So, I've dedicated an inordinate amount of time to this game during which I should have been studying, and throughout all that I've gathered quite a decent amount of homebrew material. I figured it was time to put it all in a single organized place. Some of this I've shared on this site before, some of it is published here for the first time.

Special thanks to Rusted Air, who made a few items on this list and helped me with like half the others.


Martial Arts:

Steel-Shod Typhoon Style:

Ringing Bells Style:

Astral Revolution Style:

Calm Waters Style:

Artifacts & Evocations:

Benthic Shroud (Black Jade Reinforced Breastplate ···):

The River's Tread (Black Jade God-Kicking Boots ···):

Shadow Blood Claws (Black Jade Razor Claws ···):

Wood's Grasp (Green Jade Short Powerbow ···):

Virtuous Warden (White Jade Articulated Plate ···):

Stellar Hawk (Starmetal Grand Daiklave ···):

Saturn's Emmisary (Starmetal Grand Grimscythe ·····):

Electrum Colossus' Mantle (Moonsilver Symbiotic Brawling Thingy ····):

Spells and Sorcerous Initiations:

And more to come.