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  • Ask the Devs v2

    It seems that, in my hubris, I've let the original Ask the Devs thread get a bit too long. If y'all wouldn't mind posting any new questions here.

    Thread rules
    -Please don't answer another forum user's questions in this thread to avoid clutter. If you quote them then the response will show up in their notifications reardless of where it is.
    -You can quote/link to an instance of a developer answering the same question. It saves them time and lets them focus on newer questions.

    Thanks everyone.

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    If Exalts create something Worthy of being Called an Exalt would not the Law of Diminshment take effect in order to make something of their own caliber?


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      How do the Yozis exalt people on 3e? I'm assuming no Lillun in this edition?


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        Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
        How do the Yozis exalt people on 3e? I'm assuming no Lillun in this edition?
        They already stated no Lillun.


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          Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post

          They already stated no Lillun.
          Sorry I must've forgotten.


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            I have questions about eye-gouging.

            So if you're missing an eye and take the form of an animal with two eyes, you still end up having one eye when you transform into the animal form, I get that.

            But what if you have both eyes, and take the form of a one-eyed animal?

            What happens if you hunt a Dragon-Blooded, and in the process of fighting him, you accidentally gouge out one of his eyes (i.e., he opts to take a crippling injury to avoid incoming damage, but you ultimately end up killing him and taking his shape)?



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              Incomparable Body Arsenal, among stuff, doubles 9s on all Strength + Ability rolls. Does that give double 9s on Strength-based attack rolls? [Since, well, Lunars can have that as a default mode of attacking]


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                So what was the tipping point that made you guys decide the old ask thread was too long?


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                  Does the Vanisher Hearthstone from Arms of the Chosen apply it's magic to attempts to find you after Stealth is attempted in combat?


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                    When a Lunar shapeshifts into another form by committing 4m and taking a miscellaneous action, and reverts to her true human form by releasing those committed motes. When she wants to shift from one borrowed form to another, does she only need to make another miscellaneous action to transform while keeping the motes committed? Does she need to release the mote commitment and then instantly make a new one?

                    Also, are there plans to create a moonsilver light artifact armor? The examples we have for light artifact armor (in currently published books) are starmetal, green jade, and orichalcum, so I'd appreciate knowing where to find an example of light armor designed to work with Lunar themes.


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                      How does "A Face in the Fog" interact with Disguises? Do you become aware of the shape of the disguised form and would indentify the person only when you profile them while in disguise? Does it automatically see through disguise and indentify the "real" person underneath? Is there a normal roll to pierce disguise when using the Charm? What about a character who was disguised as someone else during the investigated incident, do you upon the profiling the character the disguise was based on draw a false positive?

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                        I’m really enjoying the charms in the non-core books, but some of them, particularly strength charms, feel like they’re Exalt specific versions of stuff that ought to be a core use of the stat. I’m referring to charms like World Shaking Slam in Lunar Strength, and Shattering Fist Strike in Terrestrial Martial Arts. I don’t want to have to be a Lunar Immaculate Martial artist just to be able to break weapons and throw people into objects so they break. Do you see a viable workaround?


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                          Does the reflection spirit created by Moon-in-Well Emanation change in appearance and stats as the Lunar's true form does? Through use of Many-Faced Moon Transformation or training their attributes up further, for example?

                          If not, could you create the spirit while having Hybrid Body Transformation active to create a beastfolk reflection spirit?

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                            Would the Fist of the North Star (from the anime/manga series of the same name) be a Terrestrial or Celestial martial arts style? It doesn't have nearly enough reality-warping WTFery to be a Sidereal style.

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                              Argent Deceiver Smile: when can I pay the 2m and how long does the boosted Guile last?