actions, however, they've decided they cannot in good conscience hunt them and wish them the best.

    80. The PC arrives in their former kingdom and suddenly dry fountains produce water, dead trees sprout leaves, cattle become fat, and the starving masses know bounty.

    81. See 80#, which REALLY pisses off their Infernal Exalted overlord.

    82. See 81#, AND the Guild that was kidnapping refugees from it.

    83. There's a slave rebellion in the Blessed Isle lead by a Solar Exalted gladiator who has lead them all into the wastes. The slave then reveals something, he's not actually an Exalted. He just got really lucky and would REALLY like the PCs to help all these people counting on him.

    84. A castle almost hits the PCs. It fell from the sky. There's no sign of who might have dropped it.

    85. The PCs encounter an insane Alchemical City who speaks in a feminine voice and promises them cake if it helps repair her.

    86. See 85#, the Cake is a lie.

    87. See 85#, the Cake is NOT a lie.

    88. See 87#, it's stale though.

    89. A siege between two armies of Terrestrial Exalted has lasted over ten years and both sides want the PCs to resolve it. Apparently, it's the result of a marriage contract breaking down over a God-Blooded bride.

    The PCs have the option sending the attackers in a big gift filled with soldiers, telling the city dwellers to BURN said gift once it arrives, or telling them to quit fighting over a girl like spoiled teenagers and get on with their lives.

    90. The PCs see a GIGANTIC monster fighting an equally gigantic Warstryder.

    91. See 90#, The Warstryder loses. Now the monster is pissed.

    92. See 91#, The Warstryder wins and the PCs find its piloted by a 14 year old Solar Exalted.

    93. See 92#, it's Lyta and she's just killed the defenses summoned by a Dragonblooded ruled city.

    94. See 90#, it's actually an illusion conjured by Fair Folk con men with godlike light-bending abilities but no power to provide for themselves.

    95. The PCs find a lynch mob formed around a scholar who has postulated Creation revolves around the Sun.

    96. See 95# which the scholar is trying to figure out because that's just not right.

    97. See 96#, which is correct and thee mob is formed from Abyssal cultists.

    98. See 97#, which is because someone has put a chain to the Sun and started spinning them both around.

    99. A martial artist called the "Furious Fist of the Eastern Star" has come to kill the PCs because they're Anathema.

    100. See 99#, the PCs can beat him easily.

    101. See 1#, it was all a plot by Chojep Kejeck.

    102. The PCs find a Sidereal's book of plots. It lists every secret, conspiracy, and twisted plan he's got.

    103. See 102#, and he MEANT for them to find it.

    104. See 103#, he's lying. He lost it when he was drunk and wants to save face.

    6) The forbidden god Orak-Ro was actually right all along, and makes the Elemental Pole of Wood fall into the Underworld by dangling that big dumb soulsteel city from the First Tree's roots until it gets heavy enough to break something. In Creation, crops fail and millions are in peril. In Malfeas, the Ebon Dragon sulks and the entire Reclamation is put on hold because he refuses to participate if he's no longer allowed to corrupt the Pole of Earth. And in the Underworld, Orak-Ro petitions the NEverborn to be declared god of Stygia while dead forests bloom for the first time history, filled with regenerative elemental powers that will make it take aeons longer than it should for the Abyss to devour the Underworld.

    The PCs are Abyssals/Infernals who are loyal servants of the Deathlords/Yozis and who eagerly anticipate breaking human civilization over their knee and storming the gates of Yu Shan itself, preferably while making metal devil-horn signs and looking supremely badass. Their mission is to kick a forbidden god's ass, haul a mythical tree out of the Underworld, awaken one of the Five Elemental Dragons, convince it that they aren't bullshitting them, and save Creation so that your bosses can go back to breaking it properly. And thanks to a misunderstanding with the Green Lady, pretty much every other Exalt in the world thinks that you guys are the ones who broke the First Tree in the first place.

    106: An Abyssal approaches the PCs with an ambitious plan that makes everyone happy-To create a new Creation, and move all the living to it, thereby enabling the Neverborn to die once and for all. There are even plans for a sorcery that may make this possible-but every previous attempt to use it simply created a bubble in the Wyld with strange and nonsensical rules dominated by the psychology of the caster. Who always died.

    107: A Gold Faction plot to create a perfectly obedient Solar has backfired and created a Abyssal who listens to none of their instructions. Worse, despite killing her, she refuses to stay dead, and is keeping her souls and shard together through pure willpower. Fortunately, she can be trapped-it just requires a celestial sorcerer cast a spell that takes 12 hours to cast once a day to maintain the makeshift prison. A better solution is desperately required.

    108: A Immaculate monk, dissatisfied with the state of the world, requests that the PCs guard him while he meditates on the nature of suffering, the world, and how it may be prevented. Demons are assembling an army as we speak to kill the Buddha.

    109. Two mighty Third Circle Demons have massed epic armies of demons on opposite sides of a valley, opening vast gateways to hell. These terrifying beings stand taller than a skyscraper and possess sorcery to shake the heavens. The PCs may choose to intervene or they may not but if they pause, they will witness a truly EPIC....


    The PCs are invited to participate and if they win, the Demons will assist them in a future endeavor. If they lose, the reverse is true.

    110. A Solar Exalted Sorcerer invites some Solar PCs to his laboratory where he shows them that he's managed to create a way of ripping the Exaltations from "unworthy" Dragonblooded to give to proper Solar-worshiping mortals. He hopes to work with the PCs to create a Solar-based bloodline that will creat "Sun-blooded" from their mortal descendants as eternal flunkies. Oh and he's drugged them before imprisoning them for this experiment.

    So sorry.

    111. A Terrestrial Court of gods is sitting by the road, holding signs asking for prayers and offering to serve as guardian spirits to any village which will take them. This is due to the fact that a particularly cruel and stupid Solar Exalted has beaten them out of their home villages. He is using this as a sort of weird Pyramid Scheme to build up his cult one village at a time. If the PCs are Solars, he offers to share in his scam.

    112. An old, toothless, half-crazy Lunar in a loincloth with a staff is looking for the guy who is going to kill him. He's pretty pissed off he's had to walk this entire way to find him. He decides the Circle will do. In truth, the PCs are unable to kill him and it's discovered that only a very specific individual is capable of killing him. This is because he betrayed his Solar lover during the First Age and she's cursed him so that only her reincarnation can do the deed. The Lunar is willing to give them anything to help him die.

    113. A fat, obese, and terrified Patrician is on the run from a group of Immaculate monks. He has committed the unpardonable sin of working to elevate the plight of the poor.

    114. See 109#, its' actually the Guild but the the monks are BELIEVABLE in this, which is sad.

    115. The PCs come across a inn operated by ghosts. Aside from the fact they're all dead, there is nothing extraordinary about the place. However, the local Dynasts have decided to level the place and torture the ghosts in punishment for their activities. The ghosts are violating the cycle but their very novelty provides them the prayer they need to stay in this world.

    116. The PCs discover a half-buried Statue of Liberty-sized set of statues nearby where they're walking. They do a double take when they realize they're statues of themselves from the First Age. Some more investigation reveals there's the remains of a flying Solar City nearby, recently unearthed by a number of Earth-based Dragonblooded hoping to loot the place.

    117. A town is built around an old Warstryder factory. The factory allows the cheap, easy, and effective replication of Warstryders. Why has no one taken over this place? The Warstryders are all one-foot tall. The town talks at length of the importance of these miniature warstryders in warfare. Investigation of the factory will note signs in First Age tongues which read, "GET YOUR KID HIS VERY OWN WARSTRYDER!" and "SOUVENIRS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY." The funny thing is the factory can be converted into an ACTUAL Warstryder factory by someone who understands how their material works and well, a nearby Autocthonian is just the man to do it.

    118. The PCs are contacted by a number of Outcast Dragonblooded who want them to help repulse an army of Realms-based Dynasts coming to conquer them. The problem is these Dragonblooded are universally reviled by their people and quite a few are okay with the Dynasts. Unfortunately, they don't quite realize that their traditional religion and freedoms will be eradicated by their new masters either.

    119. One of the Ebon Dragon's souls has decided to make it her mission in life to oppose the Ebon Dragon. She's decided to help the PCs kill one of the Green Sun Princes if they're willing to work with her.

    120. The PCs visit a First Age Solar's tomb and discover that he's actually in stasis. He's batshit crazy but possessed of the kind of power to shake the heavens.

    121. A deranged Autochthonia-touched mortal has rediscovered Shogunate-era technology and is speaking of it to the masses. It is a aqueduct-based toilet system. PCs who somehow find the jade to fund this pursuit will find their money returned thousand-fold.

    122. A town uses giant ants as beasts of burden and a source of food. There is nothing otherwise remarkable about the town.

    123. A group of giant Celestial Cattle are grazing nearby. These belong to a certain god with many brides. One of his brides has decided to run away with a Lunar Exalted who intends to steal them as a dowry for his totem to guard them

    .) A young, ambitious Immaculate monk has started augmenting his Water Dragon Style with Mantis and Solar Hero fist techniques! He's already starting to dominate the Dragonblooded Wulin. Something needs to be done.

    8) The Threshold nation of Telis has always had good relations with Malfeas, on account of the strong demonic bloodlines of the people. Very recently, one of the ambassadors to Malfeas Exalted as a Lunar and ate the entire embassy.

    Congratulations! You, the PCs, a circle of demonblooded, have been given the job. You are to act as ambassadors, reestablish the ties between Telis and Malfeas, and participate in the cutthroat politics of hell.

    .) The PCs are Enlightened Mountain Folk .. and for some mysterious reason, they are entirely unaffected by the Geas. Their mission is to find a way to extend their particular immunity to the Geas to the entire Jadeborn people, if that is possible.

    .) You are the last remnants of the Limal lineage of House Sesus. Due to some power play between various Sesus elders, the family has been disgraced and cut off from all positions of power. This will not stand. The family must regain its place in the Realm.

    .) It's the Realm Year 753. The hereditary Autocrat of Thorns has been dead for years. His younger brother - the puppet Autocrat installed by Realm Dynasts -, eager to expand his kingdom, went to war with the rest of the Scavenger Lands and failed spectacularly. Many of his armies were eradicated in the Battle of Mishaka.

    At the same time, the impossible happens. The Great Empress vanishes. An era ends.

    Thorns, once a proud empire, is in chaos. The few Dragonblooded still left do their best to keep the peace in a weakened city that lost all hope and trust in its ruler and its protectors.

    That's when a new enemy shows up - the Mask of Winters.

    People familiar with the history of the Threshold should know the scenario. The situation is hopeless. The dead are at the gates. There's only two circles of Dragonblooded and a handful of soldiers to defend Thorns. Many a citizen is openly considering handing over the city to the Mask. It's obvious that there will be traitors.

    The PCs have their oders. Fight to the death. Thorns must not fall.

    That's when the game starts. The PCs are all Dragonblooded; Thorns' last hope. The city is about to be attacked by all kinds of dead things. Victory is next to impossible. But then, achieving the impossible is what the Exalted do.

    12) Sandstorms in the South has unearthed what appears to be the pleasure barge known simply as Bliss. Legends has it that withtin its confines are vast quantities of Celestial Cocaine and godly concubines. Who will get to it first?

    .) The PCs are Raksha, living in a city that's sufficiently tolerant to accept them as citizens (such as Nexus). Someone killed someone important, and made it look as if the Raksha PCs are responsible. Already pretty much the entire city wants the Raksha's heads. It's time for the PCs to clear their good names (hehe) and have lots of fun while doing so!

    14) The PCs are the mortal crew of a ship which gets blasted onto a cloud-manse via a water spout. From their vantage point, they can see a fleet of Lintha pirates moving to raid their native island. What will they do?

    130) The PCs are the godblooded nobility of a tiny Threshold kingdom, where their patriarch rules with an iron fist.

    The Solars are coming! It is likely that they'll attempt to end the corrupt reign of the patriarch. It is even more likely that they'll succeed doing so. The patriarch doesn't want that, so the PCs are to keep the Solar circle from saving the people and ending the corrupt reign of your family. Taking them on in combat is a ridiculous idea at best. There has to be a smarter way of distracting a few Solars.

    Setting: deep southeast.

    Pc's: varied.

    Rumors abound of a first age stronghold recently discovered in the humid jungles of the southeast. it is very remote and extremely dangerous but holds untold riches and it has yet to be looted. of the archeological team who discovered it, only two individuals madeit out alive to spread the tale.

    This rumor has made its way to the halls of the most powerful beings in creation. the mask hears of this place and dispatches a circle of his finest deathknights to conquer the dangers with and claim the place in his name. the bull of the north wishes to obtain the first age weaponry for his battle against the realm and thus dispatches a circle of solars who has recently joined his cause to obtain these weapons at all costs. House mnemon, hearing the rumor, yet keeping it to themselves, dispatches a circle of terrestrial sorcerors to discover what magical secrets the facility must hold. the immacuate faith, hearing the rumor from some little doves amongst house mnemon, dispatches a wyld hunt to claim the facility for the faith. sidereals, sensing the patterns shifting on the loom of fate, dispatch a team to prevent these weapons from falling into the wrong hands, for they know what lies in this facility can upset the balance of power and throw the realm into further chaos. the silver pact wishes to gain the facility to use as a base to claimfurther territory in the area and finally, a circle of infernal exalted wish to obtain the power within the facility to aid their masters in the reclamation and bring about hell-on-creation that much faster.

    The dangers surrounding the facility are manifold. cannabalistic barbarians. chimeric lunar and its horde of bloodthirsty beastmen. a court of deadly fairfolk. but what lies within the facility is even stranger...a first age solar and her lunar mate, their half-caste children (several of them), his hoard of beastmen, wyld barbarians and a contingent of several hundred outcaste dragonbloods who are the loyal descendants of the solars terrestrial bodyguards from the first age, all ready and willing to defend this place from the invasion of terrestrials they know is coming. they've been waiting for millenia and are now prepared for anything the rebellious terrestrials and their solar and lunar slaves will throw at them....

    16) It is the first age at the height of solar civilisation. Two solar principlitries are having border skirmishes over the vally of Silver Trees. The PCs are the mortal elite of one these solar lords that have been sent on a steatlh mission to inflitrate the opposing solars local manse in the vally. Lots og nasty traps and demonic guardians plus a local populace high on a
    Social charms.

    17 ) it is the time before the first age. It is the time before sol invictus choose heroes among man. It is the time of the dragon king patronage of the human race. The pcs are among the first man and women the triumf in things that before where dk property. Cattle herding (and figjting off monsters), priesthood in rathess, fly using the frist ever made gliders, master the seas both as a sailor and a pearl diver. Maybe even fight off a few lesser behemoth that is terrorising humans.

    No knownly this is infact a test of how sol invictus will find his first chosen

    .) Autochthon is no longer welcome in Creation. It is time to gather his faithful (without the Solar Deliberative noticing, of course) and embark upon the greatest adventure of all time - escaping to Elsewhere.

    .) An Immaculate monk, a good friend of the PCs, has lost his faith. It is time to show him why the Immaculate Faith is better than all other religions in Creation - or, alternately, if the PCs prefer, corrupt him with heresies.

    .) The last living master of the heretical Cobra Fist Martial Art is hiding somewhere in Nexus. She needs to be found and defeated, so that Creation will finally be free of that poisonous style.

    Alternately, she needs to be found, so that she can pass on her style to a worthy student - which will be difficult, because everyone else wants her and the style dead.

    .) The matriarch of a Dynast lineage throws a dinner party. And she didn't invite the PCs, powerful scions of the House. This is an obvious statement of political will. It's time to get rid of the old hag.

    22) The PCs are Sidereals. They have been given the task of starting a war between two tiny, dirt-poor Threshold kingdoms. The kingdoms really don't look like they could stand another war, but for some reason, the Maiden of Battles insist that they must still be given a reason to attack each other.

    .) Malfeas is hosting a huge demonic dance party in Malfeas. It is time to convince him, once and for all, that the Exalted are better dancers than anyone/anything Hell has to offer on that front, even the former Empyreal Chaos itself.

    .) Elemental Dragons start looking a little more .. Ebon .. lately. And they act a little more dickishly. Hostile, even, one might say.

    All of them, collectively.

    .) The Perfect of Paragon is trying to get his hands on a Black Market Exaltation. As an Exalt, he would undoubtedly try to expand his regency considerably.

    .) A Raksha/Second Circle Demon/really annoying and dangerous God/Elemental falls madly in love with one of the PCs.

    140) Sashi Reshoom, neice of the previous ruler of Harbourhead has been locked in a lightless dungeon for nearly 5 years. She has kept the faith though, and is due to be exalted as a Zenith. The Lunar PCs have to get in and save her before the Realm guards & Wyld Hunt kill her before she can get to daylight. Bonus points if you want to include a history between a PC exalt-shard and Sashi's shard.

    141) The PCs are Dragonblooded officials and soldiers in the Far North of the High First Age. Something called "Operation Wyldhand, Phase 1" is due to start within the hour, but noone really knows the specifics.

    28) All transport to and from a small kingdom in the West is being prevented by giant sharks and other servants of Siakal. What have the people or gods on the island done to anger the Western Goddess of War?

    .) A god/demon/Raksha/Exalted/powerful being of some other sort intends to win the PC's hand in marriage, and in a moment of joyful drunkenness, the PC promised to say yes if the powerful being can defeat the PC in a duel.

    The duel is due in two days. Time to analyze the enemy's Martial Arts style, strength and weaknesses, and form a counterstrategy.

    .) A heroic mortal charlatan pretends to be one of the PCs, living off his reputation. Although he is not unskilled, he is not an Exalted. He needs to be shown the error of his ways.

    31) A player character receives the ominous message "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance". But who sent it? What does it mean? And who is Sheng Long?

    144) A pair of highly skilled mortal alchemists, assisted by a powerful Jadeborn Artisan, find a (very expensive) way to construct a fully operational Alchemical Exalted - in Creation.

    .) The Scarlet Empress returns. In a highly public ceremony, she cedes the Scarlet Throne to ... one of the PCs; after which the retires.

    Everyone who ever had a claim to the Throne, including Mnemon, really hates the PCs.

    33) A Second Circle Demon descended from Metagaos has been experimenting with creating a new kind of First Circle Demons; an aggressively expanding, hive-minded, parasitic strain of fungus.

    The fungus has already attacked and attached itself to several First Circle Demons, and it is only a matter of time before one of the Demons infected by the fungal parasite is summoned to Creation.

    146) A Sidereal agent of the Matrix (wait, no. Make that "the Loom of Fate") figures out a way to use the Border of Kaleidoscopic Logic Style to create copies of himself and imprint them onto mortals.

    .) The aggressive Laughing Wounds gang wants to close the PC dojo, and the old master can't really fight anymore. Someone should really show those Laughing Wounds bastards whose Kung Fu is best!

    37) a small nation on the edge of the scavenger lands, which occasionally claims to be part of the council but only when it benefits them, has publicly announced that they will accept any exalted terreristial or celestial within there lands as permanent citizens(But not rulers) and will defend them thusly.

    this has caused a outrage within the council but the major threat now comes from the realm who has already started mobilizing a large wyld hunt, some people whisper that they plan on annihilating the fledgling nation before the exalted can build a powerbase there.

    plenty of powers are converging on this nation and they will determine its fate

    solar's seeking sanctuary from the discrimination from the rest of the world arrive hoping to regroup, and maybe rebuild there once glorious nation

    lunars wanting to know how this nation has grown to this decision arrive to investigate and help sculpt the nation down the correct path.

    dragon blooded outcaste seeing it as a place to set up shop and build a new life

    abyssal plan on corrupting the nation, and turning it into a tool for there dark lords

    sidereal's who have examined the threads of fate see this place holds many destinies but only a few could possibly help there plans, but only they can ensure that happens

    infernals of malfius see this as a perfect time for destruction, seeing that so many powerful force's in one place arrive to cause anarchy and inevitable reformation.

    38) A snowstorm is blowing in from the Wyld, turning every mortal creature it touches into snowlike automatons. In the eye of the storm and at the head of this army of snow soldiers walks a Fair Folk noble.

    If only there was someone around to stop her; maybe someone with silver tattoos making the bearer immune to the shaping attacks of the snowstorm.


    Demon: "I seek a representative of the Solar Deliberative."

    Solar: "You fool of a demon. Who are you trying to trick? The Solar Deliberative has not existed for at least 1,500 years. How did you get out of Malfeas?"

    Demon: "It was a sequester in the Binding Oaths; if something like this ever happened I gained passage to leave Malfeas in order to find a representative of the Solar Deliberative."

    Solar: "If something like what ever happened?"

    Demon: "Hell has begun to freeze over. Literally."

    148) a Solar has remembered that the home of his First Age self isn't too far into the Wyld, it just barely slid out of Creation during the Contagion. S/He is determined to restore it to Creation, upsetting the tenuous peace along this stretch of the border. Do you stop the Lawgiver, help, or bargain for a piece of the action? You, too, could rule a 'new' territory...

    40) In the space of just a few weeks, the Hundred Kingdoms are no more. They have been united into a single, fledgling empire, that shows no sign of being content with its current borders. Everyone else in the Scavenger Lands is getting nervous, as the new empire's ranks contain quite a few Dragon-Blooded, and the Emperor has been seen to defeat even powerful Solars in single combat.

    149. Somewhere within an ancient First Ruin lies an artifact: a dark key that will open any door...into the equivalent location in the Underworld. The PCs might want to stop the Deathlords from getting ahold of it...

    150. It's time for the Great Airship Race! Windstorms, pirates, treacherous opponents, treacherous sponsors, and other challenges await the miles between you and victory!

    151. The PCs ventured into the Wyld back in the First Age for a couple months. They just arrived back now...

    152. Reverse the above! The PCs arrive back in the First Age via the Wyld. What happens?

    153. A threshold kingdom is voluntarily joining the Realm, hurrah! To seal the deal, five young dynasts will be married to five members of the local nobility in just a few days' time. Unfortunately, the Loom of Fate indicates that the current arranged marriages will be disastrous. It's up to your circles of Sidereals to rearrange who's marrying who so it all comes out auspiciously. Oh, and two of the "correct" couples are the wrong genders, which is a problem for a political marriage. Fix it.

    154. At a moot, a Lunar elder announces that they have obtained information on the secret location where the Guild keeps one the Beasts of Resplendent Liquid. You and your circle volunteer to go slay the beast to cripple the Guild's ability to produce decadent, life-destroying drugs in the region. Which one of you will have the honor of devouring the beast's heart and forever gaining the ability to shift into its shape and piss heroin?

    155: The players stumble across a micro-kingdom in the Threshold in the shadow of a ruined first-age artifact. It's purpose is inscrutable-even a twilight will wind up boggling at just how little sense the essence-circuitry makes. The little city-state in it's shade is a theocratic queendom, where rule has been passed from mother to daughter since the first age. But recently a Lunar moved in and set up his own corruption of the system. Now a civil war is brewing, because his selected figurehead has proven less than useless at preforming the traditional rites or even the ones of his invention, the local gods have gotten pissy, and gone ahead and anointed the real queen, a beggar girl and prostitute. Who to support and who to dethrone is a matter for them to decide-hopefully before both of the girls exalt as Solars and destroy the country in their eagerness to gain full control of the realm.

    156: As 42, but the social experiment is several generations old-the local women now react with fear and aggression towards men, and using alchemy, sorcery and their higher-than-normal numbers of enlightened mortals, attack all the nearby settlements, seeking to kill the men and assimilate the women. Their patron has even regained a few secrets of first-age bio-genesis methods, and has begun to make several of their leaders into Moon-born. Any female characters may be invited to join them. Male characters will be driven off or killed-there is no longer any middle ground in their society and even the Lunar can't stop that.

    157: A band of demons approach, with only one thing on their minds-MONEY! They're here to make deals, and sell you things you don't need for jade, gold or even lint if you can convince them it's worth anything. But they haggle like...well, demons.

    158: Several Raksha approach the circle to ask that they help the Raksha sell themselves into slavery to help humans-before the Exalt chasing them can put them to death for being Raksha and a constant drain on humanity.

    159: A volcano goddess in the West has officially lost her patience with the sea gods after her high priestess was injured-damn this being the direction of water, she will create a safe land for her people. And if she buries a few of those good for nothings in lava and entombs them burning, so much the better.

    160: The periphery of creation has a reputation for barbarism and being dominated by Lunars-but here, in this place, this mountain confederacy, not only is there civilization as complete and refined as in the Realm, with brightly uniformed soldiers drilled in lines using pikes, but they have fought off every attempt by beast-men and others to conquer them. Do you respect them, or see them as 45) Gunstar Shard:

    The Gunstar has need of new resources, that is nothing new. But where to find such quantities of jade and other magical materials? Such riches are not aligned for the Gunstar to smoothly travel through. And it helping that the Traitor Sun might be waiting around the next moon or planet. Thus enters the Heroes Outflyer Corp. Each Unit is a single ship with a mixed circle for its crew (plus some mortals). These scout out the reaches, plot the course of the Gunstar or try to collect valuable resources that are to close to danger or to far of course for the Gunstar.

    Now one of these ships have not made it back to the Gunstar, be it know revealed to the PC was said to have carried the most important cargo in the history of the Gunstar. What could it be and can the PC find the lost ship in time before the titanic forces?

    worthy only of being crushed underfoot for being mortals that dare resist the Chosen of the gods?

    41) By the time word of the strange activity just beyond his borders reached the king of one of the Hundred Kingdoms, his scouts found that a manse had constructed itself seemingly overnight. They dared not approach, for when one of their number did, he suddenly blurred and vanished, and never returned. Subsequent investigations have revealed that many blurs seem to be moving within its territory, and people are disappearing from nearby villages as the number of these blurs increases. The king has sent out a call for geomancers and sorcerers, promising them great rewards if they can help him figure out what is going on.

    When the PCs arrive, they notice the blurs are building another manse. It will be done in less than a week at the horrendous rate it is going. And that manse is just over the hill from a medium-sized town.

    42) As you walk along the road, you encounter a robed and cowled figure at the intersection who says "Hey kid, you want some free... demon heart?" while gesturing towards the doorway that opens in the air beside it.

    43) Members of the snakeman ghetto in Great Forks have begun to turn up dead, their bodies skinned. Who is killing the snakemen and why are the bodies skinned? And will the murderer be stopped be stopped before the tension escalates to actual city-wide race riots?

    44) In the deep south-east a horde of dragon kings have rallied around what appear to be the mummified remains of a humanoid body dressed in rags, tatters, and orichalcum jewelry. The mummy appears to be lifeless as the dragon kings carry it into battle on a golden palanquin, and yet the dragon kings claim that it leads and commands them. What is this abomination?

    45) Gunstar Shard:

    The Gunstar has need of new resources, that is nothing new. But where to find such quantities of jade and other magical materials? Such riches are not aligned for the Gunstar to smoothly travel through. And it helping that the Traitor Sun might be waiting around the next moon or planet. Thus enters the Heroes Outflyer Corp. Each Unit is a single ship with a mixed circle for its crew (plus some mortals). These scout out the reaches, plot the course of the Gunstar or try to collect valuable resources that are to close to danger or to far of course for the Gunstar.

    Now one of these ships have not made it back to the Gunstar, be it know revealed to the PC was said to have carried the most important cargo in the history of the Gunstar. What could it be and can the PC find the lost ship in time before the titanic forces?

    46) The player characters come to the rescue of what appears to be a damsel in distress. The damsel turns out to be an Infernal, Chosen of Adorjan. The Infernal becomes obsessed with one of the player characters, endlessly grateful for having been resuced. She declares her love, brings him gifts, expresses feelings of jealousy, and stalks him relentlessly.

    But what can you do? The Infernal is unsettling, annoying, and perhaps even a little bit scary, but it is not like she is actively opposing the group or purposely doing anything to harm them. She is just in love.

    Can you kill someone preemptively for the harm they may cause you eventually? Can you kill someone just for being an Infernal? Can you run the risk of not killing her?

    Throw in Kimbery Charms for good measure.

    In the court of a small satarpry (can't spell for xxxx) Ralkan a murder has been committed. The murder is of the local religion's highest figure. You are the DB envoy how with your retainers must unlock this mystery or shame shall befall your house, and it is not taking another hit like that without going down.

    The thing to be noted about the murder are all the red feathers

    48) A high stakes, winner-takes-it-all paper tiger tournament is to be held on a river boat. The buy-in is one talent of jade. Among the contestants are the infamous scavenger lord and known arms dealer calling himself Vulture King. As he is more known to sell weapons of mass desruction than he is to be a skilled paper tiger player, rumor has it that he is on the boat to make a transaction with one of the other players.

    What weapon has he unearthed and who on the boat is he selling it to?

    49) One of the player characters' contacts holds a mid-level position in the local branch of the Guild. One night he comes to his affiliate amongst the player characters, shaking with terror and reeking of rice wine. Several local key members of the Guild have been replaced with exact doubles. The next morning he will write off the wild theories of doppelgangers as being... as a poor joke. For which he apologizes. The acute observer will notice that the stench of rice wine is now gone.

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    50) A newcomer to comes to Nexus selling assorted ISMs, quickly turning the public against the businesses and city government. The corrupt goddess of Nexus has gone missing or simply stopped responding (dead and forged into starmetal). It's up to the players to come forth championing free market capitalism, with the desperate backing of the righteous freedom loving members of the guild (all four or five of them) to stop the spread of these ISMs which are in fact a spread of Yozi control.

    Instead of normal combat, the story can reach its conclusion through an epic rap battle to sway the hearts and minds of Nexus before the Ism corruption begins consuming creation.

    161) The Unconquered Sun dies. Just like that. The specifics are utterly unknown to anyone who isn't in the Jade Pleasure Dome.

    162) Yu Shan is undergoing civil war as a major faction of gods starts to rebel against its duties openly. The Incarnae respond by playing the Games of Divinity and calling an end to war. It's up to the Sidereal Exalted to fix the whole mess.

    163) The Princess Magnificent With Lips of Coral and Robes of Black Feathers has had her name stolen by a Lunar. She's not sure how this was done but, somehow, everyone who hears her name now hears "Magical Princess Sparkle Pony" or something similarly adorable. Having been subject to ridicule enough, she offers the PCs some key weakness of her fellow Deathlords if she can get this curse broken!

    164) Tepet Lisara is desperate to get herself out of the doghouse, so she's requisitioned a bunch of remaining Tepet troops to go on a scavenger hunt in the middle of the desert to acquire a First Age Solar artifact--which turns out to be a 300ft tall robot colossus. The PCs can stop her, acquire it first, or simply have to deal with the fact a madwoman now has one of the most powerful weapons in Creation.

    165) The PCs find themselves inside a city of helpeless refugees packed together under a poor Dynast prefect who has been abandoned by his Terrestial Exalted masters. It turns out they've been at war with the Bull in the North for some time but the Realm no longer wishes to waste any resources protecting the city. The Bull is going to attack the city and kill all 500,000 inhabitants as an example to others. The city is quite annoyed by this as they felt they had no choice in fighting and not surrendering much earlier.

    166) A group of first Circle demons have escaped from Malfeas with the aid of some incompetent sorcery and the fact their master is dead. They pledge themselves to the PCs in exchange for protection from the person who killed their Master. If the PCs do it, they'll soon find themselves faced with anon contacts the PCs through an intermediary, claiming to be a King cursed with horrific armor that has been bound to his soul or being honest if they're sufficiently antiheroish. He wants them to gather enough material to break the curse binding him to his armor. The final ingredient is the "help" of a Solar of complete douchebag-levels. If the PCs do it, the F&FL will possess the Solar and be reborn. This act "kills" a Deathlord and results in him being reborn. However, they've now unleashed a First Age Solar on the world instead. The First and Forsaken Lion will try to do the same for other Deathlords while opposing their agenda as a whole (not to mention avenging their betrayal by the Dragonblooded).

    168) A massive floating island is traveling around Creation, eating towns and regions before adding them to itself. This is the God-Machine that is a "spawn" of Autochthonia and designed to replace Creation with something better. The PCs can destroy the God-Machine easily enough but anywhere they drop it is going to be utterly devastated.

    169) A torch-wielding mob is going to be executing a witch by pyre! This is, of course, because it's Fire-Day and the subjects of the local Fire Dragon are making an offering. Unfortunately, the fire witch is less than pleased about this. She considers the ceremony to be half-assed and refuses to go along with her ritual incineration unless people improve it manifold. The Fire Dragon is getting a little ****y about the whole thing and doesn't even want to do it since he hates losing his priestesses but it's a local tradition with the Terrestial Exalted priest beating him everytime he objects.

    170) A guy wants to pay the PCs to go into the Shadowland and get his dead wife, whose been kidnapped by an Abyssal. This ludicrous suggestion is aided by the fact he has the key to a Solar tomb nearby. As one might imagine, due to how dead horse like the earlier trope is, the wife has murdered the Abyssal and taken his place (inheriting her victim's spark almost immediately). She intends to destroy her previous home as a way of proving herself to her Neverborn Masters.

    171: The Celestial Censor for the southern Direction has been kidnapped by the Invincible Sword Princess. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the dragon from the princess?


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      173) The disgraced House Iselsi is about to be wiped out completely by a combined force of other houses. The PCs are among the only survivors of the attack. The principal goals are survival - after that, vengeance.


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        174) Someone forgot to pay the local storm-god his bribe, which is why a huge hurricane is on the way to the village.


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          175) The Exalted creator and inventor of a martial arts style that at least one of the PCs has mastered decides that it was a bad idea for him to create the style. Furthermore, he believes that the only way to make things right is to make sure that everyone who has learned the style is in need of a permanent vacation in the Underworld.

          Most of the people who've learned the style are already dead. It's only a matter of time until the master shows up.


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            Can not read all at one time.